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Former FBI abandons searches - Correio da Manhã

Investigation: Fund has only 600 thousand euros left

The detective team that was hired by Maddie’s parents for their weight in gold abandoned the searches as their contract was not renovated. After receiving 600 thousand euros from the fund that focuses on finding the English girl that disappeared at Praia da Luz on the 3rd of May 2007, the Oakley International agency – which incorporates former professionals from the North-American agencies FBI and CIA – failed to reveal encouraging results concerning the child’s whereabouts.

The fund that was created with money that had been donated by thousands of people, is going through a difficult phase after the detectives’ payment was made. According to British newspaper ‘The Mail on Sunday’, the fund has a reserve of only 600 thousand euros. The manner how it is managed is criticized and considered to be chaotic.

Maddie’s parents dismiss a team of detectives that was hired by them to find their daughter, for the second time. The first situation occurred with Spanish firm Metodo 3. The family’s spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, recently informed that the Spanish detectives still work for the McCanns, but in a marginal form.

The non-renewal of the contract with the Oakley International agency was prompted, according to ‘The Mail on Sunday’, by the fact that the main sponsor of the ‘Find Madeleine’ fund, multimillionaire Brian Kennedy, is “angry” at the detectives, in face of the weak results that were obtained by agents that received one hundred thousand euros per month. Maddie’s parents were informed of Brian Kennedy’s decision and did not renew the contract.

The detective team, that was investigating all the leads which the PJ did not value, followed the possibility of an alleged abduction by a group of Belgian paedophiles, even infiltrating one of their agents in this network. The agency was indicated to the McCanns by English company Red Defense International.

Angelina Jolie

Meeting with Kate – Actress Angelina Jolie, a mother of six, wants to meet Kate McCann, in London, to find out how Maddie’s mother faces the nightmare of not knowing anything about her daughter, on an everyday basis.

Film lives nightmare – The 33-year-old actress plays a part in the movie ‘Changeling’, which portrays the fight of a mother to find her daughter, whose disappearance led to a concentration of FBI agents in the searches.

Invitation to the premiere – For the interpretation of her role, the actress, according to the ‘Daily Star’, maintained contact with two other mothers, whose daughters disappeared from the North American states of California and Vermont.

Fighting oblivion – Angelina Jolie wants to give the Maddie case visibility, and will offer the McCann couple invitations for the premiere of the film in London, in November, if they wish to attend.

source: Correio da Manhã, August 25, 2008


  1. Who believes this story?

    I don't.

    Paying this huge amount of money, knowing this is useless?

    This never happened.

    Who can controle the expenses of the fund?

  2. Joana,

    Correio da Manha is suspiciously quiet.

    Perhaps Mitchell executed his threat to the Editor. He has the means of ensuring 'misinformation' is published; Kate's 'journal' was too ludicrous to be true.

    Someone arranged for 'journalists' to 'bait' Duarte Levy - perhaps Correio da Manha suffered the same fate. Media arranger/manager Mitchell is the man with the contacts.

  3. Private investigators are not given to working 'under contract'.

    The McCanns have access to 'high flying' lawyers via those who continue to protect them.

    Reputable 'detectives' examine the facts being undertaking any assignment. The facts in Madeleine's case are readily available via their lawyers.

    Overwhelming evidence of Madeleine's death in the apartment exists. No lawyer would agree a vastly expensive 'contract' on the basis of police files in their possession.

    The files confirm Metado 3's 'usefulness' to the McCanns 'abduction theory'. The files confirm how much police time was wasted by 'false sightings, including information they were given by fraud and corruption specialists Metado 3.

    Spin, lies and 'sightings' will continue ... via 'agents'.

  4. If the Oakley International agency are a reputable firm, they may have decided to stay clear of the McCann abduction make-believe. Now the Portuguese Police files have been released, Oakley International must have a clearer picture of what they had got themselves into in search of the McCann 'abductor'.

  5. Angelina Jolie is not all there in the head anyway, this is the woman who has publicly accused her father of sexual abuse....which he denied and said that Angelina had psychological problems..this is the woman whow when married to her first husband wore a phial of his blood around her neck, she now "collect" multi cultured children from around the world.
    She should mind her fucking business and not proffess to know what has happened with Madeleine and to have empathy for her parents just because she has played a mother in some up coming film.
    She is also probably courting publicity for herself and her film.
    What chance does Madeleine have of justice with these nutters running around offering support?

