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Bed without traces of Maddie - Correio da Manhã

InvestigationPhotograph taken by the PJ raises doubts

First photo of the bedroom after the disappearance shows the bed where the child reportedly slept, almost untouched

Without traces of a four-year-old child that reportedly slept there. That is how the inspectors from the Polícia Judiciária found Madeleine McCann’s bed a few hours after the disappearance and which can be seen in the image that CM publishes today. The photograph still raises questions from the investigators and scientific police experts, to which the child’s parents had no answer.

Maddie, according to Kate and Gerry, had gone to bed at 7.30 p.m., at the same time as the twins, who shared the cots beside it. But the bed is partially made, with the sheets and the cover unopened and the soft toy – on which the English dogs detected cadaver odour – lined up with the pillow. In the bed, no signal of the presence of the child on that evening of the 3rd of May was found – not even the odour of the dead child.

At its side, the cots of twins Sean and Amelie, strangely without sheets or any sign of their presence in that bedroom. This while it was described to the authorities that the twins were asleep beside Maddie when she went missing.

It is also strange to note the absence of any person in the photograph, despite the fact that the investigators found several people inside the Ocean Club apartment, including friends of the couple and military from the GNR.

The differences between the witness reports and what was registered by the authorities will remain shrouded in mystery.


Spot - In the news report that was elaborated by the GNR, it is pointed out that the distinguishing mark of the missing child is a spot on her left leg, and not the brown spot in one of her eyes.

Messages – On the 24th of September of 2007, the instruction judge denied the prosecutor access to SMS and MMS messages, in defense of privacy, but authorized access to the traffic flux.

Laptop – In the same dispatch, the judge permitted access to the hard drive of the laptop computer that was rented by Gerry McCann after the disappearance of his daughter.

Journalists receive process

The Public Ministry in Portimão distributed 44 copies of the judicial process concerning the disappearance of Madeleine to Portuguese and English journalists yesterday. One year and three months after the investigation started – and after it was archived, pending better evidence – the mystery still stands but the police work is now open to public scrutiny.

Twelve English newspapers, three English television stations and one English information agency now hold the process, as well as the national media in general.

The process was delivered, recorded on a DVD. The 47 volumes of the investigation, including appendixes, are inscribed in more than 30 thousand pages. The DVD weighs in at 1,10 GB, distributed over 60 files in PDF format. They include everything, except for some rogatory letters (due to logistics reasons) and the images of the cynotechnical inspections, which can be seen at the Court in Portimão from September onwards.

“This never happens in the United Kingdom”

“We heard so much about the judicial secrecy in Portugal and now we are going to see all the facts. After so much speculation, we are going to find out what the police has been doing. This never happens in the United Kingdom. Police and Prosecutor do not reveal the processes” – Greg Milam, Sky News

“Weak and failed investigation”

“A lot of people in the United Kingdom, including myself, strongly criticizes the Portuguese investigation. I’m expectant to see whether I am right or stand corrected. But I suspect that I’m going to find a weak and failed investigation” – Robert Moore, ITV

source: Correio da Manhã, 05.08.2008, paper edition


  1. “A lot of people in the United Kingdom, including myself, strongly criticizes the Portuguese investigation. I’m expectant to see whether I am right or stand corrected. But I suspect that I’m going to find a weak and failed investigation”-Robert Moore ITV

    I suspect Mr. Moore will be as "objective" as other British journalists and conclude that it was a weak and failed investigation. Of course there will be no mention of all the hindrances that were put in place to make the possibility of a successful investigation impossible. I don't see how any police force can conduct a successful investigation when access to critical information is continually denied.

  2. The photograph has been published for media purposes from a non-police source.

    The police did not photograph the room at the time the McCanns called them in which PJ found a bed which had not been slept in.

    The bedroom in which Madeleine was reported to have been taken had white sliding windows, on which the only fingerprints found were Kate's.

    The photograph is false; the apartment did not have brown wooden window frames. Media manipulators have concocted a photograph to give a false impression of PJ's findings confirmed in Mr Amaral's book.


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