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English press accuses the PJ of lying

The three main British tabloids publish the photo of the “bed where Maddie spent her last night” on their front page, one of the documents that is part of the investigation process that was made available to the press.

The “Daily Mail” tells over four pages “how the Portuguese police tried to force Gerry to confess over a DNA trap”.

The newspaper accuses the investigators from the Polícia Judiciária (PJ) of using “false DNA evidence”, that is, genetic traces, to pressure Madeleine McCann’s father.

The same newspaper lists “the 48 police questions that Kate refused to answer… and the only one that she accepted”, an aspect that is also pointed out by the “Daily Mirror” and the “Sun”.

The analysis of the contents of the process, whose copies started being delivered in Portimão during Monday afternoon, started to appear in online editions on the same day.

The focus was mainly given to the weight of the genetic residues that were found in the car and that the police reportedly told Gerry that they belonged to his daughter, which the BBC qualifies as “exaggerated”.

In the reference press, the “Guardian” points out that “a British scientist warned that the tests on the DNA that had been collected from Kate and Gerry McCanns’ rental car were inconclusive”.

Faced with this fact, the “Daily Telegraph” writes that “the Portuguese detectives knew that there was no conclusive evidence against the McCanns three days before they questioned them and classified them as suspects”. For this daily, the conclusion is simple: the “Portuguese detectives lied to Gerry McCann”.

Source: Jornal de Notícias

Translation by Astro

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