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Blog won't Open in Internet Explorer: Sitemeter Error Fix

Some of you wrote me thinking there was a problem with the blog: some thought the blog was deleted others thought differently - it could have happened but it didn't.

There is a java script/html error when loading the page using IE [ Interenet Explorer Browser] - the error appears in several sites, blogger blogs and wordpress blogs using the Sitemeter stats counter - they are currently changing their codes and servers.(read more here)

The blog was always available using Firefox browser [and it was designed to be viewed in FF] and when opening the page with Internet Explorer there was a conflict with the Sitemeter display code which would not allow for the page to load. The only way to fix the error is to take the sitemeter code or to instruct the IE readers what to do.

Instruction for Internet Explore Users


1. Open menu item: Tools…Internet Options
2. Click “Security” tab
3. Select “Restricted Sites”
4. Click “Sites” button
5. Under “Add this website to this zone”, enter “*.sitemeter.com” without the quotes
6. Click “Add” button
7. Close windows using “Close” or “OK”, not “Cancel”.

If you need to remove the site meter code from your site/blog, the code you’re looking for is:

<!– Site Meter –>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://s36.sitemeter.com/js/counter.js?site=yourIDhere”>
<a href=”http://s36.sitemeter.com/stats.asp?site=yourIDhere” target=”_top”>
<img src=”http://s36.sitemeter.com/meter.asp?site=yourIDhere” alt=”Site Meter” border=”0″/></a>
<!– Copyright (c)2006 Site Meter –>

I also requested support from sitemeter, but no answer was given yet.

       Ticket ID: GBF-456816
       Category: Technical Issue
       Priority: Normal
       Status: Open

Note: Switch to Firefox!

Update: Dear Joana,

We apologize for the problem this has caused on your website. We became aware of a compatibility issue with our SiteMeter tracking code and IE 7 (possibly IE 6) browsers that started last night.

The problem was related to some work we were doing on the backend system for our upcoming website launch.

We’ve identified and resolved two separate but related issues -

1 - IE Users viewing pages - There was a problem with users who placed their SiteMeter tracking code outside of their HTML Body Tag. Because of the changes we made this created a failure for visitors viewing sites using Internet Explorer 7.

2 - Accessing SiteMeter and Stats - Individuals trying to access or view their SiteMeter stats by clicking on their SiteMeter logo/icons were unable to gain access. This again appears to have affected only individuals using IE7.

At this time both problems have been fixed and our services are fully operational.

If you have any additional questions please let me know.

SiteMeter Support

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: GBF-456816
Category: Technical Issue
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed


  1. Obrigada por todas as dicas e fui para o raposinho.


  2. The problem did give a lot of us a scare, thinking freedom of speech was being oppressed.

    Do you have a plan of what to do if and when the day comes your blog is forcibly closed or hacked because of your reportage on the McCann case?

    I was thinking if the McCann lawyers find a way to have the blog hosts shut down the Portuguese blogs that are translating in English, that the Portuguese media should provide English translations for all of the stories on the McCann investigation, immediately following each article on their websites.

    They can't shut down the Portuguese press, can they?

    Anyway, Joana, I'm so glad that you and Paulo are still online and operational.


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