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McCanns will access pieces from the British police’s investigation - SIC

Madeleine’s disappearance

McCanns will access pieces from the British police’s investigation

The British police will allow the McCann couple to access more than 80 pieces of information, within the investigation into Maddie’s disappearance.

The couple presented a request to the British High Court, to force the English police to share information that does not compromise the investigation.

But even before the court reached a decision, an agreement was struck between the couple and Leicestershire police. The authorities will thus deliver 81 pieces from the investigation to Maddie’s parents, mostly leads and information that was collected during the moments that followed the child’s disappearance.

Many of those pieces are sightings, testimonies from people who stated that they had seen the English girl, shortly after she disappeared from Praia da Luz.

The McCanns are presumed to now deliver those clues to the private detectives that they hired to follow their daughter’s trail.

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  1. They won what? old stuff and the knowledge of false sightings? BIG deal,isnt it?
    When are they going to stop being so utterly ridiculous?


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