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PJ's Report discards Abduction Thesis

CM reveals content of the document

The main argument against the kidnapper entry through the apartment's window was given by the parents.

Window to small to pass the child through it

Group Witness Contradicted

Main Topics

English Lab withdrew the final results

Dogs scented blood in the house and in the car

Kate and Maddie Clothes had cadaver odour

McCanns Neighbour heard Child crying for more than one hour

PJ couldn’t find child’s body


Final report describes dozens of diligences and unravels incongruences in the theory proposed by Maddie’s parents

Thirteen months after Madeleine disappeared, the PJ ended the investigation that continues to be marked by uncertainties. The final report, the CM today exclusively reveals, does not determine guilt but leaves new and strong doubts about the theory presented by the English child’s parents. It describes in great detail the diligences done by the investigators – who tried, in every possible way, to confirm their hypothesis – and reveals that it was theoretically impossible to have happened. The witnesses don’t make sense, especially not the way that one of the friends said she saw a man carrying a child almost an hour before the alert about the disappearance occurred. This would be Jane Tanner, who guarantees she surprised the unknown man in a street where Maddie’s father and another witness also were. Both guarantee that they saw nothing, even though they were in the same line of sight. Tanner, who much later made a photo-fit of the supposed abductor, also said that the man carried the child in a horizontal position. The size of the window reveals that this could only have happened if the child were carried vertically.

Being that as it may, the PJ tried through all possible means to find who could have taken Maddie. They did dozens of diligences related to suspects of sexual abuse. Elements were collected about those registered that could have been on holidays in the Algarve during that time period, in order to verify if there could have been any connection with little Maddie.

In addition, all the other residents of the village were investigated. The PJ entered more than 400 houses surrounding the Ocean Club and found nothing. On the window where Kate guaranteed that Maddie was taken no vestiges of the girl were found. Only marks that confirmed the DNA of the girl’s mother.

The PJ’s final report shows the details of an investigation that reached unprecedented levels. A couple was investigated that had allegedly tried to abduct another child, a fine toothed comb was used to research the clues that Maddie had been seen at a gas station. A crematorium was searched and Maddie’s genetic profile was compared to that of a child’s body found on the coast of the United States.

The PJ investigated a supposed beggar and followed thousands of clues around the world. In vain. Nothing confirmed the proposed abduction theory.

The animals detected cadaver odour in the apartment, the stuffed animal and Kate’s clothes


British animals [both] agreed on the scent of “indications” in various places and objects

The alerting of the British dogs specially trained to detect cadaver odour and human blood was decisive in making Kate and Gerry arguidos.

Faced with the coincidence of the alerting of both animals, which signalled the same locations and objects related to the McCanns, the authorities were obliged to admit a possible involvement of Kate and Gerry in the disappearance of their daughter and to make them arguidos in order to confront them with evidence which could result in their incrimination – for, as [merely] witnesses, they could not opt to remain silent.

According to what CM has discovered, in the final investigation report produced by the PJ the investigators explained that the animals only gave their detection signals in places and objects related to the McCanns: in the apartment where Madeleine disappeared (in the parent’s bedroom, the living room and next to a side window), in the back patio, the family’s car (rented 24 days after the girl disappeared), two pieces of Kate’s clothes and Maddie’s stuffed animal – the one Kate never released in the days following the disappearance.

In the McCann’s friend’s apartments, in the Luz village and in all the vehicles used by Robert Murat, the first to be made arguido, nothing was found by the dogs.

Given these indications, reinforced by other detailed tests done in Portugal and England, the PJ interrogated Kate and Gerry and made them arguidos.

The animals, Springer Spaniels, are heavily used in the UK in the search for missing people or homicide victims, with positive results.


Kate McCann didn’t negate the fact that her two pieces of clothes and the stuffed animal had been signalled by the English dogs trained to find cadaver odour and justified it by her profession. Madeleine’s mother alleged that as a doctor at the Leicester health centre, she was present at six deaths directly before she came to Portugal on holiday, giving the same excuse for Madeleine’s stuffed animal, that was with her in the months after her daughter disappeared.


