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The dogs’ work as described by their own handler - Jornal de Notícias

They were the main responsible entities for the turnaround of the process, at a point in time when the Polícia Judiciária was already leaving behind the possibility of Madeleine having been kidnapped.

The cadaver detection dog “Eddie” and the blood detection dog “Keela” showed themselves as “very excited” when they entered apartment 5A of the Ocean Club, the one that had been occupied by the McCann couple during their holidays.

Despite the fact that the images can only be visualized in September, the process includes the verbal report from Martin Grime, an expert in dogs that are used in investigations and an FBI advisor, who says that he “noticed in first instance”, as soon as he entered the apartment, that the dogs “are very excited” and how the handler can “pick up the body language”.

He then explains that Eddie (one of the dogs) was the first one to get into action. When he entered the house “he caught up with an odour that he recognizes”. Martin tells that the animal walked through the apartment in an attempt to locate the odour, and that he discovered it behind the sofa in the living room. At that moment, he started to bark. Keela was the second to go into action. “She will only give me the indication when she finds human blood, only human blood”, the expert says, asserting that “there has to be something there, physically, for her to be able to alert me”.

In the dispatch, the prosecutor reminds that “any trace, even if invisible to the naked eye, which is collected through the use of this type of dogs, has to be subject to a forensics test, in a duly credentialed laboratory”.

source: Jornal de Notícias, 07.08.2008


  1. Someone on the 3 A's said that the DNA evidence was fake in order to get a confession out of Gerry.

    Is it at all possible that the DNA could have been planted to set up the PJ to discredit their investigation?

    In order for the death scent to be fake, surely it would mean that a dead body, or part of a dead body, had to be taken to the apartment in order for direct contact to be made with Kate and Maddie's clothes, car etc.

    The dogs didn't arrive on the scene for 3 months, and with all the sinister goings-on from the UK government it gave them time for someone to set up the PJ to take the heat off the McCann's so they could carry on with their "they've abducted her so please continue to donate to our mortgage fund" theory... after all, someone has to take the blame here and the UK seems hellbent on blaming the PJ.

  2. Joana, I'd like very much to read the report written by Martin Grime. I read what told Amaral, who was with him. But I would like to be sure Amaral didn't "embellished" the story.

  3. A heavily edited version of Martin Grimes report on Eddie & Keela's findings. PJ (not FBI!) were in attendance filming. Eddie first reacted to the floor in the parents bedroom, then behind the sofa in the lounge; also the balcony and 'faint scent' in the garden. He scented cadaver odour as soon as he entered the apartment. In the villa rented by the McCanns Eddie detected odour on cuddlecat, two items of Kate's clothing, several parts of the car including vehicle key and boot.

    Eddie found odour and Keela found specimens in places and objects directly linked to Madeleine's parents.

    No findings at Robert Murat's house, on his clothes or car.

    No findings in apartments occupied by other members of Tapas group, including David Payne.

    The abridged and edited version, excluding critical facts, including PJ's attending for video purposes is typical Mitchell style.
    He's used and abused the name of the FBI on several occasions on behalf of his guilty clients !
    How fortunate that all original police sourced reports are

  4. We're all impressed with these dogs and the results... and so are the british (even if they try to avoid it).
    Of course “any trace (...) which is collected through the use of this type of dogs, has to be subject to a forensics test, in a duly credentialed laboratory”; and it was... with apparently no clear result. We'll have to wait till september, then, to try to understand it.
    So, the law states the McCanns are innocent as they weren't proven guilty.
    But will the doubt ever go away? DNA evidence is not conclusive and the dogs didn't only signal death and blood, they indicated a coherent line of indicia, between a lot of other places and items.

  5. To be declared as innocent is one thing. Not to be proven guilty another one.

  6. Don't you people realise that these world renown dogs can't ply their trade effectively in Portugal because of the smell of sardines.


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