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Public Ministry Considers More Investigations

Maddie Case. PJ handed over yesterday the final report of the investigation, in which the whole investigation done since May of 2007 is specified in detail. The document does not present sufficient evidence to prosecute, but it is up to the Public Ministry to decide. Future can pass by further new investigations.

Friends of the McCanns might return to Portugal
The filing of the process Madeleine McCann, missing on the 3rd of May of 2007, is not a certainty. Most likely the Public Ministry will order the PJ to follow new investigative steps.

Yesterday, the Judiciary Police sent a final report where all the investigative steps and inquires done along this last month and a half are specified in detail, this report is now in the hands of the Public Ministry and is going to be object of "appreciation and careful consideration", as a source of the Public Prosecution Office (PGR) guaranteed yesterday in a notice sent to the editorial staffs [media].

The new possible steps may go through the reconstitution of the night of the disappearance, which implicates that the friends of the couple McCann and the McCann themselves are notified, again, to travel to Portugal. The report was marked by the incongruences between the statements of the friends of the couple on the night of the disappearance and the Public Ministry wants to find out the truth regarding those doubts.

In the same notice sent to the editorial staffs, the PGR equally guaranteed that the end of the secrecy of Justice of this case is going to take place on the 14th of August.

And this is the basic reason for this final report - called like that by the PGR but without this denomination by the PJ - to have been prepared and to be evaluated by the Public Ministry. The time is running out. There is little more than a month so that the process is within reach of any citizen. It is necessary to present results, some result. And what [result,] then?

The report, which totals in 19 volumes and thousands of documents "it does not indicate or equates the filing or accusation of the process", explained a source of the PJ contacted by the DN, which yesterday read the same report.

The reason is very simple. Because it is up to the Public Ministry to decide for the accusation or for the filing of the process. The PJ 'just does' the investigation in the field and presents the collected data.

But a source connected with the process of investigation guaranteed to the DN that in that same document “there are no sufficient evidences for an accusation". Nevertheless, warns the source, this declaration is "a mere intuition, it is not guaranteed that an accusation won't follow".

The most probable path is, then, according to sources close to the process, contacted by the DN, to charge Kate and Gerry McCann of negligence. An opinion also shared by Paulo Cristovão, former PJ Inspector, who admits the possibility of negligence. “They had dinner leaving their children alone and for a futile reason, and that we know that happened ".

The fact is that, a year and two months after the British girl disappeared from Praia da Luz, in Portimão, there isn’t one absolute certainty. If the hypothesis is kidnap, death and who is responsible for what happened on that night.

Yesterday, Kate and Gerry McCann demanded the access to the process of investigation, if the case is filed. In that case, "the priority must be the lifting of the couple's arguidos status”.

Kate and Gerry McCann were constituted as arguidos in September, four months after the disappearance of their daughter.

Source: Diário de Notícias

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