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Agents without abduction leads - Correio da Manhã

McCann couple: Detectives and spies have three months to obtain a solution

The detective team, which is being paid millionaire salaries, that was hired by the McCann couple to find Maddie has already pursued the authors of a possible abduction for three months, but until now failed to find any secure clues that lead to the English girl that disappeared in May last year.

The family’s spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, confirmed that a North-American detective agency “considered to be the best” was hired by the McCann couple to carry out a worldwide investigation, which took off 13 months after the disappearance. The spokesman added that three months of work have already been concluded. The result of the work of these former investigation agents from intelligence services like the FBI, the CIA and the MI5, will be known until the end of November.

The McCann couple will pay a total amount of 500 thousand pounds (approximately 629 thousand euros) for the work of this detective agency, whose name was not made public.

Clarence Mitchell clarified that “for security reasons, no information concerning the identity of the former FBI, CIA and MI5 agents that are involved can be advanced”. But he confirmed that “elements with military, police and espionage training exist”.

The spokesman considered that this team is better prepared to find Maddie, when compared to the Spanish detectives from Metodo 3, who possessed important contacts, but only in Portugal, Spain and Morocco.

With their main operation bases installed in the United States and in the United Kingdom, the new detectives are prepared to start an investigation in any location in the world, at any moment. It was a lead that was followed by these agents that led the Belgian police to analyze the video surveillance system of the KBC bank, in Brussels, where a child was mistaken for Maddie.


‘Daily Star’ – The new detective team that was hired by the McCann couple carries out searches in various parts of the world and reunites the best agents from various nationalities.

‘Daily Mail’ – The money to hire the detectives was taken from the ‘Find Madeleine’ fund, which was created by the parents after the disappearance, to receive donations.


  1. It would be embarrassing for the McCanns if the 'detectives' decided that they sought justice and exposed the Mcscam rather than play the diversion game!

    I have no doubt that the McCanns were neglectful, more than we would even beleive, though its hard to accept even what we know!

    I'm beginning to think they actually did dispose of her and even worse thoughts are beginning to fit.

  2. I think I'm loosing the will to live.

  3. This pisses me right off, the whole hotshot detective stuff is nonsense..For all we know it could be a bunch of dodgy cowboys lke Metedo 3, paid to create a smoke screen with bullshit sightings to sway the public who only know what the appalling British press tells them.
    Equally they may only exist in the minds of Clarence and the Mc's, they can say we have a team of anything they like, we hve no way of knowing if they actually have.
    And another thing, this is not only to sway public opinion of what happened to Madeleine, its to jujstify still having a fund and to get people to keep donating to find Madeleine..
    I saw on facebook last night a find madeleine group, with over sixty thousand members...I cant believe there are that many people duped by these people, I left a message pointing those misguided fools to this site and pointed out that they are only reading what Clarence wants them to in the papers here.

  4. Detectives of the calibre of FBI, CIA and M15 will, of course, examine all evidence in line with procedures carried out by their counterparts in the case, PJ, Leicester Police, Martin Smith and all relevant cadaver results.

    News of the contents of Mr Amaral's book becoming available in Spain and South America is welcomed by those concerned with the facts and truth in this case, but not those involved in suppressing it 'by all means possible' - Mitchell's words when condoning Metado 3's methods in a published article.

  5. The money raised, reported to be £1.3 m was under false pretences, fraud.

    Fund clauses were altered after it became publicly known the McCanns used the money to pay their mortgage - deception.

    For the first time in Britain, the media is being used in this case for the sole purpose of disinformation and marketing.

    Each and every evidenced fact in Mr Amaral's book, PJ's report and police files is systematically 'ignored' by the press.

    Criminals view the police as 'the enemy'; the PR campaign illustrates the level of contempt for the police, law and justice by the politicians involved.

    An innocent 3 year old child died in her parents' apartment with more than adequate evidence - irrespective of Government interference - for Court proceedings.

    This is the biggest public farce in political/criminal history.

  6. Millions of pounds flying around and now even exported to America. Makes you wonder how much money these individuals have really made out of this sorry affair.
    Or is a little nest egg being prepared for when they emigrate.

  7. Had the forensic evidence on police files related to an 'abductor' the McCanns would have probably sued the authorities for interviewing then releasing the prime suspect, as opposed to arresting, charging and presenting the evidence to Court.

