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Tonight : Gonçalo Amaral Interview

DO Not Miss: For those who are able to access RTP1 or RTP International, tonight at 21:00 after the Night News, Mr. Gonçalo Amaral will give an interview to the program 30 Minutos* [30 minutes] .


The interview had a duration of approximately 10 minutes, some excerpts of this interview were showed previously in the RTP News during the day. After the 30 minutes program, in another RTP channel [RTPN] there was a debate with Rogério Alves - McCanns defense Lawyer, Paulo Pereira Cristovão - former PJ Inspector and Author of 'A Estrela de Madeleine', Sandra Felgueiras - RTP Investigative Journalist and Eduardo Dâmaso - Correio da Manhã deputy Editor. Francisco Moita Flores - Criminolgist, also appeared in two pre-recorded statements.

It was one hour of hot arguments and intense discussion as you all can imagine. Mr.Amaral interview excerpt was also showed in this debate - one of the news excerpts broadcasted today (1 July 2008). There Gonçalo Amaral expressed: «that he believed that Madeleine died in that night [3rd of May], also he talked how the people who should have defended him didn't do it [probably referring to Mr.Alípio Ribeiro], and that he wasn't removed due to incompetence but because someone didn't want the truth to be found. He also questioned why Clarence Mitchell, PM Gordon Brown's Media Adviser [MMU] was appointed as the McCanns spokesman. He said: Nunca tive medo de pessoas poderosas. I was never afraid of powerful people.» Grande Homem - digo eu. A Big Man, I say.

In this debate several key points and doubts about the process, regarding Madeleine Case likely archival, were raised by all the guests : Paulo Pereira Cristovão, Sandra Felgueiras, Eduardo Dâmaso and by Francisco Moita Flores. Rogério Alves refuted all that the others said and defended the McCanns, it's the role of a lawyer, I suppose. An interesting thing that Alves said, was that Mitchell is indeed playing the British versus Portuguese xenophobic concept, therefore confirming the media manipulation in that sense.

The main ideas and quick synopsis of the debate follow in the next paragraphs.

The pressure was obvious from external sources, foreign sources and since day one - day 3 of May. The pressures where immediately felt diplomatically and politically, since that day and even now the case was and is undermined. For example, like when Gordon Brown had a conversation with his Portuguese counterpart, Prime Minister José Socrates, or when pressure was applied on the PJ investigators to follow the case in a certain way, obliging them to work with only one hypothesis- the mysterious and almost impossible kidnap theory.

The frailty of the evidences aren't enough to support the homicide and cadaver concealment theory, but there will be doubts which will be explained after the process is archived and at the end of the secrecy of justice, in August. There, the public will be able to learn why the DNA markers and first analyses were enough to constitute the McCanns as arguidos - or why did the McCanns indeed require that status - also we will learn why and how the FSS analyses did not corroborate the previous DNA analyses, or why they turned out, after a huge delay, to be inconclusive. Also, we might be able to learn why all Tapas 9 incongruences and Mitchell successive spins were allowed, even the why and how did the group escape from a re-enactment of the night of the crime. Or why the buerocracy of such an urgent matter like the rogatory letter requesting the interviews to be done to the McCanns and their pact-of-silence' friends was delayed by the Home Office since October 2007 until April 2008.(...)

The PJ did their best, considering. Now it's up to the Prosecutor and to the Public Ministry to show, if us, the Portuguese can still have trust in our own system of Justice.

On the Amaral's interview and News translation: it's late, I will try to have everything in the morning. The bellow quote: «'runed through his veins' - to be a policeman» is taken from the 30 minutes interview which I will fully translate later.

A great man, a great policeman asked for his own retirement from more than a job to him, it was something that 'runed through his veins' - to be a policeman. It was something that Mr. Amaral would do till the end, even if the money would never amount to much or as much as he can and most likely will gain in whatever his choice of career will be.

He decided to tell the truth, for Justice. For Madeleine.

"A morte da menina, naquela noite, naquela casa." Such is the conviction of Mr Amaral, in his own words: The death of the child, on that evening, inside that house. - this was translated by Astro, it resumes Amaral's feelings.

Obrigada Sr. Gonçalo Amaral. 

Note: * The program is available here, On-line in two formats WMV (Windows Media Video) or in FLV (Flash Video).

I'll leave you meanwhile with today's 24 Horas News:

Gonçalo Amaral retired since midnight, to “savour freedom of expression”

Police chief is now free

The controversial coordinator, who was removed from the Maddie case, says he “leaves proud” and that he is not “hurt”. His last action was delivering the service mobile phone

The PJ’s coordinator, Gonçalo Amaral, who was removed from the Maddie case over an opinion offence, is, from today onwards, a free man. At midnight, he went into retirement and, according to what he told 24Horas yesterday, his first day “is going to be beautiful, with plenty to do and the ability to savour the plenitude of his freedom of expression”.

Just enigmatic enough, Gonçalo Amaral, aged 49, had his last day at the PJ yesterday, “a perfectly normal day”. He arrived early, finished the operation into the process that lead, over the weekend, to the apprehension of two and a half tons of hashish and the detention of six traffickers, and dispatched a few more cases. Before lunch, which lasted from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m., the controversial coordinator of criminal investigation delivered his duty pistol, his badge and his card at the Faro Directory. At the end of the day, around 5.30 p.m., he delivered his service mobile phone.

In the evening, he hosted an “intimate dinner, with two colleagues that came from Lisbon into the Algarve on purpose”.

In the investigation

In a statement to 24Horas, Gonçalo Amaral revealed that the future includes “continuing to work in the area of criminal investigation, maybe as a consultant”. “But not as a detective”, he guaranteed. At the same time, the coordinator who is now retired from the PJ is going to carry out a stay at an Algarvian law office, in order to “maybe exercise [law]” within a year.

Gonçalo Amaral is also going to take advantage of his retirement to “dedicate more time to his wife and children” and assured that, despite everything, he does not leave the PJ with hurt feelings, because the institution and its servants deserve him “the utmost respect”. “I leave, proud of having served the PJ and of having worked with very good people, excellent professionals that still remain here”.

This, despite him confiding to 24Horas, in a reference to the controversial Maddie case, that “many people remained upset” with him in Portimão.

Maddie book “is ready”

Gonçalo Amaral, who spent 28 years at the Polícia Judiciária, which he entered as an agent in 1981, having passed through many different departments, revealed to 24Horas that the book about the Maddie case “is ready”. It was written during his brief holidays, before he returned to the PJ in May, to leave now into retirement. But the publication depends on the “judicial secrecy” which was not lifted yet. The book promises fabulous sales figures, both in Portugal and abroad, mainly in Great Britain.

Translation by Astro


  1. Hi Joana
    Nice to see you active again!
    I am waiting for the transcript of the interview
    Hope you are well and happy

  2. No matter whether anyone is ever charged with the neglect and/or death of Madeleine, I will trust what Goncalo Amaral says in his book and look forward to reading it. It may be the closest we can get to the truth about this case.

    May Mr. Amaral have a healthy and prosperous retirement.

  3. Just shows that to spite the abuse amaral had Madeleines interest at heart and is one of the few people who have not acted in the interest of the McCanns and who actually want the truth out..speak your mind still unable to accesss my blogger


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