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Maddie’s book torn by the parents

Process: PJ apprehended document that was written by the group

Hours after the disappearance of the little English girl, the McCanns used the covers of children’s story books that belonged to their daughter, to write down details of the evening

Hours after Madeleine disappeared, the English girl’s parents tore the covers of two children’s books that the child enjoyed leafing through before going to sleep, to write down the details of the evening of the disappearance.

There, according to what can be verified by the pages that have been appended to the process, Madeleine’s parents noted the periodicity of the visits to the rooms where the various children slept and who within the group of English people had verified that nothing out of the ordinary was taking place.

The PJ appended those documents to the process on September 9 of last year, then referring that the same had been apprehended by the GNR on the night that the girl stopped being seen.

The importance of the book covers was related to the fact that the PJ considers that there was a manipulation of the testimonies – the depositions between the elements of the group were combined in a detailed manner. That was the motive why those pieces of evidence were gathered only after Gerry and Kate were made arguidos, at a time when they had already formally assumed that they were suspects.

To the authorities, it was then an important detail at that moment in the investigation, because it revealed the little girl’s parent’s concern in protecting themselves from possible responsibilities, overshadowing the preservation of objects that belonged to the child at a moment in time when she had only been missing for a few hours.

Which led the authorities to admit that there could have been a manipulation of testimonies.

Son of player confounded with child

English tourists confounded the son of Dino Drpic, a football player for Dynamo of Zagreb, with Madeleine McCann and tried to remove the child from his mother, according to the Croatian press. The case took place on the island of Krk, when the tourists confounded the little English girl with the son of Dino and Nives Drpic, aged two and a half. Upon seeing blonde Leone Drpic, a British child was convinced that it was Maddie and warned her parents. The parents, after taking a few photographs from a distance, came closer to the little boy and tried to take him. “There was a moment when she got hold of his arm, apparently believing that nobody was watching him [the boy]. As soon as I approached, she realized her mistake and apologized”, said Nives Drpic.


Reconstitution – The reconstitution of the evening of the disappearance, which never took place because the English weren’t available to return to Portugal, was fundamental to understand all the steps that were made by the elements of the group that evening. The PJ intended to determine at exactly what time the little girl had gone missing.

Photo-fit – Jane Tanner asserted that she had seen a stranger at around 9 p.m., carrying a child. She admitted that it had been the abductor and explained that Gerry was very close to her when she saw him. A photo-fit was made, but the authorities always considered that her deposition was not credible.

Timeline – Maddie was last seen, by persons other than her parents and siblings, at around 5.30 p.m.

source: Correio da Manhã 18.08.2008, paper edition


  1. This has made me cry, it is yet another indication of how little Madeleine or the memory of her meant to the McCanns. Its heart breaking to read these things and fills me with hatred for the McCanns.
    Havent been sleeping much since the news the McCanns were going to get off without even abandonment charge, it has put me on a downer,I am not sure my interest in Madeleines plight is good for the mind.

  2. Like they knew ripping the books would not matter because Madeleine would never be home to see them

  3. I find unbelievable that, just the night where all Tapas were aware and checking carefully (aften so many nights left alone and loud crying!!)on the children, the abductor chose a very short while to take the supposedly targeted child.
    - How could they check so precisely if the had no watches or cell-phones to look at?.
    -Are some Brithish wonder people?

  4. It was reported that the last time Madeleine was seen by people not affiliated to her parents was 2nd May.

    Thereafter, the only credible, independent credible sighting of a pyjama clad child fitting Madeleine's description was made by the Smith family; witnessed in the arms of a man they identified as Gerry.

    Mitchell ignored this sighting - made no comment.

  5. This is a typical example of the McCann pattern of behaviour - what matters most is not Madeleine but what people may think Madeleine's parents did, or did not. What parents would tear the cover of their lost child's favourite bedtime stories to write notes on them. And what notes were those? The timeline of their movements during that fatal evening. Pitty they didn't get their timeline right. It doesn't match some statements and evidence.

    These parents who ripped their lost daughter's favourite story books are the same people who displayed her soft toy wherever they went, in Kate's hand. It makes you wonder what purpose that soft toy really served. Perhaps a good PR exercise to project the image of a loving mother, the same mother who tore the story books...

  6. The couple shows themselves to be uncaring parents in so much of what they have done, and they are seemingly oblivious to how cold and unsympathetic each of these actions appears to normal people, as they make their choices.

    It's just a small, but telling sign, that points to the likelihood that the McCanns knew on May 3 that Madeleine would have no need of her favorite books, ever again.

  7. It makes you wonder if Maddie's parents thought: "well, she won't be needing these anymore" as they were tearing up her books.

    Selfish people.

    Like most people who follow this case, have we ever come across anything so bizarre as these two people and their obscene circus?

    This case is actually a lot more rivetting than any blockbuster movie that's ever been made, imo.

    It's just tragic that it's a true story with Maddie at the heart of it. :(

  8. Very,very sad and the meaning is...


    Good people keep all things a lot of time or for ever!