  6. The campaign for truth is continuing 'offline', well out of reach of Mitchell's forum spies and troublemakers.

    Apparently, one member knows Angelina's hair stylist. The person is going to give her the photo of the bereft McCanns 'grinning like Cheshire cats shortly after their child's 'diappearance'; the infamous print of them displaying their wares - 'marketing' their daughter
    with Gerry's brother alongside.

    Angelina, along with the rest of the world, can then draw her own conclusions. She may feel she's been 'conned', like so many before her commencing with the kind, helpful, Catholic Priest.

    The McCanns are the polar opposite of Angelina's & Brad's commitment to parenting.

  7. In my opinion, at least one of the McCanns demands lots of attention.

    Perhaps both of them.This could perhaps show the kind of personality they could have.

    Hysterical or narcisist. They need attention all the time.

    Everything is concentrated on them.

    They must be very tiring for relatives and friends.

  8. When you read this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angelina_Jolie#Relationships,

    you will have a clear picture of Angelina's character.

    She can be one of the most beautiful women in the world, BUT she means nothing but RUBBISH/LIXO to me.

    It only fails to mention in the article information about swing. Who knows she doesn't enjoy it too?

    What does she know about the role of a genuine mother? A common mother who hasn't got her way of life?
    This world is getting crazier but the common people are the ones responsible to give all these non-real characters their fame by paying to watch or see them in magazines and films.

  9. anonymous,

    Angelina looked absolutely radiant shortly before giving birth. A great mother ....

  10. To speak your mind, I agree with your comment that Angelina Jolie's sympathy for Kate and Gerry must have a lot to do with seeking publicity for herself and her film. As a side-line, perhaps she is also drawing attention to the fact that blood is associated with Madeleine's disappearance and suggesting Madeleine's father is involved in sexual abuse. Who knows?

  11. The post anonymous 10:24 seems to me right.An opinion,of course.Mine too.

    But,if they put a man in the pedophile be. ring:

    1º they do not found nothing;
    2º Did they catch leads to rescue others childrens?

    Angelina Jolie:she is an actress and she must prepared her role,her character in the film.

    That is why she must talk with Mothers, with disappeared childrens

    (but talking with a pretender....u p s s s).

    She is a believer!A gullible in this moment.

    But,who knows?

    The next Oscars cerimony probably we will see at the red carpet themcsecompanhia.

    And people change during the many moments of life.

    ( Did you all understand that I write in portinglês?)

    Of course.......sorry.

  12. To anonymous who says perhaps Angelina is putting out a subliminal message about blood and sexual abuse at the hands of the father....I doubt this very much, she would not be offering to invite them to the premier of the film,Angelina is a conniving fucker when it comes to publicity, Apart from slating her famous father John Voight for sexual abuse( could she not have dne this off the chat show she was on..whilst promoting a film?) Ditto the phial of blood with Billy Bob Thronton, she didnt have to tell us, but that coincided with a jaunt up the red carpet at a premier. She has said she is bi sexual, loves bondage, anything to hit the headlines and she relentlessly pursued Bradd Pitt as she has all the leading men in her films.
    She makes out she is concerned with third world poverty and all tht kind of thing whilst commanding millions per film, I cant recall the obscene amount she paid to close of the entire wing of a maternity unit for her ante natal but it was enough to feed a good few thousand hungry mouths.
    She is a neurotic publicity seeker who will jump on any bandwagon, in this instance the McCanns fiasco.

  13. my only hope in this case is that, while this circus is going on, someone of the british police is working hard to collect the evidence to put the mccanns & company where they deserve.
    im just refusing to believe that we live in a place where we allow to let this happen.Madeleine remains might never be found but there is history of cases resulting in convictions for murder where no body has never been found. would like to see the face of clarence mitchell surrounded by other inmates in the shower room..spin that clarence!

  14. Ok, for me this is simply Chapter 2 of this novel, although disgusting, gross and evil in its details, it’s unquestionably fascinating and enthralling.

    I will not get into the details of Chapter 1, with the exception of just raising the question, in defense of Angelina, person which I particularly dislike as an actress, person and woman (but this is a totally subjective personal opinion which I obviously don't expect anybody else to agree with), of how much does she know she knows of this? Remember, and this is important, for the world, a beautiful blond English girl has disappeared in a third-world-sardine-eating-country somewhere in Europe. It's a popular theme. A high-profile campaign that’s very convenient to be associated with. Hold no grudges against her on this. Hold it much more against Cristiano Ronaldo, who being Portuguese (thus assuming not ignorant) and one of the faces to this disgraceful campaign, has yet to correct his position. If he ever will.

