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Detectives become multimillionaires - Correio da Manhã

Investigation: McCann couple pays 212 thousand euros per month

Criticizing the Polícia Judiciária’s work, the McCann couple understands that “the obtained documents have potential that may not close the case”

An English newspaper has struck a deal with the McCann couple, as a reply to the defamatory news about the latter, to participate in the payment of the fees of the detective team that tries to find Maddie. The detectives collect 166 thousand pounds (212 thousand euros) per month to carry out the searches, according to the ‘Sunday Times’, which omits the name of the newspaper and of the investigator firm.

The new team of private detectives has a multimillionaire salary, compared to the amount that was paid to the Spanish at Método 3. The company, which is directed by Francisco Marco, publicized that they received 60 thousand euros for six months of work. The coverage of expenses against the presentation of receipts earned them an additional 108 thousand euros.

The work of the private investigators is carried out based on the investigation that was done by the Polícia Judiciária, until the process was archived. With the purpose of finding Maddie alive, these experts dedicate great attention to the depositions by persons who assert that they saw little girls looking like Maddie in different locations of the world. In the observation of leads, the detectives have valued the possible connection between the alleged abduction and a Belgian paedophile network, which three days before the disappearance “ordered through the internet” a girl with Maddie’s characteristics. Just like the British police, the Portuguese authorities did not value the lead. Even the Child Protection Centre in the United Kingdom comments the information with some reservation.

Criticizing the performance of the Polícia Judiciária, the McCanns defend that the publicity of the process has given the searches a new impulse. “The documents possess great potential and some may allow for the case not to be closed”, their spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, sustains.

Strong means

Donation fund – With the purpose of paying for a private investigation, Maddie’s parents have created a fund for the public to give money, right after the English girl’s disappearance.

Empty fund – The McCanns’ spokesman stated in June that the fund was not drained, and that 630 thousand euros were then available.

Another two million – In July, the fund was reinforced with two million euros of donations.


Amaral’s book reaches Spain in September

The Spanish version of the book ‘Maddie, the Truth of the Lie’, written by the former coordinator of the investigation, Gonçalo Amaral, is going to be edited in Spain, on the 2nd or the 9th of September. The book launch coincides with two major interviews that Amaral is going to give to Spanish televisions: to Antena 3 (Sept 1) and to Telecinco (Sept 8). There are also contacts for the distribution in South America, including Brazil. 140 thousand copies have already been sold in Portugal. The author will not be attending the autograph session in Castro Marim today, because he will be at the funeral of Júlio Santos, a PJ coordinator.

source: Correio da Manhã, 12.08.2008, paper edition


  1. These sightings are all suspicous if you ask me, for a start, since the files became public there has been a fair few but in the months prior to the case closing there was none at all.
    The sighting in the shop..Come on! I mean can you imagine the person holding Madeleine would allow the child to speak to the shop assistant and tell her that she was taken from her mother? And why in gods name did the assistant not doing anything immediately?
    Same goes for the bank, the security guard says he was going to follow but decided to stay at his post!So he is certain this child is a victim of abduction let alone the fact that there is a 2.5 million reward for her and he stays at his post!!
    The McCanns are loving every minute of this,and suddenly they give these sighting credence when prior to this according to Amaral they found the sightings of no interest and in fact tiresome!

  2. speak your mind,

    Exactly ... the 15 of Madeleine's DNA markers (blood found by Eddie & Keela in apartment and boot) confirmed this time last year that she died and had been 'removed'.

    I do not believe Metado 3 are no longer assisting the McCanns given media mania with 'false' sightings. It was reported that they had moved to plush new offices next to the Swiss Bank since working the privately financed McCanns. Also, their renewed long term contract has not yet expired !

    Seems Mitchell's using the media to distance himself and his clients from Metado 3's dubious methods. Recent report of one director being charged with attempted homicide and extortion in an incident connected to Madeleine has further damaged the reputations of those who employ them.

    No reputable private detectives would touch the McCanns with a barge pole in their 'fight' against hard substantiated police evidence.

    Those protecting the McCanns are obviously very satisfied with Metado 3's methods of operation, hence their renewed contract, reported at the time to be 2,000 euros per week.

    Innocent people co-operate with the police. Private detectives lack the resources applied in Madeleine's cases. The findings speak for themselves - there was no abduction. In Britain, forensics found justify immediate arrest and Court appearance of suspects. I understand the same applies in Portugal.

  3. Curiously we also think “the obtained documents have potential that may not close the case”...
    PJ probably thinks so to, since it was the Public Ministry that closed the case not the PJ.
    About the new deal with the media (fox-kind-of-media, wanna bet?!), nothing new to me... just another way of having the same contributors.

  4. speak your mind,

    The McCanns summoned PJ's help; they didn't go 'knocking on their door'. To date this is the costliest case to Portuguese taxpayers in their history. As stated in Mr Amaral's book, the proof was collated by September 2007, irrespective of withheld corpse hair specimen results.

