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British girl is taken from her mother after abandonment in the Algarve - Sol

An eight-year-old child was handed over to a foster centre in Loulé after the mother, who was under the effect of alcohol, was admitted to the hospital in Portimão. The case has attracted the attention of the British press

The case happened last week, when the neighbours in a pension in Portimão noticed the repeated abandonment of the child by her mother, a British citizen.

On Friday, the mother did not return home. She had been admitted to the hospital of Portimão, under the effect of alcohol. According to ‘Rádio Renascença’, the 44-year-old woman was medicated for depression and alcoholism problems and had been prohibited from drinking.

Alone in the pension, the child was collected by the authorities and placed in the Aboim Ascensão Shelter. Meanwhile, she was transferred to a foster centre in Loulé. The British consulate in Portimão is following the case.

The news arrived at the pages of English newspaper ‘Daily Telegraph’ today, which remembers that in May, three British children were temporarily removed from their parents, on holidays in the Algarve, after the latter fainted in the hotel.

The Portuguese authorities and several witnesses accuse Eamon and Antoinette McGuckin of having been under the influence of alcohol, but they say they fainted “because of the heat”.

The couple ended up escaping to Northern Ireland with the children before being heard by the court.

The ‘Daily Telegraph’ also remembers the proximity of Praia da Luz, the village where in 2007 Madeleine McCann, a 3-year-old English girl whose parents say she was abducted, disappeared.

source: Sol online, 27.08.2008


  1. no, no... this is not abandonment, its called Responsible Parenting the British Way!

  2. The Foreign Office intervened in the incident in May. The parents secured swift exit to England in lieu of the from Court attendance booked by the police.

    Seems to be Miliband's forte.

  3. J.M. desculpe escrever em pt.

    O calor e a luminosidade deste Nosso País dão a volta à cabeça dos brit.s.
    Passam-se por completo e de que maneira.Sem controle nenhum.
    Quanto à mulher de 44 anos: ter uma depressão é obra.As razões para a depressão dela,só ela o saberá.Mas veio, sem nenhum amigo ou alguém da família ter conhecimento?É grave para a segurança da criança e,até dela própria.Pelos vistos,os brits. andam já a fazer "british -adult-sitting"(adult-sitter?)

    Os brit.s vêm só para 1 local e dali não saem.O D.T. já sabe ver o mapa de Portugal: "é já ali"; tudo é perto,na realidade.

    Embora a notícia fosse muito triste acerca da Pequenina Rose,infeliz e mal tratada desde que nasceu;nascida numa família tão disfuncional....J.M.,agradeço-lhe estar sempre tão em cima dos acontecimentos.


  4. In the British Press this event is being used as yet another opportunity of presenting the Madeleine McCann case as an abduction, the girl could have been 'snatched' too...

    Here in the UK we are still being brainwashed, we have to believe Madeleine was abducted...

  5. Remains to be seen whether the Foreign Office will intervene.

  6. So sauce for the goose isnt always sauce for the gander...This woman done nothing that different from the McCanns...and at least this womans daughter didnt go missing!!!
    Seriouslt though, this woman deserved the intervention by social workers, it just makes you wonder why it was not the action when it came to the McCann children.
    The McCanns are slippery customers, they are getting away with blue murder.....literally!!I just hope they live on their nerves and never get a days peace for the rest of their worthless days.

  7. I choosed this comment.To me, a lucid comment.


    The only connection to Madeleine McCann is the country. Otherwise, someone called the authorities regarding a slightly older child home alone and social services did their job.

    - Henry, London, 27/8/2008 13:21



  8. Is not to comment this post,but I linked from this blogue to
    and:However, Israeli's national police commissioner claimed Mr Ron had given several conflicting statements.


    But her grand-step-father have not done like the T9 or T10...all "previous talked"!


  9. What about an Amber Alert fro British Parents & Others?
    It has becme the "law" to bring poor little Madeleine in every and each case of any child with a story of vanishment,killer and the lot......Initially,what is it? simply bad pathetic irresponsible perenting,no more no less.Pschycopaths have kids and rule the world making laws which only apply to some......whatelse do you want?


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