Two specially trained dogs, used as criminal investigation assistants, detected cadaver odour in the McCann’s bedroom, the living room, Kate’s clothes, the girl’s stuffed animal and the car key, as well as spots of blood in the boot of the car and the apartment living room.

Link for floor-plan of where the dogs found scents big scanned image

Indications of where dogs detected cadaver scent and blood by Nige at the McCann Files

[Note: Diagram above is incorrect as it indicates cadaver odour beside the bedroom window. The odour was actually found outside the patio doors 'in a seedbed of the yard']

Change of Versions: Laboratory no longer was certain


They said the vestiges were compatible with Maddie’s DNA, then later denied it.

Dog’s indications were not corroborated by science

It was the strangest about-face in the investigation. The first exams done by the English laboratory, a pioneer in the analysis of biological vestiges, said it was probable that the residues collected in the McCann’s car were compatible with Madeleine’s genetic profile.

Months later – after the PJ had made the parents arguidos, according to the final report only because of indications that they had hidden the child’s body – the laboratory ended up correcting their initial information. In the end, the exams of the vestiges collected from the Renaul Scénic rented by the McCanns were not conclusive and it wasn’t even possible to determine the quality of the material, that is, to know whether it was bodily fluid or vestiges of blood.

This scientific alteration, still not completely clarified, ended up leading the investigation to a dead end. The utilization of the dogs that detected cadaver odours and blood are not valid within the Portuguese judicial system and it was necessary to scientifically corroborate the dog’s detections.

The PJ’s decision to send the analyses to England was based on a question of credibility. The investigators didn’t want the results to be disputed by the English, accepting therefore that the vestiges should be analysed in that country.


In April of this year, Paulo Rebelo and two of the investigators for this process who were trying to understand the puzzle of Madeleine’s disappearance went to Leicester to interview the British who spent holidays in Praia de Luz with the McCanns. From the final report, we now know that nothing conclusive was discovered from these interrogations.

The PJ maintained the same close collaboration with the local police, but from the depositions they brought nothing new. The McCann friends limited themselves to confirming what they had said in the earlier interviews and the PJ left with empty hands from that city just north of London.

Over one Hour Crying

Pamela Fenn remembers hearing the child uncontrollably crying

Madeleine parents never contradicted that it was already a habit for their three children to be all alone inside the Praia da Luz apartment while they dined; a fact corroborated by several witness statements - the Oceans Club employees. Although the parents defended themselves by stating that they visited the children every half an hour, every night, the witness statement of neighbour Pamela Fenn crumbled the McCann couple’s version, when she guaranteed to the PJ that she had heard Maddie crying out loud for one hour and fifteen minutes, two nights before the crime. The British woman lives at the first floor, just above the apartment rented by the McCanns and she told to the inspectors, that on the night of the 1st of May, at 22:30, she heard a child crying, and by the sound it was Madeleine.

She guaranteed to the Judiciary Police that the child was uncontrollably crying for one hour and fifteen minutes, until the parents arrived. The neighbour heard the noise of the door at 23:45, when Kate and Gerry ended their usual gathering with their friends at the Tapas Bar – the Oceans Club restaurant at the pool side, where they had dinner daily. This testimony contradicts the daily routine of visits that the couple declared to have with their children – and the McCanns are not free from criticism by another British woman. Yvonne Martin, a British Social Care worker at holidays in Luz, who also blamed the McCanns negligent behaviour.

Judiciary Report

Francisco Moita Flores Criminalist

The speculation surrounding the final report of the Maddie case would like to make one believe that the upcoming archival means the PJ have persecuted the child's parents without reason. This is a manipulated falsehood.

The final report of any process does not find innocence nor guilt. Doing this is beyond the reach of the PJ. Their responsibility is just to describe the facts and relationships with the people involved.

The report will narrate all the activities completed since the night of 3 May. It will tell which diligences were done, reveal the steps that took them to constitute as arguidos several players in this story. It will vigorously present the references for the searches, the tests, the diligences with the dogs, the activities done abroad to find the child, the news from the papers, the witnesses who directly or indirectly were involved in the case, the reconstitution of which so much was spoken and never was done. It will describe the facts.

