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Tony Parsons: A Case of Asinine Xenophobia

It happens less and less these days, simply because the story of Madeleine McCann is slipping from the news.

But every time that little girl's face appears on the TV screen, our five-year-old daughter looks up and says exactly the same five words: "Did they find Madeleine yet?"

No, darling, they did not find Madeleine yet. They did not find her dead, and they did not find her alive.

They have looked every day since May 3, 2007, but now they have stopped looking.

The Portuguese police have closed the file and the news has been leaked that no action will be taken against her parents. That's very big of them.

Some say that the incompetent Portuguese plods should apologise to the McCanns for wasting so much energy, time and resources on hounding a missing child's parents.

I personally say - what's the point? It's a bit late now. The Portuguese cops were worse than useless but an apology will not heal the wounds of Kate and Gerry McCann, and will not bring home Madeleine or throw some light on her fate.

But of course the case is not really closed. What happened to that little girl is an act of unspeakable and unimaginable cruelty.

Somebody knows something. Almost certainly more than one person knows something. It's not enough to shrug and walk away.

No, they did not find Madeleine yet. And until they do, this case will never be closed.

Tony Parsons, Mirror

Image credits by my dear and talented  friend Mr. Himself at Only in America


  1. Joana I believe I cant stand it anymore,I mean the brits xenophobia.It is going a long way now and I was wondering how to get around it because I just had MORE than ENOUGH of hearing and reading reports about the PJ and portugal
    I am not very worried about the judge making them "win" today because it is all part of the big farce but I take it an an other insidious way of slagging the PJ and their work.I dont see you on the other blog,you know which and I would love to....

  2. "Somebody knows something. Almost certainly more than one person knows something. "
    This ignorant xenophobe couldn't be more right even if he tried...


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