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PJ report vs. Amaral's book - a comparison in three parts

Part I

Maddie: find the differences between the PJ’s report and the book

The text by Gonçalo Amaral reports on various details from the investigation which are not contained in the report from the Polícia Judiciária. But the latter is only a summary of the process

The report from the Polícia Judiciária that led to the archiving of the process on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and the book by Gonçalo Amaral: “Maddie: The truth of the lie” have differences, but they also coincide. ‘PortugalDiário’ offers you information about some of the items in both documents.

Time of the facts:

PJ’s report: The alert about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the moment when Kate McCann announces that Maddie was abducted, occurred, according to the data that was collected by the PJ, between 10.00 and 10.10 p.m. on the evening of the 3rd of May. But the same report refers that “the facts”, according to witness statements, took place between 9.05 and 10.00 p.m.

Book: In the book from the former inspector of the Polícia Judiciária, who coordinated the investigation during six months, it is referred that: “The discussion within the investigation team, including the English colleagues, was objective and allowed for an important conclusion: the alarm about the disappearance could not have been given at 10 p.m. It happened before that time”. According to Amaral, for the investigation, the time of the facts is located “between 9.30 and 10.00 p.m., based on the testimonies given by employees of the “Tapas” restaurant.

The window

PJ’s report: The report from the Polícia Judiciária refers that “only” fingerprints from Madeleine’s mother were detected on the bedroom window through which, allegedly, the minor disappeared. The document indicates that “dactylar residues” were detected on the window frame.

Book: In the book by the former PJ [agent], the issue of the window and the depositions concerning it, appears as central. According to the book, “on the window, there were no signs of forcing or of gloves, and it had been cleaned the day before, by the employee that had cleaned the apartment. The only fingerprints that were found on it belong to Kate Healy. The sense and the position of the fingers that were imprinted on the window indicate a movement of opening it to the left”.

Book: For Gonçalo Amaral, the contradictions within the group of friends, concerning this point, always reveal that someone is lying: “As someone would end up saying, one part of the solution of this investigation resides on that window. The truth about the window will always deny someone from the group”.

PJ’s report: It should be noted that the doubts about the window are shared with the Polícia Judiciária. The report mentions that the reconstitution of the facts would allow to “clarify extremely important details, among other things”: “The situation concerning the window of the bedroom where Madeleine slept, with the twins, which was open, according to Kate. It became necessary to clarify whether there was a draft, because the movement of curtains and pressure under the bedroom door are mentioned, which would eventually be visible through a reconstitution”.

Part II

Maddie and the Smith family

During the investigation into the Maddie case, thousands of information about sightings of the child on diverse points of the world appeared. Several leads concerning suspicious individuals that were seen in the resort’s surroundings before and on the day of the disappearance were also followed. But only two reports about the evening of the facts reached the police: they both state that a man carrying a child was seen on that evening.

PJ’s report: One of those reports is by Jane Tanner and has been widely reported. The other one, less media-exposed, comes from the Smith family. In the PJ’s report it is said: “The testimony from Mr Smith reporting the sighting of an individual carrying a child, on one of the streets that access the beach, appeared. It was said that the child could be Madeleine McCann, although it was never peremptorily stated. Some time later, this witness alleged that by the way [the manner in which he held one of the twins], the individual that carried the child could be Gerald McCann, and this was concluded when he saw him walk down the stairs from an airplane. But it was established that at the time that was mentioned, Gerald was sitting at the table, in the Tapas restaurant”. The document does not refer the source of that information, whether it came from the group of friends, or from the employees at the “Tapas”.

Book: According to Gonçalo Amaral, this family came to Portugal, on the 26th of May, in a secret operation, that brought the patriarch and two of his adult children into the PJ in Portimão. They all confirmed that they saw a man carrying a child and the exact spot where they met, at around 10 p.m. The patriarch said it was not Murat, because he knew him, and failed to identify anyone in particular. A situation that changes once the McCanns arrive in England.

Book: “In late September, we find out about that recognition from the Smith family” (…) “We made a decision, to start a logistics operation in order to bring the family witnesses to Portugal again”. (…) “But the Smiths did not come. The Portuguese police, after I leave, changes its mind and opts to request their inquiry through the use of an international cooperation mechanism”. It should be noted that Amaral makes no reference to what had been established by the PJ, that is, that at that time, Maddie’s father was at the “Tapas” restaurant.

Forensics reports

PJ’s report: Concerning the analyses that were sent to England, with residues that were detected by the dogs, in the apartment and in the rented vehicle, the PJ’s report states that the “final results did not corroborate the canine markings, that is, cellular material was collected that failed to be identified as belonging to someone specific, and it was not even possible to establish the quality of that material”, namely “whether it could be blood or any other type of bodily fluid”.

PJ’s report: Nevertheless, the report recognizes that “in a first scientific approach, the possibility of a compatibility between Madeleine’s DNA profile and some of the residues that were collected (among which those that existed in the Renault Scenic vehicle that was rented by the McCanns, were in great quantity), was apparent”.

