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“The Truth of the Lie”: Release of Gonçalo Amaral’s Book on the Maddie Case with Hot Revelations

The book “The truth of the Lie ", which promises controversial revelations on the Maddie case, is launched tomorrow. The SIC reveals today the first excerpts. The work has the signature of the man who directed great part of the investigations but ended up being removed. The lawyer of the couple McCann, Rogério Alves, said to the SIC that he does not comment fiction.

Gonçalo Amaral says that he wants “to put back the good name that was vilified in the public domain" without the Judicial Police allowing his own defence.

In the first pages of the work, the author highlights since then the unusual treatment given to the couple McCann, which in the words of the inspector were treated with "tweezers".

Much was spoken also about the attitudes of Gerry and Kate McCann and Gonçalo Amaral reports several situations in which he found the coldness of the couple strange facing the tension of the investigations.

In one of the situations the inspector speaks about the mother of the child, Kate, who before the possibility to find the daughter appears bothered with the speed reached by the car of the police. [This was after a new information of a possible sighting of Madeleine was given to the police, the mother instead of being anxious looked annoyed with the entire situation]

In another case it was the father who aroused the attention of the inspectors: in the middle of a negotiation, with a possible kidnapper, the doctor “was sucking casually one lollipop while reading banalities in sites of the Internet and talking about rugby and football with one of the English police officers.”

Gonçalo Amaral believes that "Madeleine died in the apartment 5A of the Ocean Clube, on the 3rd of May of 2007, but he does not discard the hypothesis of having been accidental".

Contacted by SIC, Rogério Alves, he refused to comment on the book by Gonçalo Amaral. “While lawyer of the family McCann, I only comment reality, I do not comment fiction", said the lawyer.

Excerpts of the book “The Truth of the Lie "

P. 11

“This book appears out of the necessity that I felt of putting back my good name that was vilified in the public domain without the PJ has allowing me to stand up for myself ”.

P. 19

“The mistake was that we treated the couple 'with tweezers'. They were treated with privileges. It is that, that is not normal”.

P. 26

“It seems that the Judiciary Police is a ‘stepmother’ [Portuguese expression, meaning the PJ as an institution was never good to its officers] with its servants, it never knew how to defend them ”.

P. 38

“It was pertinent to know if Madeleine was the biological daughter of the couple McCann, the information requested does not arrive, but the English ambassador is already arriving. It is not normal this preoccupation of the English diplomacy ”.

P. 48

“A hand print was found in the balcony window at the rear [of the apartment]. It was corresponding to one of the police elements ”. (protocol of proceedings is lacking)

P. 54


“Kate appears bored because of having being obliged to return and bothered with the speed reached by the police car We found strange that she didn’t show signs of hope with the possibility of the girl being recovered ”.

P. 67

“The PJ should have had persons to analyse all the news, being preoccupied by what the parents and friends would say to the public opinion. What did not happen ”.

P. 68

“It is not usual that common citizens, to whom a daughter just had disappeared, nominate press advisers”

P. 71

“The English service secret already had, after the facts, the couple and the group of friends under surveillance. If that was right such an information was never accessed by the Portuguese police”

P. 81

“The medical registries (of Madeleine) requested with insistence were not given to us, due to great difficulties raised in England”.

P. 92

Attempt of extortion

"Gerry McCann was sucking casually one lollipop while he was reading banalities in sites of the Internet and was talking about rugby and football with one of the English police officers.”

Sentence of the English police officers “Do not forget that he starts cutting people in half shortly afterwards of the breakfast”.

P. 165

“There were signs of death in the apartment. It was concluded that that cadaver odour could only came from Madeleine McCann”.

P. 168

“The toy had cadaver odour”

P. 214


“Madeleine died in the6 apartment 5 A on the 3rd of May of 2007

A simulation of kidnapping took place

Kate and Gerry are suspected of corpse's occultation [hiding the cadaver]

The death might have happened as a result of an accident

There are signs of negligence in the safe keeping and security of the children”

Source: SIC (Portuguese TV Channel)

To buy the book online please follow the link for Webboom.pt , a online Portuguese bookstore - remember this is for the Portuguese version only, when the English version is available I will post it here.

Notes about the book:

Publisher: Editora Guerra & Paz

ISBN: 9789898174123

Price with 10% discount: EUR 11,97

Availability: Pre-launch: available to be dispatched from 24 of July 2008

Brief Synopsis



  1. E amanhã,à noite com M.M.G.na Tvi.


  2. Joana

    Poderia por no seu blog on nome da libraria onde poderia obter o livro " Verdade da Mentira". E que eu vivo em Inglaterra i nao acho que vai ser publicado aqui tao depressa.

