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English police irritated the McCanns - Correio da Manhã

Investigation: Experts asked where Maddie was

Madeleine McCann’s parents disagreed with the English police only a few days after the little girl’s disappearance. On the 14th of May, Kate Healy was shocked and frustrated with the English liaison officers. The motive for the disagreement appeared when the investigators asked Kate where her daughter was.

The policemen who came from the United Kingdom with the mission of providing support to the McCann family are professionals with specific training in abductions and sequestrations.

Their task would be to support the McCanns, to liaise with the Polícia Judiciária and to work with the other British agents that were installed in the Algarve. When they were in the Algarve, the investigation indicated the abduction theory as the most coherent.

According to the former coordinator of the process, Gonçalo Amaral, the officers who liaised with the family “didn’t last for more than a week in their functions”, after the disagreement with the family. The difficulty of communication between the couple and the investigators was nevertheless never officially communicated to the Polícia Judiciária.

The retreat from Portugal of the experts in sequestrations and abductions takes place two months before the same British authorities suggest the Judiciária to pay more attention to the theory of the child’s death on location, a possibility that until then was on a secondary plane of the investigation.

Forensics expert Mark Harrison, a national counselor for all the police agencies in the United Kingdom, on searches in homicide and missing person’s cases, is then sent to Portugal. It is Mark Harrison who recommends the use of dogs to detect cadaver odour.

Interpol followed over one hundred leads in Belgium

In Belgium, 107 persons state that they saw Maddie. Nevertheless, Interpol in Brussels revealed that they had no success in collecting indicia that lead to the child’s abductors. At the police station in Leicestershire, the area where the McCanns live, detective John Hughes also traced a disheartening result concerning the searches, in June last year. Meanwhile, the private detectives of Metodo 3 informed that they will sue the British papers that accuse them of being ‘maffiosi’. The Spanish now say that their participation in the searches was “reduced”.

Strong means

High technology – The English didn’t spare any efforts in the use of high technology to find Maddie.

Task Portugal – At the PJ in Portimão, the English built an investigation room named Task Portugal.

Abductor’s profile – Several English experts cooperated to trace the profile of a possible abductor.

Using the dogs – The English dogs had already participated in more than 200 operations.


‘Mirror’ – The newspaper announces that the Portuguese police tried to carry out tapping in the McCanns’ villa, but the judge refused the request.

‘The Sun’ – Apparitions of little girls looking like Maddie happen in Belgium again.

source: Correio da Manhã 10.08.2008


  1. Thank you for this information, Joana. Without you and the other Portuguese bloggers - we would be in the dark at what truly happened during the investigation.

  2. Obrigada, Joana!
    por este trabalho maravilhoso só através de suas informacoes é que nós, os criminalistas no Rio de Janeiro temos acesso as informacoes atuais sobre este caso.Voce faz um trabalho que nenhum outro Blog faz com tanta seriedade.
    Parabéns pelo seu profissionalismo.
    Maria Leal- Ministerio Público
    Rio de Janeiro- Brasil

  3. It's reportedly illegal for private investigators to intervene in a criminal investigation in police hands. Despite this the word "sue" appears, yet again, from Metado 3 under contract to the McCanns.

    Since when has printing substantiated facts in the press been wrong ? The Moroccan authorities reported Metado 3's methods of paying for witness accounts, ditto Robert Murat's mother in interview. Metado 3 were named in a police report of the seizure of 400 kgs of cocaine in Barcelona. Last report is that a Metado 3 director has been charged with attempted homicide and extortion in relation to a case in police hands, Madeleine's.

    The truth is that Metado 3's lucrative, reportedly lengthy contract is for the purpose of undermining the police and a criminal investigation.

    The truth regarding Madeleine's disappearance is contained in Mr Amaral's book & PJ's files.

    At monumental expense to taxpayers, the McCanns have had the benefit of two highly competent police forces.

    It's unique for English parents to employee the 'speciality methods' of Metado 3 and that they should do so illegally.

  4. Joana,

    Your work is highly valued by British readers, thank you.

    la poeta - if,for any reason, you cannot access this blog, you can google Correio da Manha (English translation) for articles.

  5. To halt the astronomical costs to taxpayers, given evidence of Madeleine's death in her parents' apartment, perhaps the mothers of all 4 year old blonde children could attach a note to their clothing stating "I am NOT Madeleine McCann" - please do not waste police time.

  6. Anonymous wrote !
    "perhaps the mothers of all 4 year old blonde children could attach a note to their clothing stating "I am NOT Madeleine McCann" - please do not waste police time."

    Excellent idea ! Surely it would spare a lot of detective fees if the McCs distributed ribbons saying "I'm not Madeleine (the "McCann" part seems useless).
    I'd like to be convinced that the PJ isn't wasting one minute more.
    The McCs are accomplices of the tabloïds in their daily circus. Would they disagree with libels, accusations and reciminations, they would express it. Those who keep silent (even more if they were once the target of these authentic garbage bins) are shameful all the same.

  7. J.M. : altos elogios.hein? Muitos parabéns. E quanto à sugestão de 1 dos comentaristas,ela é genial.

    Mães de crianças parecidas,loiras ou morenas(pode ser pintado)arranjem 1 t-shirt "eu não sou..."


    E,ainda não chegamos à fase de descobrir meninas disfarçadas de rapazes,com o cabelito cortado.

    Qual a razão para ninguém dos "avistamentos" se ter lembrado disso? Até há sites com as várias possibilidades da infeliz criança!


    But in a few sites we have "picture photos" with the unhappy child with the hair like a boy and with 2 colours: brown and blond.Or a girl elder with brown hair...

    Why "the witness" have not yet remember this?

    Unh..."boys"/girls you must have an advise with you also.
    Sorry,I forgot to write all in my bad english.It is why.


  8. Joana,

    Que alívio senti ao encontrar este blogue! Uma ponta do iceberg dos novos tempos: a verdade não morrerá solteira!

    Now, let's take this just a step further: force the brits to force their own legal system to punish those that have commited a series of crimes, namely the one that resulted in the death of a child, and the con created to fool all those that good-heartedly have given their money away.

  9. There is one thing that really worries me about the parents Mc Cann. Now it comes over that they were finding bringing up three under schooll age children. In fact they really didnt see much of them on the family holiday - the kids were in cresh more than with them - which i find very selfish.
    They state Madeleine was a difficult child - yet they keep going on about her being with pedos.
    Now here comes my question - if you couldnt manage the childrne then, how the hell will you manage twins and a child who if found in that situation will be mentally and emotionally a wreck!!!!! She will need a lot of love and TLC - can you give that - i really doubt it.
    You come over as selfish, cold hearted parents.
    I myself feel that she died in that apartment some how.
    If you have lost your child to a pedo - then my heart goes out to you, but if you are in any way involved her her death - then i hope you rot in hell.

    I have lost 6 babies, i adopted my two children and i would move heaven and earth for them - i enjoyed their company and still do. And if they needed me i would be there no matter what i wanted myself. Children come first!!! Our wants come way down the line!!!


  10. The picture of Gerry and Kate accompanying this article is so nauseating as they try and look concerned and wistfull, makes a change I suppose from all the happy smiling pictures from the early days.


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