    Let me then speak about Chapter 2. By setting the characters:

    On one side, we have a couple, K&G. Both doctors. Both very pleasantly looking people. From a highly respected European country. You’ve read all about them in Chapter 1. They have committed, or at least intervened directly in, a crime. The mortal victim: their daughter. How, when and by whom this crime executed was described in Chapter 1. It was notably covered up. Due to a mixture of a notable control of the media information (with the direct intervention of the government of their country) with the gullibility of the general public, as well as with the direct they managed to come out, not only apparently unscathed, but also filthy rich. But a good poker player knows that when you overplay a good hand, you’re destined to lose. To overplay a bluff is, well, shall we dare say, stupid. And that is exactly what this couple did. They totally overplayed their hand. They should have folded when they were conveniently “cleared”. They did not need the fund. After two weeks (or whatever time necessary to dispose of the body) of oscar-winning performances, they should have left. To get on with their lives, they would have said, and only very few would have known the truth. But no, money kept flowing in, and they couldn’t resist it.

    On the other side, the filthy rich. The immensely, insanely rich. The POWERFUL rich. They were sucked into this sympathetic, noble cause. They offered their money, their faces, their prestige. They were watching the game from the sidelines and betted heavily on this hand. The distraught parents were so pretty and the little dead girl so cute, that not to bet on such a winning hand would be a golden opportunity lost. And so they did. And they did as rich people do: with a bang. They did it and everybody got to know that they did. But at the end of Chapter 1, in that familiar scene where Hercule Poirot convenes all into the same room and explains everything, they found out they were conned. Like idiots. Taken for the fools they most certainly ARE NOT. As is known, otherwise they would not have gathered so much money.

    In the middle, we have some friends (how close and with what other friends and with whatever secrets all of them withhold, may be the key to all this), a government employee, CM, theoretically not employed by the government, and a whole nation’s pride, credibility and stability on the line.

    Now, put yourself in the place of K, G & CM. You have just pissed off the powerful. They are unable to react… yet. They have to safeguard their position, and they know well the game they play. And they play so well. And you have pissed them. And what was your aim just to guarantee your “innocence”, has now become your fight for survival. No, I’m not implying physical violence. There are many ways to skin a rabbit. And there are many more ways to “kill” you without doing any physical harm to you. The courts that you will encounter, and you will encounter them, are not as lenient as the rightful courts you avoided successfully. Your only hope of “survival” is to keep the subject alive. Once the issue fades away, you will be a free-for-all target. But every attempt to that, as all is based on lies and deceit, only increases the ridicule. Angers even further all those already ridiculed. Are they angry? Well, that is a K, G & CM problem. Or THE problem.

    And, one day, the issue will fade away. But that’s Chapter 3.

    Of course, all this is only FICTION off the top of my head. Thank you for your patience.

  15. Do not forget:

    Clarence Mitchell is like a prostitute: he knows the job is dirty, a walloping lie but he still wants the money.(75.000 GBP a year)
    But we all know how the speaker
    of bad people ends.

    Let see!

    Greetings from Rio de Janeiro

    Maria Leal

  16. O clarim diz que não há crise no fundo inesgotável....

    E em:
    Listen here MP3 (52 mins - opens in Windows Media Player)

    É 1 entrevista .."Andrew Graystone talks to Janet Kennedy and Clarence Mitchell about The McCanns and the Media. "
    gravada a 11/06/2008

  17. Boas,Joana.
    Bem, consegue descubrir a imprensa mundial e,mais importante para mim,fazer com que os Seus leitores a conheçam também.

    A Rose....uma menina muito calada...ou expressando-se pouco ou com dificuldade.....calada,calada......

    Desde Maio,também.Pobres Crianças.Todas Elas!

  18. Greed for money and fame. lack of morals... are these common denominators between Angelina Jolie and Kate McCann?

    Perhaps Angelina and Kate are two of a kind... But which is the better actress?

  19. Metado 3, fraud and corruption specialists, are not the type of guys to tolerate breach of legal agreement or suffer financial loss as a result. Reported renewed contract has months to run.

    Despite 'news' of dwindling company 'funds', McCanns lawyers reportedly entered into a second contract months ago for the staggering sum of £600,000. Or did they ?

    Police files confirm that merceneries Metado 3 were successful given the amount of disruption and wasted police time dealing with false leads/misinformation.

  20. The only fingerprints found on the (opened) window belonged to Kate.

    I read an interview with two Tapas waiters, since reported as going into hiding due to threat and menace.
    They said Kate did not normally check the children, 3rd May being the first time.


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