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The Truth of The Lie by Francisco Moita Flores

Francisco Moita Flores’ opinion article

The truth of the lie

"Wasn't there an incapable director around, one of those who climb at the cost of servilism?"

The book that had been promised by Gonçalo Amaral was sold out within hours. Those who have read it, or who are going to read it, will understand that there were all sorts of reasons not to accept the information that was circulated by the English televisions, that Maddie had been abducted, as the only one. If we go through the book in parallel with the PJ's final report, we definitely realise that it was materially impossible for her to be abducted.

The intelligent abductor had entered through the door and then became stupid and left with the child through a half opened window, which had forced him to pass by the beds of the other sleeping children – that continued to sleep through the chaos of the search. As a matter of fact, if he left onto the street at the time when the witnesses say it happened, and taking into account the depositions that they gave concerning the checks on the children, he had to pass between the father, friends who chatted, who came and went. The book confirms a lot of what we have written here, along so many pages. The technical procedures do not differ from case to case.

They follow protocols that are informal, but so routinely that it is not necessary to be there in order to understand what is happening. Gonçalo Amaral's team fulfilled them all, except one. He is generous when he assumes that mistakes, which were not his. Or at least, it was not only his. Gonçalo admits that he erred when, during a first phase, he handled the couple with extra caution. It is a mistake and a big one. But was it him who decided it to be that way? Wasn't there an incapable director around, one of those who climb at the cost of servilism, giving that type of order? The fearsome are afraid of power first, and only then of death.

A case that was communicated by the English government, with the mediation of ambassadors, has forcefully to have a weak director in the middle, who mediated between the servilism before those who give the orders, and the despotism towards those who obey him. I foresee that in defending his honour, by exposing the truth that many wish was a lie, Gonçalo Amaral has not said everything. Even by assuming the mistake, he gave his body to the bullets, in order to defend his institution. I may be wrong, but one that knows the routines of investigation also presumes to know the mechanisms of subordination.

A final word for Mr Mitchell: the best that he found to say was that the book is a pretext to make money at the little girl's expense. Coming from him of all people, his life has been nothing else, recently. People who cannot distinguish between a pound and the right to defend one's honour. They sell themselves for any price. In Mr Mitchell's case, for a good price, it is said.

Source: Correio da Manhã

Translation By Astro


  1. Dear Joana Moaris, if it's at all possible I would like a contact e-mail address for Moita Flores and, or Mr Amaral with a view to directly contacting either to meet with them to discuss the crimes committed against Madeleine McCann. I can help you in areas where you have simply hit a brick wall and are unable to find any way forward in this particular case.


    George, LLB (Hons)

    e-mail - sncf.kk@aol.co.uk

    1. If you have any relevant information to this case please send it to the Portuguese Judiciary Police of Porto, at the attention of the team reviewing the Maddie case, lead by the PJ Chief Inspector Helena Monteiro at directoria.porto@pj.pt and/or to Metropolitan Police's Operation Grange, led by Chief Inspector Nicola Wall at Operation.Grange@met.pnn.police.uk.

  2. Hi Joana we have just read in the uk mirror newspaper that Amaral is shelving his new book. The paper says that the publisher has told them that there is no book and not even a draft of any book. The McCanns are relieved about it. We are all confused over this as to why this would happend and wonder if you have any information regarding his book. My email address is avriljfarrell@gmail.com
    I would be grateful for any info. Regards Avril.


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