    Only 10 markers of peoples' DNA is the requirement for proposed databases. 15 of Madeleine's DNA components is the 88% required to proved paternity cases in Court.
    Whilst 88% is termed 'inconclusive', below 100%, the results confirm the DNA belongs to no other.

    A child's DNA comprises components of it's parents. It's reported that the twins DNA 'did not match Madeleine's' as is normal with siblings of same parentage.

    In order to determine Madeleine's DNA, that of her parents was required for analysis for 'blueprint'' purposes. Siblings of the same parents would not, therefore, differ.

    There were several reports in (non British media) that PJ flew to England three times to chase up the long overdue results; results of 'considerable amount of hair' reported with withheld from PJ. Specimens belonging to police investigators were not returned as requested for analysis in Portugal.

    There is only one of two reasons for the twins DNA 'not matching Madeleine's'. They were either of different parentage or the DNA examined was not theirs. Did Portuguese investigators collect the twins DNA specimens and were they taken by hand to FSS along with cadaver specimens ?

    FSS results confirm Madeleine's biological parents are Kate & Gerry. Cadaver specimens from Madeleine were found in three locations, her parents' bedroom, behind the sofa and in the vehicle, all matching her DNA profile.

    It's a case of media, legal and forensic manipulation (with wording) and the phenomenal costs to British & Portuguese taxpayers continues. I believe Kate spoke to the truth when reportedly phoned her mother saying 'she's gone, Mum, she's gone' - final.

  8. "It was a lead that was followed by these agents that led the Belgian police to analyze the video surveillance system of the KBC bank, in Brussels, where a child was mistaken for Maddie."

    Totally contradicted by an association related to the belgian police.
    "C'est absolument FAUX!!!! Les vidéos ont été saisies par la police locale. Le PV a suivi la voie normale. Les limiers des McCann n'ont strictement rien à voir là dedans. Pour info, ici à l'association, nous étions déjà en possession de ses images AVANT que la presse n'en parle!!! Avant même que la moindre personne relié de près ou de loin avec les McCann ne soit au courant de la moindre ligne du pv ou du moindre bout d'image!!! Rien d'autre que des mensonges!!!"

  9. Numa investigação como esta, em vez de se trabalhar na sombra, Mr. Mitchell prefere avisar alto e bom som, em toda a imprensa:
    -"Atenção, senhores raptores,tenham medo tenham muito medo,que aqui vai uma equipa de super homens para resgatar a menina, ouviram bem?"

    É, no mínimo, original.
    E vai dar imensos frutos
    (leia-se AVISTAMENTOS)...

  10. "Oh what a tangled web we weave
    When first we practice to deceive."

    We are asked to believe that every detective agency they supposedly hire is being paid an exorbitant amount of money, thus the need for more donations. First it was Metodo 3 an agency that made many empty promises and whose members have been in trouble with the law. Now an invisible team of super agents.

    Any reputable detective agency will conclude the child is dead after examining the case file. Unfortunately we're going to have to endure this circus of deception for many many months. Mr. Mitchell
    obviously thinks that there are few people in Britain who can think for themselves.

  11. The need for false sightings and disinformation will in due course include the same destinations as Mr Amaral's book.

    News of it's release in South America has resulted in, hey presto, BIG NAMES in on the act - FBI (used and abused for the third time in the PR spin machine), CIA & M15.

    Stand by USA; your taxpayers will shortly be paying for wasted police time checking out a new batch of money making hoaxers.

    It's gone very quiet on the Oprah front - probably read Mr Amaral's book/police files.

  12. The McCanns' detective team are short of clues. Notwithstanding, public opinion in the anglophone world may be under great pressure to believe the abduction theory. British newspaper articles typically presume Madeleine has been abducted. Abduction is the premiss from which the text evolves. Some UK on-line papers give readers the option to comment. However, readers who do not subscribe to the abduction theory may never see their comments published. Apparently not many get through the censoring sieve. This silencing of one's point of view is a rather disturbing feature of the Madeleine McCann case.

  13. Is Gerry having a problem looking at the photograph of Madeleine, or is he disinterested ?

    Kate's clearly looking straight into her daughter's face - Gerry's looking away.


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