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English lawyers refuse to defend Gonçalo Amaral - Sol

Madeleine McCann case

by Margarida Davim

Gonçalo Amaral wants to sue the English newspapers and the McCanns over defamation, but he cannot find lawyers that are willing to represent him in the British courts. The editor that published the book ‘The Truth of the Lie’ also guarantees that “the English editors are afraid” of putting the book on sale in the United Kingdom

After having been accused in the pages of the English newspapers of being “drunk” and “incompetent”, Gonçalo Amaral wants to sue the journalists and the parents of Madeleine McCann over defamation. But taking the case to the British courts is revealing itself to be an impossible mission.

“I have been trying for months to find a lawyer in England to represent me”, the former inspector from the Polícia Judiciária told SOL, guaranteeing that he is trying to find “other ways” to sue the McCanns and the English tabloids.

“I’m holding a meeting this Monday with my Portuguese lawyers, to try to solve the problem”, said Amaral, who does not set aside the possibility of addressing the European instances.

“Everyone is entitled to a lawyer. And if England is a democratic country, it is not possible to understand how something like this happens”, he criticizes.

English editors “afraid” of publishing book

In only two weeks, the book “The Truth of the Lie”, by Gonçalo Amaral, has sold out six editions, in a total of almost 100 thousand copies, in Portugal.

But Mário Serra Lopes, from the editor Guerra e Paz, explains that, despite the interest that the case generated in the United Kingdom, no English editor has bought the rights over the work about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann yet.

“The English editors are afraid”, says the editor, who asserts that he has contacted several British editors, who “despite being interested in publishing, fear the McCanns’ influence and the consequences that it may have after the publication”.

“The Observer itself, which today [Monday] publishes a review of the book, recognizes that it probably will never be edited in England”, he comments.

In order to illustrate the attempt to silence Gonçalo Amaral’s version, Mário Serra Lopes offers the example of an interview that was given by the former inspector to The Mail on Sunday, last week, which ended up not being published in the United Kingdom, but only in the ‘Portugal News’ – the newspaper of the English community in Portugal.

“No English newspaper has published an interview with Gonçalo Amaral yet, despite the fact that he has shown his availability and that he accepts to answer every question”, he stresses.

Nevertheless, Serra Lopes does not give up on advancing with an English translation of the book and even ponders “to publish in the United States or in Canada first”.

Meanwhile, the editor Guerra e Paz has sold the publishing rights of “The Truth of the Lie” for the Spanish market and is already negotiating with editors from other countries.

source: Sol online edition, 04.08.2008


  1. What a gutless, contemptuous and deceitful nation I live in!! I have long suspected that britain's cherished "freedom of expression" is part of a wider scam and sham. Oh, sure , there's freedom for film-makers etc to churn out endless diets of gratuitous violence, sex and assorted vulgarities, man. But when it comes to something that might actually get the people THINKING AND DISCUSSING topics the govt would prefer to forget, well then we bocome as censorious as any old Stalinist state. As a british citizen, I feel angered and embarrassed to read Mr. Amaral's comments, but, alas, not too surprised. IMHO, the rot really began to set in when Tony Blair stood on a platform, put his hand over his heart, uttered the words "trust me" then immediately dragged us into an illegal invasion of Iraq on a series of LIES. Since then spinning seems to have gone out of control - well he got away with it and is making millions, "so why not me" say the Clarences of the world. But with all our cover-ups and corruption (who in britain truly believes any of our govt. "statistics" these days?) it is still uncomfortable to read this :"THE ENGLISH EDITORS ARE AFRAID". And the English lawyers??? What the hell's going on in the land of the free???

    It is heartening to read of Mr Amaral's determination to find an English publisher for his book, and a lawyer
    with which to sue that pair of manipulative liars. I wish him every success - he deserves it. It would also be no bad thing for british democracy - what's left of it!!!

  2. Another victory for the McCanns Amaral will ever be heard In Britain, what a bloody victory though,Not one I would want. There has to ba a big reason for the McCanns to be so well covered, the Mccanns clearly hae a power and influence, Why else would people help cover up the death of a three year old child?
    Perhaps the finger sucking disgrace holds the key.

  3. What is the compromising email and to whom? Wonder if Amaral knows and that is his ace card in any libel case and or his next books selling feature?
    Whatever I would like to know, hope the answer is soon leaked.

