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McCanns Pressured Judiciary Police

Kate's notebooks – English diplomacy in defence of Maddie's parents

Couple didn't admit any responsibility in their daughter's disappearance and called the British ambassador, John Buck, to "take care" of the matter

When the Polícia Judiciária suggested that the apartment where Maddie had disappeared from might be contaminated, due to the responsibility of the parents themselves, who failed to immediately contact the authorities, thus allowing for several persons to enter the bedroom, the McCanns set the British diplomacy in action to "take care" of the matter.

"How does anyone dare to insinuate that our daughter's life may be in danger because of us?!" Kate writes in her notes dated June 17, showing she is "very angry". The McCanns didn't lose any time. "Gerry took the matter up". Madeleine's parents only needed to "call the ambassador" and a few hours later they had the guarantee that "the Portuguese police are going to publish a statement to clarify what was said".

"Olegário de Sousa was very embarrassed", Kate writes in her notes, after the couple stated that they were "prepared to do whatever is necessary" if the police didn't clarify Kate and Gerry's role in the investigation. Three days later, Kate writes that Olegário de Sousa needed to "wisen up" and reveals that she feels they are "going nowhere".

The "frustration" with the PJ starts being registered by Kate right after her daughter's disappearance. After an alleged sighting of Maddie in Morocco, on the 11th of May, Kate accuses the PJ of not having acted swiftly enough and of not doing everything that they can, given the fact that when they arrive in Marrakesh there are only images of the garage from the 14th onwards. "If the authorities had acted swiftly, we would now hold this potentially important information. She deserves better. We need everyone involved to give their best", Maddie's mother criticises.

Bed remained intact

One of the criticisms that is launched by Gonçalo Amaral in the book "Maddie, The Truth of the Lie", was the contamination of the apartment. The alert to the authorities was given very late and the GNR didn't protect the collection of the first residues, either.

When the PJ arrived at the house, everything had already been rummaged. There were hundreds of fingerprints spread all over the apartment, tens of useless residues that only made the lab technicians waste time.

One detail was, however, retained by the investigators. The bed where Maddie had allegedly been abducted from remained intact. The child's soft toy was also impeccably placed next to the pillow, in a scenario that seemed to have been set up. On the window through which Kate says the abductor took Maddie, there were only her own fingerprints.

Kate's notes:

"Frustration with a police employee: asking me where my little Madeleine might be…" May 14

"Very upsetting. If the authorities had acted swiftly, we would now hold this potentially important information. She deserves better. We need everyone involved to give their best" June 12

"How does anyone dare to insinuate that our daughter's life may be in danger because of us?" June 17

English attacked Gonçalo Amaral

Gonçalo Amaral, the coordinator of the Maddie case during the first five months, who never believed in the abduction theory, was harshly attacked by the English press – which is controlled and manipulated by the McCanns.

The former Judiciária inspector, who retired after a career of 17 years and published his theory about the disappearance of Maddie in a book, was removed from the case on the 2nd of October, the day of his 48th birthday.

When the investigation quit being focused on abduction, after the first DNA results and the action of the forensics dogs, Gonçalo Amaral was accused of being a "drunk".

The English tabloids, even the more temperate 'The Times', wrote that the Portuguese inspectors at the Polícia Judiciária, [who were] responsible for the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, had two hour lunch breaks, during which they ingested alcoholic drinks. Apart from the "well watered" meals, the British journalists accused Gonçalo Amaral of working only four hours per day.

The case which revealed itself as less of an investigation than a political and diplomatic process, ended up hastening the retirement of Gonçalo Amaral, who reports the pressures that he suffered, in the book 'Maddie, the Truth of the Lie'. The former coordinator of the process remains convinced that Madeleine McCann accidentally died on the evening of the 3rd of May, in the Ocean Club apartment where she was on holiday.

Manipulated press

The McCanns controlled the English press – which constantly attacked the Portuguese police – in order not to become the target of unfavourable news, and in exchange offered previously arranged photo shoots. This is admitted by Kate in her notebooks, namely on June 15, when she arranged "a photo shoot on the way to the church to pacify them". The editor of 'The Sun' newspaper guaranteed to Kate, on the 11th of July, that there would be no "adverse publicity". "She was really nice. Perfect solution", Kate concluded.

