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Judge refuses tappings on the McCann couple - Correio da Manhã

Investigation – the only fingerprint on the window belongs to Kate

The criminal instruction judge did not allow for ambient tapping in the villa in Praia da Luz where the McCann moved into in July last year, a short time after Maddie’s disappearance. The Judiciária wanted to listen to the conversations between Kate and Gerry in a search for a possible involvement of Maddie’s parents in the disappearance of the child, which took place on the 3rd of May 2007.

The McCanns moved into the Vista do Mar villa, in the Luz Parque area, when they were not arguidos yet. They only left the house on the 9th of September, when they returned to England.

The request from the Judiciária took into account a series of indicia that is mentioned in the process, including the only fingerprint that was found on the Ocean Club apartment’s window of the bedroom where Maddie slept, and where she allegedly was taken through. That fingerprint belongs to Kate McCann.

The hand mark – thumb and indicator – may indicate that Kate opened it. The direction and the position of the fingers on the window indicate that it was opened towards the left.

This is one more lead that was abandoned on the way, despite the glaring contradiction with Madeleine’s mother’s witness statement.

Kate is the only person who refers that the window was open. As there are no signs of a break-in or of the presence of strangers, the Polícia Judiciária looked for traces of gloves, which weren’t found either. The only marking is Kate McCann’s hand, given the fact that the window had been cleaned on the day before the child’s disappearance by the employee who carried out the cleaning of the apartment.

In the statement that she gave to the Portuguese police right after her daughter’s disappearance, Kate clearly refers that “the door to the children’s bedroom was completely open, the window was also open, the shutters were up and the curtains were open, while she is certain that she had closed everything.”

The fingerprint was registered and photographed by the Polícia Judiciária’s investigators and may indicate that Madeleine McCann’s parents simulated the abduction crime.


Gonçalo Amaral, former coordinator of the process: “It was a very important means of evidence”

Correio da Manhã – Was it important for the investigation to listen to Kate’s and Gerry’s dialogues?

Gonçalo Amaral – It was a very important means of evidence, the last opportunity that we had to find out what they said. Even in order to set some doubts aside. The judge refused and we accepted it.

Why is Kate McCann’s fingerprint relevant? Wasn’t it supposed to be there?

It is the only fingerprint on the window, when she said herself that she never opened it. As there are no signs of a break-in and no signs of gloves and the window had been cleaned a short time before, it becomes relevant, mainly when they defend the theory that an abductor went through the window.

There is a denunciation in the process concerning the possibility that Maddie was abducted on demand from a Belgian paedophile ring. Did the PJ follow that lead?

Everything was analyzed. It was treated in the same manner as all the other denunciations. We investigated.

source: Correio da Manhã, 08.08.08


  1. Why did the Judge allow Murat's phone to be 'tapped' but not the McCanns ?

  2. I Wonder why the judge efused the phone tapping? Is it a red tape thing or something more sinster?
    It seems to me it wasnt only the Bristish who scuppered and impeded the investigation in to the DEATH of Madeleine, its starting to look like it suited someone there also.
    Joana is there any concern over there about the underhand ativities and how the McCanns have been treated? Is anyome there calling for answers?

  3. The finger print is compelling evidence - 'stand alone' evidence.

  4. Its incredible how the millionairre backer (who pays for the McCanns lawyers, has his own lawyer on the McCanns fund board of directors and funds their 'mouthpiece' Clarence Mitchell) is controlling the UK press. Even the 3A's has begun to 'weed out' the members! The UK has free speech on the same level as Russia and China!


    I have a terrible momory, but even I can recall the two photofits of the music teacher and the fact of his being traced and cleared by the PJ. Still, why let facts get in the way of front page sensationalism, eh?

    The current claptrap spewing out from team mccann is wholly predictable ( even though little Clarence claimed there'd be no "running commentary"). The jumped-up little tit hasn't shut up! But take heart, there&s something unedifyingly desperate about this latest round of bullsh*t - the last thrashings of a dying trout. I predict we have no more than a week or two of this patronising nonsense, and then what?


    How long will it be before even our tabloids grow weary of this despicable and obvious cover up, and begin to ask the serious questions that have bugged so many people for so long. Questions the good doctors mccann are desperate to avoid answering. The Secrecy laws are lifted, newspaper sales are everything, and ,hey, stranger things have happened. Those tabloid tossers can turn like ferals. This case is not going to fade away quietly, DESPITE THE BULL AND THE CENSORSHIP.


    Questions, questions, questions. so many waiting to be asked, and the English publication of
    Mr Amaral's book surely to follow. Hold tight.


  6. Então a libertação do processo para consulta permite aos mcs e acólitos novos avistamentos.

    Desculpem, novas pistas.


  7. Que belas "ajudas"de um lado e do outro.Por nenhuma razão se consegue entender tanta obstrução às investigações.Isto é,não dá para "perceber",não,não dá!



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