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Gerry laughed during the drama at the PJ - Correio da Manhã

Extortion – PJ solved two attempts of fraud against the McCanns

The PJ successfully solved the two attempts to extort money from the McCann couple in return for information about their missing daughter. But Maddie’s father’s laughs during the negotiations caused strangeness.

The ambience in the room was heavy, when on the 14th of June 2007, contact was established with a stranger in Holland, who seemed to shed a light on the darkness that the investigation was in, a month after the disappearance.

Against the nervousness of the Portuguese and the English policemen, Gerry McCann’s attitude surprised everyone in the room, the former coordinator of the process, Gonçalo Amaral, later recollected.

In a careless manner, Maddie’s father “made a contrast with the anxiety of the policemen and intrigued the investigators. Gerry “sucked on a lollipop in a relaxed manner while he read banalities on the internet and discussed rugby and football with an English policeman”, the former coordinator from the Polícia Judiciária wrote in the book’Truth of the Lie’.

The Dutch police would eventually discover that the Dutchman from Eindhoven, who used a cybercafé to demand two million euros per email, knew nothing about Maddie’s whereabouts.

In late June 2007, the McCann couple would suffer another extortion attempt, with the promise of information about their daughter, made by a couple in South Spain.

The intervention of the PJ with the Spanish authorities demonstrated that Italian Danilo Chemello and Portuguese Aurora Pereira Vaz, who claimed four million euros, didn’t know anything about Maddie McCann, either.

The coordination between the Judiciária and the police forces of Spain and Holland led to the detention of the individuals, who wanted to extort six million euros from the McCanns.

With the solving of both frauds, the Polícia Judiciária reinforced the thesis that the child had suffered a deadly accident in the Ocean Club holiday apartment.

Profession explains coldness

The coldness that Gerry McCann always demonstrated during the process of his daughter’s disappearance was noted both by the Portuguese and the British investigators. Gonçalo Amaral, the former operational coordinator of the investigations into the ‘Maddie case’ recalls that one of the English policemen used to say: “Don’t forget that he is a cardio surgeon and starts opening people up right after breakfast.” The ‘cold’ expressions of the McCanns also surprised the public opinion. But despite the fact that Maddie’s mother was never seen crying in public, the investigator stated that “Kate cried several times” for Maddie.


Arrested in Holland – On the 4th of July 2007, the Dutch police arrested the 39-year-old man who tried to extort two million euros from the McCanns.

Detained in Spain – On the 28th of June 2007, the Spanish police arrested the Italian and the Portuguese who tried to deceive the McCann couple.


  1. Yes.A darling man.Puffff.........
    Bad boy.Bad people.
    And the oposite:the bad things to good people.

    And we begin to receive poisened gifts,seems to me.

    Have a nice day,J.

  2. How dare Gerry be so flippant as to be laughing, this not only shows an utter disregard for his daughter, but it shows that he is totally out of touch with reality, did he not realise that to outsiders he was coming across as uncaring or concerned? Or maybe he knew he had so much political back up he did not have to bother looking innocent as he was going to get away with it anyway?
    Poor Madeleine to be born to such callous hard faced bastards.

  3. "Those who play games do not see as clearly as those who watch" ....

    Old Chinese Proverb

  4. I clearly remember a press photo of the tormented father of an abducted child, lured by a paedophile whilst playing in a wheat field her older brothers behind their grandparents house. She was about 8 years old and her body was found by a farmer's dog close to where I live in Britain. Her name was Sarah Payne. Her mother tried to leglislate for public access to paedophiles known to the police. Sarah's killer was known to the police, but not her parents or grandparents. Her hard work for the sake of other children failed. Police feared public vigilante attacks on such people.

    Her killer was the prime suspect; he was arrested and charged on Sarah's DNA in his van and on his clothing, also pinpointed by cadavers. The farmer's dog scented her shallow grave which was over 20 miles from where was was taken.

    The McCanns have absolutely no comprehension of the suffering of Sarah's parents. It's been shown by their behaviour from day one - a charade, a money making publicity stunt.

  5. "But despite the fact that Maddie’s mother was never seen crying in public, the investigator stated that “Kate cried several times” for Maddie."

    Does this refer to the British investigator reporting he witnessed Kate McCann crying? (Not Amaral?)

    I no longer believe anything that comes out of the British end of this investigation.


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