    Police expertize and efficiency in parallel cases in Britain is shown by results. The killers of Sarah Payne, Sohom schoolgirls and Jamie Bulger left inevitable clues, as did Madeleine.

    The extortionate costs and ongoing timewasting is the direct result of the British Government's intervention on McCanns behalf.
    This will be Labour's legacy as well as going to war in Iraq on the basis of lies.

    The Government is out of touch with the electorate and is spinning itself into oblivion.

    It was reported that Miliband prevented PJ arresting and charging the McCanns last September; he put them 'on stage' in Strasbourg concurrent with PJ's arrival irrespective of evidence in the hands of the British police to which Government had direct access. O'brien was handed his partner's statement prior to being questioned by the police.

    Miliband is pro 'Federal Europe'; his brother reportedly an European MP. His contempt for the police, British & Portuguese is blatant. His 'unelected leadership' will be short-lived. British are sick of 'New' Labour's bullying rule based on lies and deceit. Mr Amaral's book and views of democratic rights is a timely reminder of the 'true' state of Britain under Labour - financially and morally bankrupt.

  5. Talking about the British press reminds me ... Daily Express's lawyers (allegedly) agreed an out of Court payment to the McCanns whilst named arguida on the basis of NO EVIDENCE.

    Unless, the pronouncement by the Daily Express (Mitchell's ex employers as a journalist) was a scam, Daily Express lawyers have grounds to sue the McCanns for repayment of £500,000 reportedly paid for 'damages'.

    Release of PJ's Report provides all the information required Daily Express lawyers to prove published articles were, in fact, based on evidenced facts on police files.

    Conversely, no evidence exists to support the McCanns plea of abduction; Kate remains answerable for the only forensic evidence found on the window, her thumb and fingerprint.

    Geoffrey Archer sued the Express years ago for libel and was awarded over £1 m. On the basis of irrefutable evidence (as in Madeleine's case), the Express counter sued and won.

    No British newspaper has ever paid £500,000 to prime suspects in their child's death and disappearance in a case in police hands. The Daily Express is one of several tabloids disregarding evidenced facts in Mr Amaral's book & PJ's Report.

    The British media's focus remains fixed on biased, prejudicial and unsubstantiated reporting. There has always been two sides to the 'story'; one, and one only is being published. This is unique in British journalism.

  6. anonymous,
    anonymous 2,

    The Public Minister 'archived', but did not close the case. Mr Amaral stated that the Public Minister's is not that the McCanns' are innocent.

    It's reported that Brown was in contact with his Portuguese counterpart ... perhaps PJ were given orders from 'on high'. Someone on high was clearly giving orders to the British police. They failed to seize and forward critical items requested by PJ.

    It's unheard of for the police to permit associates sight of the other's statement in a serious criminal investigation. 'Someone' 'arranged it for O'brien and the British police obviously turned a 'blind eye'. Jane Tanner's interview was 'interrupted' no less than 7 times; the fire alarm was triggered etc. etc. etc.

    Media and legal manipulation continues ....

    Given the abhorrent corrupt behaviour in this case, it would be no surprise to learn that Mitchell's secondment from the Home Office to run a media campaign is at taxpayers' expense. Miliband's reported 'arrangements' on McCanns behalf was definitely at the expense of taxpayers.

    This case is the most expensive the Portuguese have ever had to pay for. In September, four months after Madeleine's reported disappearancede, Mr Amaral states in his book that the police had the 'answer' and the proof for Court.

    Madeleine had exactly the same right to live as each and every other person in this sordid, sinister case.

  7. Pois é, a Joana e o Astro também estão-me a pagar milhões para fazer comentários.

  8. Ora bolas, Guerra - está a esquecer-se da cláusula de confidencialidade?!

  9. Olha o que eu fui dizer, desculpa Astro.

  10. If i see Maddie one day and i'm 100 per cent sure it's her (like all those people are saying)what I will do it's grab her and call the police:
    that's what i would do.
    For this reason i don't believe any of the latest sightings and i feel disgusted by the way the british media is treating us people like idiots expecting us to believe all the rubbish they trying to pump into our heads: do they ever think that we have brains? Anyway what concern me is: who are the mccanns really? why they are being cushioned from above in such a very blatant and disgusting way?. This is just not normal.

  11. Anon 1, the markers you speak of have not been commented upon or explained by team McCann, bet your life metedo 3 are still in the mix somewhere!And lets not forget the "we will have Madeleine home for christmas shit."If the McCanns were genuine they would have been outraged at these claims and sacked themm immediately.
    Anon 2 I darent get started on the government interference and dare I say corruption, I often wondered if there was a paedophile link to this case and then the Payne allegations came out and it made me wonder if this is why so many government officals are hell bent on denying a little girl justice and on assisting those responsible evading the courts.

  12. Boas!

    Parece,segundo PR e DL que poderá haver hipóteses de reabertura devido a imagens. Fale para Ele(Ele,neste caso é o P).


  13. Ouvi agora mesmo no noticiário da Rádio Oxigénio(102.06) que 2 juízes aprovaram a leitura de sms.



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