    Muito obrigada

  3. So Kate was pissed off whilst being taken toplaces Madeleine was rumoured to be, complaining about the haste of the journey,...Hmm, of course she was, she knew the sightings were bollocks because she had seen Madeleine dead in the apartment!! Normal mothers would be screaming at the P.J to hurry up and get there.
    And its not only us who wondered about the high spirits and light heartness of the McCanns,Gerry sat sucking a lolly and reading banter upon his P.C!
    Its all starting to come out not though, even if aguido status was dropped.We know that the lollipop sucking was the least of the worries, with the news of Payne and Gerry acted like perverts discussing oral sex and Madeleine, we know the British government had a huge hand in scuppering the early investigation by interfering in things of no concern to them, we know the McCanns were also tipped of about the surveilance upon them and their arsehole mates...This absolutely stinks, even if the P>J did not hve enough to prosecute they did have enough to do the bastards for abandonment...why has this not happened in this case?
    And why the fuck arent any of the media here asking these questions?
    If we were in America I would think they were part of the mafia or something as it is I think they are perverts, who when their daughter died due to neglect they did not want the sexual abuse coming to light at autopsy so set about getting rid of her like throwing out the garbage. Governement officals are probably involved in paedophilia and are minding their own backs by assisting the McCanns.

  4. It is useful to have confirmed by someone who has dealt directly with the McCann parents that they behave very oddly for persons in their position, doing and saying things that are at odds with what is expected. So many of us have noticed their peculiar behavior and remarked on it. We have not been imagining these things. The PJ have noticed it, too.

    It is good to see that the Portuguese will find a way to get the information out about this case to the public. Thank you, to Mr. Amaral, to the media that is publishing excerpts from his book, and to the bloggers who are carrying the story. Will their bravery be matched by anyone in the UK? Will people begin to come forward with what they know about the McCanns and their friends now that more information is being presented to the public? Who has the courage to confront the enormous political and financial forces that have so far been able to protect the McCanns and their friends from the intense scrutiny that is needed to discover the truth about May 3?

    What will Dr. David Payne do now that damning allegations and suspicions have been published?

    There are interesting days ahead in this case, as we watch these developments unfold.

    As others have said, now that their arguido status has been removed, as they have hoped, and the process has been archived, the McCanns should be able to speak freely now. Is that true? Are they now legally able to talk about the facts of the investigation and the night of May 3 to the general public? Do they have to wait until the files are officially released?

  5. [Quote://
    What will Dr. David Payne do now that damning allegations and suspicions have been published?

    There are interesting days ahead in this case, as we watch these developments unfold://quote]

    Dr. Payne can make inquiries with Dr. Karadzic how to get a new immage that will safe him for shame and make him not to be recognized.

  6. Re: 'The Truth of the lie', the news today 9-Sep-09,that yet again Mr. Goncalo Amaral is being gagged!! , his book 'The Truth of the lie' has been banned here in the UK.

    Why oh why the British police have not re-opened the case together with the Portuguese police I cannot understand ?! ... especially, considering the facts that there was a lot of evidence found via ( sniffer dogs & Handlers ) which was pointing to Madeleine having possibly had some kind of an accident or such, because the two British sniffer dogs signalled blood and cadaver odour at locations in the apartment and the McCanns hire car ... it begs a lot of questions !! .
    I have to say also, that having watched several interviews with the McCanns on the TV news etc / internet.. I have always felt that there was something "not right" about their behaviour. Some people say that because they're doctors, they're more able to control the way they conduct themselves ... well, as far as I'm concerned, that doesn't sit right with me either, regardless of what their profession is... they continued rebotically going running, keeping logs etc ... to me, they seemed very un-emotional.
    Many times, I felt that especially Gerry McCann came across as being extremely arrogant.
    The case needs to be re-opened.

  7. after looking at this evedence,and studdying all the facts laid out by armaral and the evidence through this investigation that clearly shows this little girl was not abducted but was more likely to have suffered an accident while still sedated with the medicine, administered by the parents while they ate at the tappas bar,the dead body sent found by the dogs behind the sofa and on the parents bedroom shelf where i belive she was stored before the body was disposed of,the sightings by the smiths who saw the farther running toward the sea holding a little girl and identified the man as being the farther,"the evidence does not lie" and in my opinion is conclusive of foul play,although i dont belive the parents killed this little girl i do belive they neglected their duty then covered up their neglagence and the death of their daughter illustrated by the farther as he threw himsel at the feet of the first officers on the scene!,i only hope one day the mother of this little girl tells the truth,and this little girl can rest in peace,until then we live this covered up phasard genarated by the media,and the reason being that so far they have got away for now with this for now is because he is a doctor and it is well noted the faternaty will close ranks and cover up for both doctors and leagals alike,the masonic link -hence the spokespersons comeing from the woodwork issueing untrue statements like "armal is just trying to make money from this or has some other motive,i think this is false and wrong statement along with all efforts of discrediting the former investigator armaral, who in my opinion hit the nail right on the head and is and was a superb investigator and good human being just looking for justice "we need more like him", and as he said, one day the varnish will crack and the truth will out for this unfortunate accident that befell that night,i only hope at least one of the parents comes clean, and then and, only then! will this little girl and the shroud of mistery and cover up dissapear, and truth will always comfort! even if they were negladagable parents they owe it to that poor girl to rest her body and name in peace.very sad allround especially for the mcanns as they lost their lovely little girl, The truth shall set them free one day i can onlt hope.- anon


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