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Maddie case investigation was condemned in the first days - Jornal de Notícias

Process was handed over to journalists and discards the possibility of abduction

by: Marisa Rodrigues

An investigation that was condemned at the outset? The question appears in the first pages of the Maddie process and is related to the contamination of the apartment. The Public Ministry states that there is a “high” probability that this is a homicide case, but there is no evidence.

The inspector from the Polícia Judiciária (PJ) who was on duty on the night of May 3, 2007, puts his finger in the spot when he admits, in his service information, that the Ocean Club apartment where the McCann family spent their holidays may have been contaminated by the several persons who were present. The confirmation is contained in the archiving dispatch and leaves no margin for doubts: the apartment was rummaged. There was not only contamination but irretrievable and undetermined damage was done in terms of collection of evidence.

The investigators seem to have no doubts that the contamination was done on purpose, was carried out by Kate and Gerry and had a precise goal – to conceal the death of their daughter, Madeleine. Suspicions that can be read in a report that was signed by a chief inspector, on the 10th of September, and that are included in the process. The investigator even suggests the change of the coercion measures that had been imposed on the couple, that had just been made arguidos, due to considering that “in auto defense, they do not wish to immediately and voluntarily hand over the cadaver, and there is a strong possibility that it has been translated from the initial location”.

The degree of probability that a homicide took place is “high”. It is the joint general prosecutor, João Melchior Gomes, who says it. He singlehandedly signs the archiving dispatch, despite the fact that at the end of the document, the name of prosecutor Magalhães e Menezes can also be read, but without a signature. As arguments, he uses the fact that it has not been proved “in the light of logical criteria” that someone would have been able to remove the child from the apartment without being seen, thus setting the abduction theory apart. But he does recognize that it was not possible “to establish whether she is alive or dead, as it seems more probable”.

The same prosecutor considered that Kate and Gerry “could not predict that in the resort (…) they could endanger the life of any of their children, and that was not demanded from them either: it is located in a quiet area, where most of the residents are foreign citizens of the same nationality and without any known history of criminality of this kind”. As a sort of justification for not accusing Kate and Gerry, he also says that “we should recognize that the parents are already serving a heavy penalty – the disappearance of Madeleine – due to their carelessness in the vigilance and protection of the children”.


  1. Parece que o clarim clarinete falou para o Guardian e,segundo esplendor,"que não há nada de negativo em bonnie and clyde."
    Espantoso,não é Fun tastic,não é?


  2. I hope and pray some reporter in Britain reports this as you have, there is no doubt there was a death, that it was Madeeine, and that the scene was then staged for an abduction.
    Why the hell would anyone assist in covering the McCanns in this?, there has to be a very good reason or the McCanns know a very big secret that has given them this leverage.
    I do not undestand how this case has been shelved, it effectively condemns Madeleine to remain where ever she was dumped for eternity.
    Poor Madeleine, if the Payne allegations are true and so far there has been no denial or threats of litigation, it makes me wonder just how happy madeleines life actually was.
    Kate and Gerry are machievelian, they have been utterly ruthless and callous in their covering of the crime against Madeleine, there can be no worse crime than to a child, when that child also happens to be your own it is nauseating, to make money out of it is beyond contempt.
    If the information available is published here in Britain at least the McCanns will be the subject of derision and hatred, they will forever be pointed out as the pair of doctors who........
    Worse still one day the twins will have access to this information, I hope the twins understand Madeleine was not lost, and that tehy and her were systematicaly dumped crying in a starnge hotel room.

  3. "As a sort of justification for not accusing Kate and Gerry, he also says that “we should recognize that the parents are already serving a heavy penalty – the disappearance of Madeleine – due to their carelessness in the vigilance and protection of the children”.

    Yeah, right... Question 41 asked if Kate considered giving Maddie away. I believe these pair of callous ar$eholes didn't want her and were relieved to be rid of the girl who gave them her tuppenceworth. Why else have they done nothing but smile and smirk?

    Hell, they've replaced her with millions of pounds from a fraudulent fund (is that going uninvestigated too?)

    No wonder these bastards are smiling.

    It's not good enough!

    I am heartily sick of the whole thing. I am devastated to think that they have got away with possible homicide and can carry on working in our NHS.

    The UK is a despicable place to live. Maddie will always symbolise the exposure of the corruption of this sick society.

  4. All investigations of missing children are condemned from the beginning when the parents are against the police investigation.

    The question is, do police have a moral duty to investigate a case of a missing child when the parents do not cooperate? I do not believe they do.

    In the case of parents blocking the investigation, the moral duty falls to social services. In this case, British social services. And if the parents or care takers don't want to cooperate with social services, they should be jailed for obstruction.

  5. Joana; just a minor translation point: Auto- like Auto-interesado is translated as "Self-" so it would be Self-defence, not auto-defence.

    As someone that has done translation too, I discovered this a while back. Keep up the good work, L

  6. anonymous,

    Police have a legal duty to act on evidence in a case, especially the death and disappearance of a 3 year old child. The British police have clearly suffered the same hindrances as PJ, and the media has at times been used and abused to make them look inept.

    The success of the British police in parallel cases, Sarah Payne, Sohom Schoolgirls and Shannon Matthews confirms their diligences, expertize and success.
    These cases weren't subject to Government interference or influence. Labour must be protecting 'one of it's own' as well as the guilty parents. It was reported in several forums by reputable OPs (prior to heavy cloning and ID theft) that a VIP departed hastily, known to a MW employee who said the person's ID 'would blow peoples' minds'.

    It was 'political' from day one.
    Two police forces were set up to be used, abused and publicly defamed by the British Government.

  7. speakyourmind,

    Mitchell is paid and at liberty to 'translate' police files and misinform newspapers to benefit the McCanns. The media was selected as their means of defence because they have no other. They cannot face re-questioning, a reconstruction or a Portuguese Court because their defence is based on lies, bribery and corruption.

    Why, exactly, doesn't Brown want them found guilty, what hold do the McCanns have over him ?

    Why were PJ not given the identity of 'two others' in cadaver results.
    15 or 19 components proved it was Madeleine's DNA. The remainder, according to FSS, belong to 'two others'. They must have been identified as 'two' (not one or four) by DNA matches. Components found alongside Madeleine's DNA confirm the 'two' touched the specimens recovered which FSS found and reported, implicated and guilty. Why were PJ not given the DNA results of the 'two people' revealed by cadaver analysis ?

    Undoubtedly, for the same reason corpse hair results were withheld; they incriminated the McCanns because hair reveals medicaments administered. This is why hair specimens were not returned to PJ, as requested, for analysis in Portugal.

    It's not the lack of evidence in the case, but the corrupt methods used to conceal, mislead and misinform. I applaud Mr Amaral's expertize and commitment to the truth; he was neither scared off or 'bought off' for the protection and benefit of the McCanns. Have the Leicester Police team been threatened with dismissal for executing their legal duties -
    bullied into silence ? They had a legal duty to ensure PJ received corpse hair results in the criminal investigation.

  8. Anoymous...Either Brown has a secret that the McCanns know or Brown has somethiing in common with them, perhaps the Payne allegation holds the key?
    In any event Clarence Mitchell is a mercenary bastard, his duties of employment are to protect scum and to ensure Madeleine is denied justice or dignity, he shoould be ashamed but he is as thick skinned as his employers.
    I would rather be unemployed living in squalour than to do his job or earn his wage. I wonder how he justifies it to hiimself?...Unless he also is protecting himself for the same reason as brown!!
    Utter bastards the whole lot of them.


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