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Kate devalued ‘leads’ of Maddie - Correio da Manhã

Kate’s notebooksMcCanns ignored contacts

The disappearance of Madeleine originated dozens of contacts to the authorities but the parents took none seriously

Kate and Gerry McCann were always suspicious about the indications from strangers that guaranteed to know the whereabouts of Madeleine. In the cases when money was demanded, Maddie’s parents seemed to know that the leads were false, just like Gonçalo Amaral describes in the book.

In her notes, Kate always shows her disbelief concerning the reliability of the information, while Gerry (the situation is described in the former investigator’s book) arose attention from the inspectors when, in the middle of a negotiation with a possible abductor, “he sucked on a lollipop in a relaxed manner, while reading banalities on internet sites and discussing rugby and football with one of the English policemen”.

One of the cases happened on the 14th of June, long before the three detentions over extortion attempts were made, when the Polícia Judiciária receives an email from an anonymous person who says he knows where Madeleine is. “Why is there so many crazy and evil people?”, Kate writes in her notes that same day, in a comment about the situation, which she classified as something that could only be a “joke”.

On the 28th of June, the process of the disappearance of Maddie makes the first detentions in Spain, an Italian and a Portuguese, due to attempted extortion. “It’s all a bit weird”, Kate comments. Five days later, Madeleine’s parents receive a new email from the anonymous person who had established contact two weeks earlier. In her notes, Kate reveals that she has no doubts that it can only be someone looking for money and she congratulates herself over knowing that the man is going to be arrested: “I’ve had news about the Dutch extortionist – someone motivated by money. Anyway, he is going to be arrested tomorrow!!”

The couple’s behaviour when faced with possible leads concerning their daughter’s whereabouts, after a publicity campaign that went around the world and was built by the parents themselves, arose the investigators’ attention, namely during one of the first days when Kate, faced with the possibility of finding her daughter, is upset about the speed that is attained by the police car.

Process available on Monday

The complete process concerning the disappearance of Madeleine McCann will be made available to anyone who manifests a legitimate interest, from Monday onwards. That group includes the parties (arguidos, witnesses and lawyers) and also journalists, due to the fact that this is a process of manifest public interest. Yesterday, the court invited everyone who had already made a requirement for the process to deliver a CD at the secretary’s office, so the digitalized process can be copied onto it.

From September onwards, the process will be available to the general public, and the investigation will be subject to the most rigorous scrutiny. Still, the judge’s decision ends up being surprising, due to the fact that this case involves a minor, and there would always be legal artifices that would allow for the investigation to be ‘barricaded’.

Lawyers want priority access to the documents

Carlos Pinto Abreu and Rogério Alves, the lawyers that represent the McCann family in Portugal, have requested the Portimão court for priority in the access to the process. The lawyers have ensured that the access for the general public was postponed, so they can access the original process and not a digital format.

source: Correio da Manhã, 01.08.2008, paper edition


  1. These rotten scamsters knew all along that the sightings were false because they knew Maddie was already dead.

    Their Fund is fraudulent and they wasted police time, money and resources - both in Portugal and the UK.

    But that's ok is it, Gordon Brown?

    When are they going to be held accountable? Why aren't the PJ or UK police doing something about trying to recoup the taxpayers money they wasted on this pair of shysters when they could have been using it to solve real crime in their own countries?

    Go to Jail McCann's, do not pass GO and do NOT collect another million quid!!

  2. The McCanns thought they were so clever and covered by people in power they forgot the most fundamental part of their charade....that being to behave as if she may be alive and to get excited about potential leads and sightings..They must be so far up their own arses they forget that their are other people in the world, watching their every move.
    I remember the Argentinian call claiming to know where Madeleine was, the McCanns did not hang around to find out, they boarded a plane and were off on a publicity stunt!I thought at the time "fuck that I would not be going anywhere nad would be on top of the phone willing it t ring.
    The accidental death of Madeleine theory is getting harderto swallow, if it was an accident and unintetional, where was the grief? the self recriminations? The devestation or shock?
    There is more to this than an accident I am sure, I think the Payne allegations need to be looked at closely and also his movements over the holiday, the fact he arranged the holiday sets allarm bells ringing especially given all the other circumstiantal stuff that flag him up as being dodgy...like the finger sucking stuff, him telling sol they have a pact and its nobodys business but theirs, telling Kate to not speak to the consul woman, being the last person to supposedly see her alive. But in all tht it points to the parents being as much in it as h looks to be.
    I am still in shock that with all we now know that these fuckes are still running around free,they still have guadianship and access to minors. If I was a patient at the hospital Gerry works in I would not want him anywhere near me.
    And if Payne is in it, it looks like his wife is also less why else did she name Murat?

  3. "The disappearance of Madeleine originated dozens of contacts to the authorities but the parents took none seriously."

    No wonder the PJ were suspicious of them.

    It does seem to confirm that the Find Madeleine campaign was designed for two purposes only: 1) as a smokescreen to hide their guilt and 2) as a money-making proposition, and not necessarily in that order.

    It obviously was not for the purpose it was named for now, was it? to FIND MADELEINE!

    Next week should be very interesting, as the journalists are able to access all of the process (with the exception of what is still being kept under judicial secrecy).

    Will the British press still behave as though their heads are buried in the sand (or somewhere else) when they have the actual official documentation as source material? I'm betting yes.

    That's why your and other Portuguese bloggers who provide English translations are so essential to providing the truth to those of us who don't know Portuguese. Thanks, Joana! for keeping us updated daily.

  4. All the best!

    So,we wait by monday and by Your´s professional work.We wait by You;P.R. and D.L.and anothers of course.

    Thank you all!


  5. Of course Kate 'de-valued' any sightings of Maddie - because she knew she was already dead and dumped somewhere.

    The Fund is a fraud and so are they!

    There is a lot of ocean around PDL.


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