Book: The PJ’s report does not say anything else about the tests. Gonçalo Amaral questions the results from the analyses, but in the end recognizes that they are not evidence, but merely indicia: “The [female] dog signaled the presence of human blood in places where the [male] dog marked cadaver odour (…) Those bodily fluids, according to the FSS [English lab], contained components from Madeleine’s DNA profile”. “At that moment, those results do not constitute material evidence, but mere indicia, which should be added to the indicia that had already been established”.

Book: Less clear would be the analyses on the hair that was found in the car boot. The tests that were performed on those did not arrive at the same time as the rest. Until the date when Amaral left, there were no results. The hair samples were requested from the lab, but it “didn’t want to let go” of the samples.

Part III

What is not in the PJ’s report

The book by Gonçalo Amaral reports on several details from the investigation which are not included in the final report from the Polícia Judiciária. This fact indicates that they were not deemed relevant for the decision on whether or not to archive the process. But the PJ’s report is only a summary of the whole process, where presumably the facts that are reported by the former coordinator of the investigation can be found, and probably others.

The facts that are described by Gonçalo Amaral that are not present in the report are:

Phone records, calls made and received, from the mobile phones that belong to Kate and Gerry on the evening of the disappearance were reportedly erased.

The information concerning the McCanns that was requested from the English authorities on the day of the disappearance, never arrived.

According to the PJ, the information concerning the debit and credit cards belonging to the couple was never supplied, either.

PJ’s report: loose ends

The PJ’s report concludes that the reconstitution of the facts would be “important”, but could not be carried out due to the refusal from some of the elements of the group. Therefore, the following remains to be clarified:

“The physical, real and effective, proximity between Jane Tanner, Gerald McCann and Jeremy Wilkins, at the moment when the former passed them, and which coincided with the sighting of the supposed suspect, carrying a child. It results, from our understanding, as unusual that neither Gerald McCann nor Jeremy Wilkins saw her, or the alleged abductor, despite the small dimensions of the space”.

“The establishing of a timeline and of the effective checking of the minors that were left alone inside the apartments, given the fact that, believing that said checking was as tight as the witnesses and the arguidos describe it, it would be, to say the least, very difficult that the conditions were reunited for the introduction of an abductor in the residence and the posterior exit of said individual, with the child, namely through a window with little space. It is added that the supposed abductor could only pass that window holding the minor in a different position (vertical) from the one that was visualized by witness Jane Tanner (horizontal)”.

“What happened during the time lapse between 5.30 p.m. and the time at which the disappearance is reported by Kate Healy (at around 10 p.m.)”.

‘PortugalDiário’ reminds you that the process concerning the disappearance of Maddie was archived and that Robert Murat Kate and Gerry McCann stopped being arguidos from the 21st of July onwards. Maddie’s parents have also made it known that they will sue the former PJ employee Gonçalo Amaral following the publication of the book “Maddie: Truth of the Lie”.

source: PortugalDiário, 28.07.08


  1. "The information concerning the McCanns that was requested from the English authorities on the day of the disappearance, never arrived."


    It's quite shocking to learn that the British authorities prevented the PJ from effectively reaching any conclusion on this case.

    How dare our media call Mr Amaral a disgraced policeman when it is he who is seeking justice!

    I feel so bad for the Portuguese police and people for having this murky case dropped on their country.

    The damage has been done in the eyes of many, head-in-the-sand, people all over the world but I hope Mr Amaral will do everything within his power to regain your reputation that has been tainted by two British doctors.

    And if Hollywood does make this into a film I hope they will at least wait until there is a real ending and that they show the facts of how it is Britain that has caused this controversy and that Portugal is the victim, along with little Maddie - and not make a film that shows the McCann's as victims which is what our damn media want us to believe.

    It's shameful. It's disgusting. It's criminal!

  2. When I first read the PJ report I got the feeling it was written to serve the purpose of archiving the case. If excerpts from Mr. Amaral's book were included in the PJ report, the arguido status would probably have not been lifted. I find the details concerning the dogs very interesting. Each dog is specialised in detecting different odours, one detects human blood the other cadaver odour. If I understand correctly, where one dog detected human blood the other dog detected cadaver odour, therefore the blood belonged to a dead body. Every effort is now being made to prevent any translations of material written in Portuguese about this case from getting out into the English speaking world. I think that Mr. Amaral's book will not be published in Britain, but I wish he would make an effort to have his book published in North America.

  3. If I am reading this correct, it would seem the British were not the only ones meddling and assisting the McCanns but that somoen within Portugal was also giving the McCanns a helping hand!!

  4. In reference to the hair samples, I've never heard of a lab refusing to return evidence back to police when they requested it. The behaviour of the FSS lab in this case is highly suspicious, and casts a shadow on their credibility.

  5. Neither British Police nor PJ release online reports for public consumption. Who translated and released PJ's Report for online readers ?

    CM was seconded from the Home Office to run a media campaign on the McCanns' behalf and had direct access to any Report given to the McCanns by PJ. As media manager, he undoubtedly oversaw the translation of the Report for online release.

