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Murat's life rummaged within the case - Correio da Manhã

Cleared: PJ unsuccesfully rummaged the life of the Anglo-Portuguese

Murat's life rummaged within the case

He had all the conditions to be a suspect, but he was never near the child, after all

Robert Murat gathered all the conditions to be a suspect. Kate remembered his face from the first searches and even asserted that he had told her about the resemblance between Maddie and his daughter, that lives with her mother in England. Friends of the McCann couple also stated that Robert had always followed the investigators closely, revealing an excessive interest in a case that did not concern him directly.

When an English journalist alerted the authorities to Murat’s commitment and curiosity and compared him to another case that had happened in London, where the suspects had actively participated in the searches, the investigators didn’t hesitate. “Murat gathered the conditions to be pointed out as a suspect”, the investigators explain in the final report – which CM has been reporting about in an – advancing into searches and telephone surveillance.

In Robert Murat’s house, very advanced technological means were used. In the final report, it can be read that technicians from the Algarve University used sophisticated equipment to allow for a detailed scanning of the subsoil.

The telephones belonging to Murat and his friends were placed under surveillance but nothing was established. The computers were verified and the car and the house were examined by the English dogs, which are experts in the detection of cadaver or blood trace odours. To no avail. The Judiciária completely discarded the possibility that Murat was involved in an abduction.

Apart from that, members of the GNR and Ocean Club employees guaranteed that they never saw Murat on the first days of the searches, contradicting the English and Maddie’s parents.

Source: Correio da Manhã, 08.07.08 - paper edition

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In England

81 Documents

The McCanns are going to have access to 81 documents belonging to the investigation, before the secrecy of justice is lifted. The request was done by the couple lawyers, who want to know the data about the sightings and witness statements who point to abandoned leads. The documents are going to be sent by the PJ to the English Police in the following days.

McCanns private life

Between the documents that the British police will now disclose to the McCann Couple, subsequent to the recent decision by a High Court in London, are the requests for collaboration done by the Judiciary Police to determine several details of the lives in England of Maddie's parents and their eight friends, who were with them on holidays at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz.

Source: Correio da Manhã On-line

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