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Kate McCann’s diary is considered to be false - Rádio Clube

Policemen consider that Kate McCann’s diary was made on purpose to influence the investigation into Maddie’s disappearance.

Several police sources that are connected to the process told Rádio Clube that Kate’s diary does not look like an intimate portrait, as would be usual, and that it seems to have been made on purpose to be found by the authorities. The diary was not distributed to the journalists but Radio Clube had access to the writings of Kate McCann.

The text starts on the day that the English couple arrived in the Algarve, and lasts until early August. A diary that was given little importance by the Polícia Judiciária. Still, it is possible to read about support, irritations and other curiosities. Listen to the piece from journalist Augusto Freitas de Sousa who describes some statements from Kate’s diary.

The pressures that the former coordinator of the process, Gonçalo Amaral, has been referring to are described in Kate McCann’s diary. Madeleine’s mother wrote that she left British prime minister Gordon Brown a message, to call and to increase the political pressure.

Furthermore, 20 days after the disappearance, it can be read in the diary that Gordon Brown spoke to Gerry more than once. Kate mentions the PJ, the journalists and the political pressures, and numerous clues that failed to reveal as important for the process.

note: the original article on Rádio Clube's website includes an audio report


  1. The unemotive journalistic style of a distraught mother didn't ring true.

    The fact that it was put in the hands of a radio station confirms it was designed to be publicly aired.

    Correio da Manha were given extracts for publication. Was this done with the intention of suing them for libel ? Mitchell reportedly made a menacing phone call to the Editor for publishing Mr Amaral's book.

    Mitchell's aim has been shown to be 'money making' for his clients - threats of suing for libel.

    Who actually wrote the journal and who ensured it was published in the media ? Mitchell's role is media monitor and manager - ex journalist.

    Silencing those who print and speak the truth has been the aim from day one ..... the tactics are akin to the Mafia/Mugabe mentality. It involves several Labour ministers.

  2. Look at the picture with this story...doesnt it make you want to strangle her fo trying to appear forlorn, especially when you consider the pictures of her and her wanker husband laughing their useless heads off on Madeleines birthday 9 days afte the abduction!

  3. God I forgot the comment I wanted to make I got so side tracked by that blatantly posed for picture of kate.
    These diaries were probably far from the heart and actually made for publication at a later date, no doubt to the highest bidder!!


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