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Policeman irritates Kate for not offering coffee - Correio da Manhã

Kate’s notebooks – Madeleine’s mother did not like to be questioned

Reports of the first day without Maddie tell of discomfort when faced with the investigators who searched for her daughter

Kate McCann did not like the Polícia Judiciária. On the first day without Maddie, a few hours after she had seen her daughter for the last time, in the apartment that they all occupied in Praia da Luz, the child’s mother didn’t hide the discomfort in face of the investigators.

In her writings, which were apprehended months later by the same PJ, Kate complained about the treatment that she had been given during her first questioning: “Nobody offered us a drink or food. All the policemen were informally dressed and smoking. No sympathy was shown. […] The police officer who drove us to the PJ was asking me questions and then he typed them down. Slow”, says Kate, who also didn’t like the fact that she had to return to the Judiciária a short while later.

“We got a phone call from the PJ saying that we had to return. We turned around and returned at 200 kilometres per hour. Scary once again”, Kate continues, sparing the rest of the police forces no criticism. “The GNR appeared without being certain of their role – they seemed to be doing nothing”, she underlined.

Kate equally didn’t like to speak to Yvone, the English social security employee who worked at the department of child protection and who later told the Leicester police that she had found the behaviour of the parents and of one of the friends to be strange. “Also Yvone. A bit boring, worrying, because I didn’t know who it was”, Kate reported.

In the same writings, and still remembering the 4th of May (the notes started to be written at a later date, allegedly upon medical advice), Kate McCann recollects that the British ambassador offered her help. And that there were also technicians from the consulate on location, and Madeleine’s mother remembered a conversation with Robert Murat, during which he told her about his daughter and her similarities with Maddie.

British woman wanted to help the couple

Yvone was on holidays in the Algarve when she heard that Maddie had disappeared. The technician, who is an expert in cases of endangered children, rushed to offer her help, but later guaranteed to the police that she had not been well accepted. Yvone also said that David Payne, one of the friends, had advised the McCanns not to speak to her. She found the parents’ behaviour strange.

Kate admits her daughter’s death

Despite having only admitted it publicly in August, Kate assumed the possibility that her daughter was dead on the day after the disappearance. “Is she dead?” she questions herself in her notebooks, in a register of the 4th of May, after she was heard at the PJ in Portimão. The hypothesis that her daughter’s disappearance is connected with paedophilia also haunted her: “Thinking about paedophiles makes me want to pull the skin off.”

Police in force in the Algarve

During the first days after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the Polícia Judiciária only admitted the theory of abduction of the little girl in public, and mobilized extraordinary means into the Algarve. The directory of Faro, which is directed by Guilhermino Encarnação, was joined by brigades from Lisbon and elements of the Central Directory of Banditism Combat (DCCB), including its director, Luís Neves.

With the investigations centered on the abduction theory and with extraordinary means mobilized, alerts were sent to the borders, to the airports and to the Spanish authorities.

The PJ even asked for the population’s cooperation to find Maddie, and one day later, Guilhermino Encarnação guaranteed that he already had a photofit of the child’s [abductor], which would not be publicized.

Praia da Luz and its surroundings were patrolled by GNR men, car stop operations were set up on the roads that exit the Algarve, and the garbage collection was also followed.

A total of approximately one hundred men from the Polícia Judiciária were moved into the Algarve as early as in the first few hours after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, which happened on the evening of the 3rd of May.

Tomorrow: The McCanns’ relationship with the suspects

source: Correio da Manhã, 28.07.2008 – paper edition


  1. Wow... have you read this piece of tripe?


  2. I thought the purpose of the diary was to write about Kate's feelings about Madeleine to cope with her loss. Instead, we discover that much of it is a work journal. Is it possible that there is more to it than what is being released into the public, more about Kate's feelings about losing her daughter?

    If this is only a record of the Campaign, the McCanns' efforts to manipulate the government, the press, and the public, and Kate's reactions to events and individuals, then my thoughts are 1) This woman is unbelievably shallow and callous and 2) Criminals can be so stupid!

    Thank you to the persons who are uncovering the truth about the McCanns for all to see.

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    If they given to her a strong black coffee ,she will think that was poison.
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  6. Child missing, mother not know where child is, mother not think of food! She not want to eat, she think of child!

  7. Perdi hoje na tv i,o G.A; o P.R. eo D.L! Tenho pena,mesmo que não adiantassem mais nada. Se conseguir a gravação,poderia disponibiliza-la?S.f.f.


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  10. This piece about policemen brings back memories about the injustices that I have dealt with concerning the police force in South Africa. Read my opinion piece, called "Justice!? Hmmmm..." on


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