The Public Ministry will have to say whether there was abandonment of minors, whether or not the process should continue with more diligences, or conversely, further develop the homicide theory or, finally, archive with no further delays.

Direct Speech

Gonçalo Amaral Former coordinator of the Madeleine McCann Process, interviewed by TVI

‘’I was Kicked in the Butt”

Are you convinced that Madeleine McCann is dead?

Gonçalo Amaral - I do have that conviction. It is an interpretation in the light of the Law based in concrete elements, with the knowledge that I have of the inquest and of the diligences done. Yes, I am convinced that she died there.

If the father and the mother were constituted as arguidos it’s because they were suspects?

GA - They were suspects and there were evidences for them to be constituted as arguidos, actually, strong elements relatively to two types of crime: hiding a cadaver [corpse occultation] and simulation of a crime [faking the crime of kidnapping]. That was public and at the time that I left the investigation that was the situation.

And the crime of abandonment, for what reason aren’t the parents accused?

GA – The issue there is to know if the children were safe or not. For me it’s evident, even because the parents talked about kidnapping, that there was no safety.

Don’t you feel frustrated as the case isn’t moving forward?

GA – I do not feel any frustration over the decisions made in courts. I have been around for many years and I do have a great admiration for the magistrates. I understand up to where the work of magistrates can go.

However you don’t understand why you had to leave?

GA – No, not that. I respected the decision as a professional. There was an understanding between the Portuguese and British authorities that the girl was dead and that there was a need to solidify the evidences that existed and move forward to try to understand where she could be.

Do you believe that the PJ’s reaction had to do with the politicization of the case?

GM – I believe that there was more politics than police [at work]. But on the field we did our best and we never felt any defence [probably meaning defence by the Director of PJ towards the ongoing attacks].

Do you think that it is normal for the case to be archived?

GM – It doesn’t shock me.

Note: Please also read Paulo Reis at Gazeta Digital for more significant details of this interview

On the Side


One of the slowest pieces of the investigation was to collect and analyse all information relative to possible means of transportation/escape, by land, sea or air. In addition, all the images collected from tourists on holidays at that time, but, once again, nothing was found. This information was all compiled in an appendix attached to the process, with another containing just information on those suspected of sexual crimes. The PJ also created a dossier of all individuals with a history of violent crimes, with their lives being examined to the tiniest detail. It was important to determine if they could have had any connection with the abduction.


11 August: Death

100 days after Madeleine's disappearance, and after the search with the English dogs, the investigators publicly admit that the child could be dead

7 September: Arguidos

Based on the results of the scientific team, Kate and Gerry McCann are interrogated again by the PJ and made arguidos

29 November: DNA Tests

Portuguese and English technicians meet at the Leicester Police headquarters to debate the results of the DNA tests collected during the investigation

20 January 2008: Photo-fit

The McCanns release a photo-fit based upon witness statements. Later they will admit that the man in the drawing was not involved in the crime


Paulo Rebelo, the new leader of the investigation after Gonçalo Amaral's exit, was at the Ocean Club several times, from which were collected a variety of vestiges. He was also in England, where he heard testimonies.



door to door interviews at Ocean Club apartments, done by the PJ, are part of 2000 diligences, formal and informal, undertaken during the investigation


village employees were heard by the inspectors in the days following the crime. The PJ also spoke with the 12 GNR officers that went through the apartment on the night of 3 May.


police and civil guard workers were involved in the first 24 hours of the search. On the following day, this number increased to 300.


garbage bins were searched with a fine-toothed comb in Praia da Luz, Lagos, in an attempt to find Madeleine's body.


square kilometres is the area covered in searches by all the land forces during the first days, in addition to the Maritime Police.

Source: Correio da Manhã

*Translations By Debk and JM


  1. Joana you are a star.

    Thank you for all your hard work.

    I am waiting in anticipation for the translation.