    Goncala's book is available in original format, translated and published by parties not affiliated to the McCanns. It was written and published under legal guidance with full authority; it does not jeopardize the case, present and/or future.

    Conversely, how true is the translation of PJ's Report released on the internet ? CM's has used the media/internet to misinform and undermine two police forces from the outset. Goncala's book is a threat to those protecting, aiding and abetting the McCanns.

    Hopefully, the McCanns will sue Goncala and/or the Portuguese press. Examination of all the evidence in PJ's files, the substantiated basis of Goncala's book, is long overdue.

    Examination of PJ's original Report will, without doubt, show the alterations made in translation to undermine the findings and mislead the reader.

    The Government calls it 'spin', the public call it 'fraud and corruption'. All decent British subjects are utterly disgusted appalled at the behaviour in this case. This has never before occurred in a case in police hands and this case involves the death of a vulnerable, innocent child.

    The online version of PJ's Report originated from McCann mechanics; PJ had no reason to publish it.
    Gerry's "fight" against the truth and the police continues ......

    If this were to occur, (pigs may fly

    Goncala's book and had access to in the case of a child

  6. to Anonymous 29/07/08 15:54

    First of all you are absolutely incoherent with your train of thought. Secondly it is not Goncala but Gonçalo, as in Mr.Gonçalo Amaral - with an o at the end of a name is the masculine form in Portuguese grammar.

    A quick question how absurd is it that you come here to comment on the blog that did the first translation of the PJ's final report? How absurd, should I say 'ludicrous' is that in your apparent[lack] of knowledge you don't know the PJ's report was available trough a Portuguese Newspaper and it is more damning to the McCanns in the open than if it was a secret.

    Last, how dare you imply that the person(s) that did the PJ's final report translation are in the McCanns pay roll or have any hidden agenda to protect those neglectful parents.

    Either you are a complete imbecile, or just expect me not to recognize your style. This is your first and last comment that will go through.

    Go and play with your pink oink friends, dear.

    This is a Portuguese Blog not an english tabloid.

  7. anonymous,

    Well said ...

    Authorities are clearly acting on 'orders from high' in breach of their legal duties to a victim in this case. Goncala details DNA results and it's fair to assume that withheld results relate to the reported quantity of hair taken from the scenic boot. Medication is readily identifiable in hair analysis (corpse/living, with or without root intact). The 'authority's' refusal to return a forensic specimen owned by PJ for analysis in Portugal speaks for itself.

  8. Yes,the pigs fly by jet,for example.Why not?
    Of course the pigs fly.And also they talk,talk,write,write,are unpolite,are unpolite; they do not know to discuss; they insult,they insult;they do not know that the all world knows very well the english language(not me; I do not know the enough because in "my time" we have learned french).

    Yes,the pigs fly.And they do not know copy the alphabet.
    o is not a,for example.They write like they talk- low level schooling, for eample.

    The pigs fly.

    And litlle Maddie is at home since 2007,Cristhmas. M.,they promised and they get. The pigs fly,of course!

    My dear child,You know who are really with You!


  9. Conclusion,another: the pigs fly out....

  10. GONCALA? What is the meaning of that word?

    Like Someone said:

    "Go and play with your pink oink friends, dear."


  11. 'Guerra', as far as the media have been reporting, there are negotiations underway for "The Truth of the Lie" to be published in several foreign countries, including the UK and the US.


    To the 'Anonymous' person who doubted the validity and the accuracy of the translation of the PJ's final report that was posted in this blog, that sort of insinuation is not even worth a reply.

  12. what the hell is the poster talking about pigs flying etc on about? I cnsider myself half intellligent but I havent a clue what he/she means

  13. Wikipédia:


    "When pigs fly" is an idiomatic way of saying that something will never happen.

    Pigs are heavy animals,

    without wings, and cannot possibly fly. So "when pigs fly" is a time that will never come.

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    Similar phrases include "when hell freezes over" and the Latin expression "to the Greek calends."

    The idiom is apparently derived

    from a centuries-old SCOTTISH proverb, though some other references to pigs flying or pigs with wings are more famous.

    Here is one such reference from Lewis Carroll:

    "Thinking again?" the Duchess asked, with another dig of her sharp little chin.

    "I've a right to think," said Alice sharply, for she was beginning to feel a little worried.

    "Just about as much right," said the Duchess, "as pigs have to fly...." — Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Chapter 9.

    Possibly the first occurrence of a pig actually flying occurred in 1909

    when the British aviation pioneer

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  14. So,the pigs can fly and do turismo espacial
    ...."A sua missão será transportar a SpaceShipTwo, que levará os turistas para os voos espaciais, e da qual, para já, se conhece o modelo.

    Em Portugal, os voos da Virgin Galactic .....
    (jornal público)

    Vai dar uma festa? Não se esqueça de incluir um porquinho(pig/gift) na lista de prendas
    29.07.2008 - 18h36 Romana Borja-Santos


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