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First suspect was in Iraq - Correio da Manhã

Investigation: PJ followed the trail of 150 paedophiles

The disappearance of Maddie on the 3rd of May 2007 led the Polícia Judiciária to hundreds of leads that were connected with paedophilia. The agents followed the footsteps of 150 paedophiles and authors of crimes of sexual nature, still failing to establish a connection between the disappearance of the child and any sexual predator.

The first suspect that was followed by the PJ right at the beginning of the investigation was a sexual abuser of children, of English nationality, who fled the United Kingdom, in 2005, with connections to a bar that is located 150 metres away from the bedroom where Maddie disappeared from. But the PJ managed to establish contact with his stepfather, who informed the investigators that the young man was in Iraq. The English authorities confirm this information and the lead was eventually abandoned.

At the beginning of the investigation, British newspaper ‘The Sun’ publicized the fact that the Algarve is a haven for British paedophiles, with 130 of them living in the region. Some were questioned by the PJ. There is also a British couple who raises suspicions concerning the relationship of David Payne (a friend of the McCanns) with children, but the British only deliver the information in October, and nothing is proved concerning a connection with the doctor.

During the same month, following operation ‘Predator’, the PJ’s experts observe the faces of hundreds of children in paedophile sites, looking for a lead.

Gerry explains disappearance with paedophilia

Only a few hours after Maddie disappeared from Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, her father, Gerry McCann, said during a phone conversation that the little English girl, then aged three, had been the victim of a sequestration by a paedophile network. Gerry’s words were later narrated to the Polícia Judiciária by another English citizen who was on holidays at the Ocean Club. This tourist listened to the phone call, without his presence being noticed by Gerry.

Protected data

English police refuses – The English police opted to keep the confidentiality of the list of paedophiles that are referenced in the process.

Private life preserved – The revelation of identities was considered to be an intrusion into private life. Nothing was proved concerning an involvement of the paedophiles that were heard.

New questioning – Some English newspapers yesterday reported the Public Ministry’s impediment to a new questioning of the McCanns.


Sky News – Gerry McCann made a new appeal to authorities to deliver data that help to find his daughter.

The Sun – The newspapers remembers that the investigation concludes that it is most likely for Maddie to be dead.

source: Correio da Manhã, 16.08.2008

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  1. 130 British paedophiles in the region??? And portuguese authorities only saw the list in 2007??? why's that? shouldn't portuguese children also be protected? does that mean british citizens are protected even if they are convicted perverts?
    And i don't think the list should be published, i'm just asking why wasn't that list given to portuguese authorities before all this happened as a matter of cooperation?
    Silly me ... cooperation ...


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