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Report: Month-long Tests Only yielded Maternal Family Lineage

Kates DNA Frames PJ

The existence of Madeleine's hairs in the boot of the car rented by the parents three weeks after the crime, near the substitute tyre, it’s considered as highly probable by the PJ. But the investigation was not able to prove that those traces belonged to the child: the hairs have no root ends, the CM established, and the final report of the laboratory of Birmingham – of the DNA mitochondrial tests - only guarantee that someone of Kate's lineage was inside the boot of the car.

The Renault Scénic, remember, was rented by the McCanns three weeks after the disappearance of their oldest daughter. Therefore, any evidence that could prove her presence in the car would tie the parents to the crime. The simple detail of the hairs found in the boot having no root ends, where the nucleus of the cell is, does the whole difference. Because if they had [root ends], "the nuclear analysis in any world laboratory would give 99,9 per cent of hypotheses of a hair to belong to a determined person", advanced a specialist to the CM. In this case, of Maddie.

The experts as such were obliged to resort to the mitochondrial analyses, which can only give certainties of the hairs belonging to a motherly lineage: Kate or one of her three children.

The Judiciary Police use of the sophisticated technology of Birmingham’s Laboratory had to do with the minuscule dimensions of the stains in the walls of the couple’s apartment and in the car. The Low Copy Number technique enlarged in million times the DNA chain, but, from then on, the cellular matter revealed signs of different persons. Indistinguishable [persons].

Source: Correio da Manhã

An explanation in layman's terms about Mitocondrial DNA by Crish

A normal cell carries two types of DNA - some in the nucleus which essentially describes the person, and this is made up of the father's nuclear DNA from the sperm and the mothers nuclear DNA from the nucleus of the egg. This is what they try to use to match the cells - and of course the nucleus needs to be there and intact for a full match. This DNA profile is unique to an individual.

The second type of DNA is called mitochondrial DNA. This does not live in the nucleus but is in the cell in a part called the Mitochondria. This is used as the powerhouse of the cell, it keeps the cell going and generates a lot of the proteins etc.

This DNA does not come from the father - there is no room in the sperm for it - it all comes from the mother as part of the egg. It has been used to examine lineage over long periods of time but only relates to the female lineage (so even a male has only female mitochondrial DNA).

I'm guessing the next bit:

The hairs would only yield the mitochondrial DNA because as the hair is produced the nuclear DNA is destroyed, somehow the mitochondrial survives. Only a full, live cell such as the hair follicle would yield the nuclear DNA.

For more on "What Is DNA?" Please read this article By Richard Saferstein, Ph.D.

Note : Since then the Portuguese scientific Police has a laboratory that can use the Low Copy Number DNA analyses technique. Something that at the time, when the DNA was sent to the FSS laboratory in Birmingham, wasn't available.


  1. So madeleine was in the car boot...or are we to believe the twins were transported in the boot of the car?The poxy killers if anyone had any doubt about them this should put them straight!!
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  4. Every time the case file is forwarded to a judge for review, certain papers which before proclaimed there is strong evidence suddenly say that the evidence is inconclusive and that the case will be archived. I'm starting to question the motivation of papers such as Correio da Manhã when they write such articles. Yes it may be true that the evidence is inconclusive but I suspect that Correio da Manhã knows as much about the evidence as you or I.


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