  4. Amaral is a tiger, with much courage, not afraid, not silenced by the corruptible influence that surrounds this case. I hope he is successful and that his safety is not compromised by these endeavors.

    Cannot Mr. Amaral hire a Portuguese lawyer who speaks English fluently to represent him in his lawsuit?

    I hope that soon Amaral's publisher will make arrangements with an American or Canadian publisher to have the English translation of the book published.

    There must be many, many angry British citizens aware and unhappy with the censoring and distortion of information about the McCann investigation.

    I do agree that the UK does indeed resemble the old Soviet Union.

  5. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who has closely followed this case. Mr. Amaral has an historical vision of Britain. There isn't really a true democracy in Britain and I feel that a true democracy doesn't really exist anywhere in the world. Why should people be surprised. We saw the majority of the English media
    around the world refuse to even consider the possibility that the parents were responsible for their daughters disappearance. Any commentary that would even hint at the couple's culpability was censored. The police was attacked by the media for doing their job. We saw the media ignore blatant contradictions made by Mr. Mitchell and the couple. The media disseminated lies to protect the couple and to put the police and Portugal in a bad light. We saw politicians take an active interest in this couple including Britain's prime minister. We saw politicians associate the couple, who clearly neglected their children, with a European initiative to protect children. We saw a judge proclaim the innocence of the couple while they were still suspects in a criminal investigation.
    I see two cases here, the case of a missing child and the case of political corruption. With regard to political corruption, one of the questions that has not been answered is: why is this couple or their friends so important that so many people were willing to lose their integrity to protect them?

  6. Goncalo Amaral owns the copyright, as author, and his publisher has the legal right to publish and distribute in any language in any country.

    The Government, via Mitchell, will do it's utmost to stop it. It is, however, being 'privately' distributed in several countries, including Britain.

  7. Agosto, in answer to why would people be willing to lose their integrity to cover this, I suspect the simulated sucking of a phalus by payne whilst talking of Madeleine may well explain it.I think this case is not only about the death of a three year old girl, I think there is far more sinister stuff under the surface.

  8. Um adica : porque não simplesmente fazer edições em Inglês para venda em Portugal. Rapidamente os livreiros ingleses começariam a fazer encomendas pois estes não podem ser processados pelo facto de estarem a vender um livro que foi impresso em inglês num outro país do espaço comunitário...

  9. Anónimo, "fazer edições em Inglês para venda em Portugal" é uma boa ideia.

  10. Following fatal head injury to Mr Amaral's family dog, sacking (checked by Gordon Brown) and verbal threats by Mitchell on publication of police facts, Mitchell threatened that McCanns would sue Goncola if the content implicated them.

    Facts and findings, DNA match to Madeleine, withholding incriminating corpse hair results, defies belief in a case involving a child's death and disposal.

    So, Mr Mitchell, are McCanns going to sue and argue Goncalo Amaral's/PJ's findings in a Portuguese Court ? No, the corrupt practices - McCanns' only means of defence fronted by Labour Government ministers continues .... use and abuse of the media to misinform and pervert the course of justice in the death and disposal of an innocent child whilst holidaying with her parents.

    Goncalo has not mentioned suing media liars, nor will he be inclined to do so; he's honourable in his duty to Madeleine, unlike her parents.

  11. speakyourmind,

    'Leaks' of comments allegedly made by Payne could be a vile act of vengeance. People assisting the police are always made 'to pay';
    who knows what Payne, his wife and mother told the police ?

    'Leaked' comments given to PJ in January coincide with reports in forums of one or two Tapas members breaking ranks. Paedophillia was the word used when McCanns were trying to frame him, remember. Is Payne now in the same situation ?

    Unlike Gerry, Payne is a Surgeon, reported to have said "they didn't do it" (McCanns). What, exactly, was widely debated. Perhaps he's sick of the charade and made statements to the police which do not suit the McCanns & Mitchell.

    Paedophillia is commonplace in the legal profession, including Judges.
    Not the case in the medical professions; 'groping' medicos target adults, usually in the surgery. A GP I worked for refused to examine females without a nurse present, having been confronted with more than one 'frisky' female !

  12. anonymous,

    The whole sordid truth will be revealed. Labour's days are as numbered as George Bush's.

    This Government cannot extricate itself from it's actions and influence in this case. It's out of touch with the electorate and reality. A bunch of self serving 'sickos'.


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