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Robert Murat Sues McCann Friends

SOL writes in today's headline "Murat Sues the McCanns Friends", adding that after receiving compensation of the English press the British-Portuguese Citizen is going to prosecute the friends of the couple McCann for perjury in a confrontation ordered by the judge.

by Felícia Cabrita and Margarida Davim

Robert Murat is going to prosecute two friends of the couple McCann for perjury in a confrontation ordered by the judge. Also the Portuguese State will be prosecuted, for allegedly «ruining his life». A curiosity: in the thorough searches to hishouse, Roman ruins were discovered.

Francisco Pagarete, Murat's Lawyer, does not know the evidences that the English gave during the investigation. However, he was present at the confrontation that - months after Murat had been constituted as arguido - was done between his client, Rachel Oldfield and Fiona Payne. The jurist guarantees in the SUN: " They lied in front of us, with the clear intention of incriminating my client».

Pagarete explains that, as soon as the case ends being under the secrecy of justice, he is going to consult 12 thousand pages of the process to find other evidences: " According to what I read in SOL, it was a British journalist who did the first accusation to the English Police. I will check if that is in the process ».

Keep on reading this piece of news in the printed publication available in the kiosks spread by the whole country. - I will soon update

Source: SOL


  1. GOOD!!!!!!!!

  2. This is going to get interesting....This is poetic justice , the McCanns used us and the media to push the bullshit theory of abduction, now those very people they have used are turning and demanding answers...perhaps justice is now being served by these facts coming out..I hope the McCanns are reeling from Amarals book, I hope they are unable to sleep and rueing the day they decided to cover up the death of Madeleine.Princess Diana had her revenge from beyond the grave, perhaps this is how it will be for Madeleine.

  3. Another thought...how long before the macho Clarence the bulhitter Mitchell decries Murat for making money out of Madeleine's plight? Whilst he and the McCanns have made mega money out of her and have been in talks with Oprah Winfrey to make some more!!
    Also how long before Gerry tells us its unhelpfull and ludirous?
    Twats the lot of them, nothing more nothing less.

  4. Robert Murat should sue all, including the McCanns. Why isn't he suing them? They were part of the holiday party! This does not look good at all. He can't afford to be selective here. He has had his life turned upside down. The only high point for him is Roman ruins were found in his property during the dig-up.


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