    Mrs. Fenn's evidence finally evaporates

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for all your hard work! I don't know what I would have done without your excellent translations, news and views from Portugal these many months.

    The revelations today are explosive and I can't see how anyone can stop this news reaching the UK media. Nor should they - we've had our fill of being kept in the dark and junk-fed by the British media for the last year+. The floodgates are finally open!

    I am trying my hardest to be patient waiting for your next translation.

    Thank you Joana..thank you PJ...thank you Portugal. Obrigada!

  3. Joana, muito obrigada pelo teu árduo trabalho. Sem ti e mais uma meia dúzia de pessoas, o ruído, as mentiras e a manipulação em terras de Sua Majestade não seriam contrariadas. O teu trabalho não tem preço!

  4. Good work Joana

    Lets see what the prosecutor will come up with.If the PJ cant prove her death,the prosecutor is still obliged to consider the charges of neglect punished by the portuguese law.They are in for it
    Thanks to the PJ.Whatever the outcome,they have done a fantastic work,considering the extraordinary difficulties they have met over the last 14 months.NO doubt about it
    I will never forgive the brits xenophobia and their absolute slagging off the PJ AND Portugal

  5. Obrigada, thank you - just trying to do my bit as a Portuguese Citizen who seeks for Justice.

  6. Joana, tens feito muito mais que isso. Obrigada!

  7. Joana, thank you for the translation. The only thing I can contribute here is the fact that no cadaver odor was found on Gerry's clothes, therefore Kate McCann lies when she says the odor found on her clothes and Madeleine's toy is a direct result of her own job as a pathologist.

  8. 21st century British culture is a diseased one, although obviously I know some extremely worthy British individuals.
    It is a culture of consumism, celebrity cult, ignorance, violence, binge-drinking, boredom, where for lack of better things to do violence and alcohol are fun ---
    and, from what we've seen about this case, hypocrisy and callousness towards a small child.
    Little surprise then that xenophobia breeds in such a ground, although even I who live in the UK was surprised and shocked by its intensity!

    Whatever the outcome of this case, you have done a relentless and sterling job in bringing truth to a public fed with lies schemed by two criminal suspects aided and abetted by the British media.

    Many thanks.

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  10. This shows that there has been some behind the scenes meddling by people protecting the McCanns, Two dogs indicated at the same places and didnt in the same places, the forensics were nobbled, I always though I would not be suprised if the lab lost or buggered the results to clear the McCanns and that exactly what it appears has happened

  11. Well.Probably the adults they entered by the better door(Tapas/Flat);
    Something happenned near the sofa,near the window (will be Maddie wake up waiting by the mcs?;
    after,I think, the smell near the couple´s,where we put the cloths;
    and near! a canteiro no pátio da outra entrada ou saída?
    We must to thank also to Nige!

    God,poor litlle baby.Only 3 years!

    JUSTICE TO YOU AND TO P.J. who have worked by YOU,Maddie.

  12. If this is indeed all true that a world-renowned lab backtracked on the results of the lab analyses, I fear that the couple will also succeed in preventing the case files from being divulged to the English-speaking world by the British media. You wonder how could Correio da Manha get a hold of this information, possibly it was passed to them to prepare the public for what is to happen. I hope at least that there is enough evidence to charge the parents with neglect and that their arguido status is not lifted, after all based on the evidence no abduction occurred and they have not answered the questions posed to them by the police. Even if there will be charges of neglect I feel that with the connections these two have they can escape anything. This knowledge that they were well protected explains their smugness. Unfortunately, the PJ will once again be ridiculed by those who have not followed this case closely and by those with an agenda. I hope your translations Joana have at least succeeded in preventing people from donating to a lost cause and gotten people to question what is publicized by the media and to question how democratic their government really is. I hope Portugal will learn a lesson from this case and that in the future they will act in a more sovereign manner and not bow to the wishes of foreign nations, i.e. perform their own tests and tell foreign politicians who interfere to take a hike. As we discussed once I hope the PJ will have realized the need to have a spokesperson who is multilingual, so that other parts of the world can get the PJ version of events.


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