Tomorrow: How Kate managed the relationship with the twins.

Source: Correio da Manhã

Translation by Astro


  1. Don't mean to be flippant, but how can anyone 'accidentally' die? You can deliberately die by suicide but how can you accidentally die?

    "Sorry mum, I didn't mean to get in the way of your fist and die, it was my accident not yours."

    We're not talking about a road accident here, we're talking about a young child in a room where blood has been spilled in several places - whilst allegedly having been sedated.

    Or does Mr Amaral mean she was accidentally killed?

    I still don't buy accidental death - the speed and professionalism with which the whole circus swung into action makes me not believe. The fake abduction, the contamination of the room, the police manual found in their apartment, setting up Murat, the Fund, the website, lack of emotion, the controlling of the media and government.... nah, sorry.

    There's more to this than Mr Amaral is letting on I think - more to follow in his next book?

  2. There is an invocation I often use when loved one's are far away and I suddenly want to send them protection - it somehow reassures me. I send this invocation out to Mr Amaral and it goes "may the white Christ light and the violet flame of protection be with you on the journey to truth for the child Madeleine".

  3. "How does anyone dare to insinuate that our daughter's life may be in danger because of us?!" Kate if I had the opportunity I certainly wouldn't insinuate I would tell you point blank to your face, "You endangered your children's life." It is incredulous that she has the audacity to make such a statement; she left 3 toddlers alone night after night. In Canada, she and her husband would have been arrested and her kids would have been taken away from her. Of course, based on the odd behaviour of this couple I suspect something more sinister than child abandonment.

  4. http://sol.sapo.pt/PaginaInicial/Vida/Interior.aspx?content_id=103720

    anonymous,if you wish,you can translate from the net;your choice.

    A terrible accident, the baby´s dead.A BIG,BIG DRAMA.

    O recém-nascido tinha um irmão gémeo, julgando o pai que ambos estavam junto da mãe noutra viatura.

    Com 25 dias, o bebé faleceu na última madrugada em Olot, município da província de Girona, Espanha, depois de o pai guardar a alcofa em que o bebé permanecia dentro da viatura.

    Segundo avança o El País, tudo aponta para que este acidente se deva a um descuido do pai, tendo já sido prestadas as devidas declarações à polícia espanhola da comunidade da Catalunha – pelos progenitores.

    Tudo ocorreu por volta da meia-noite, altura em que o pai guardou a alcofa no automóvel.

    Chegados ao destino, depois de uma viagem de menos de uma hora até La Garrotxa, onde a família vive, o pai apercebeu-se de que o recém-nascido já se encontrava inconsciente na alcofa.

    Foi levado de imediato ao Hospital Sant Jaume de Olot, onde chegou depois da meia-noite, mas os médicos apenas puderam declarar o óbito.

    Não foi feita qualquer detenção pela polícia, assegurando de que não existem indícios de qualquer acto de criminalidade, tratando-se antes de «uma fatalidade», «uma terrível desgraça».

    Por outro lado, elementos do Departamento de Acção Social e Cidadania espanholas referem-se a esta família como estruturada e «perfeitamente socializada», não estando a ser seguida pelos serviços sociais nem pela Direcção Geral de Cuidado à Infância e Adolescência (Dirección General de Atención a la Infancia y la Adolescencia, DGAIA).

    Com o sucedido, a DGAIA não retirou aos pais a tutela do irmão do bebé, ainda que um assistente social esteja a estudar o ambiente familiar para determinar se os progenitores reúnem as condições necessárias para cuidar do bebé.

    Em todo o caso, do mesmo modo que a polícia, os serviços sociais definem este caso como um «trágico acidente», de acordo com as primeiras informações de que dispõem.

    Foi pedido pelos serviços para que se aborde o tema com «cautela», até que se encontrem em posse dos resultados definitivos da investigação.

    Pedro Rainho com El País


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