    But, make rubbish? The meaning is:


  9. Speak your mind.

    My heart goes out to you.

    Look carefully into Gerry's eyes, and you see exactly the lone wolf he is. No conscience. Just fear. Fear of being caught. He has already been. By the just. Just read all around, and you see that he might escape the human courts, but has been, correctly, condemned by all the human hearts. OJ Simpson and Michael Jackson have paved the way.

    Look at Kate. The same fear. But have you ever seen such guilt-ridden eyes? Such, such sadness. A lack of tears because she does not even know who she should cry for, herself or herself. After all, it was in her womb that Maddie became a human being. It was she who felt the kicks, who looked at those eyes of innocence that only newborn has, and that only a just-mother can fully understand. Yes, I do believe she prays every night. Every night. Very hard.

    So please keep your chin up. All efforts towards another human being, being it a picture-perfect blonde beautiful english speaking girl or a unknown black tutsi boy who was alive when I began writing this, but has since joined Maddie, is always good for the mind.

    About the post. I don't hold ir against them. They were in a panick mode. Minutes were flying, alibis depended on others, namely the restaurant people. They had to come quickly to a single statement, so they just wrote on the first available piece of paper they got their hands on. Not once, but twice. The post doesn't say, or at least I didn't read it, but there were two schedules. with major differences between them. What this post tells me is that they met, discussed and agreed to some sort of schedule in the apartment. In the presence of Maddie's limp body. Maybe some were talking, arguing the pro's and con's of the various options while others were cleaning up the blood that some british dogs (damned beasts!) would later discover...

    The fact that blood was also found on the couple's closet, indicates that that was the first location to hide her. Once again reinforces my opinion that haste was the norm, and that there was a lot of debating on what should be the next steps. And when you create castles on sands os lies, you let your imagination get a hold of you. And that has been proved by the fact that not ONE SINGLE intial statement proved to be truthful, or rather, all were proved false, either by the police, or by the infamous party by correcting, endlessly, their versions.

  10. Well, the mccanns have always claimed that they had 'worked hard' on the night poor Madeleine vanished. They certainly did - manipulating the events of this pantomime from the start.

    Gerry Mccann has always claimed that the arguido status was hampering the search for his daughter,while Slimy Mitchell claimed that there were 'innocent explanations' for the contradictions (thereby acknowledging that these contradictions exist, of course).

    The easiest and quickest way to dispel the growing suspicions in people's minds would have been for kate and Gerry Mccann to elucidate these 'innocent explanations' by answering a few proper and relevant questions. Instead they chose to hide behind the police investigation and secrecy laws.

    Now that the secrecy laws have been lifted, one would think team mccann would be falling over themselves to put these queries to bed once and for all. Instead, the deeply disturbing and suspicious silence on these issues continues, and the gnawing mistrust of this pair continues to grow unabated in the minds of many - despite the blanket press ban on negative Mccann news, and silence in The House.

    For let's not forget, Madeleine Mccann is a British Citizen. As such, there should be 'no stone left unturned' in discovering the truth of what happenned on the night of May 3.

    Why then, in the face of so much incriminating evidence and so many unanswered (avoided) questions, are we met with nothing but submissive silence from our political elite?

    Integrity, morality, honesty and courage seem to be in dire short supply within the pontificating classes of Gordon Brown's Britain.

  11. I suppose if the truth were to come out it wouldn't bare thinking about and middle England would shake in it's boots.
    Hence, the media has been gagged.

  12. These people have all the signs of being narcissists. A few years back my co-workers and I were each given a psychological test consisting of 200 questions. These tests determined a person's happiness, empathy, productivity, etc.. One of my co-workers, who constantly back stabbed people and ingratiated himself to his superiors, barely registered on the empathy scale. We all new about this particular result of his because he became furious with the person who conducted the tests. I suspect that the couple would also not register on the empathy scale. It's too bad that no one was able to do a psychological assessment of these two.

  13. Textusa

    I agree with you. The transparent lies and clumsy contradictions of the mccann mob have all the hallmarks of a hastily constructed, panic-stricken cover up.

    Any sympathy I may feel for people acting out of character in the spur of the moment, however, does not apply to this scheming and devious pair.

    After all,In order to save their own reputations and precious careers/lifestyle, they thought nothing of destroying the reputations of others, such as, for instance, Amaral.

    Also, if the Portuguese police were as prone to corruption as Team Mcc would have us believe, some hapless Algarve drifter could well be, by now, banged up in a cell somewhere while the good doctors Mccann travel the globe
    appearing on chat-shows and glossy magazine covers, without a proverbial care in the world.

    and yes, their eyes possess all the stunned fear of a rabbit caught in headlght beams. There is one dignified way out. Come Clean.

  14. The police have confirmed that Eddie found cadaver odour on cuddle cat at the same time as two items of Kate's clothing and items of Madeleine's.

    One reason Kate would not let it out of her clutches was to prevent it being taken to FSS for forensic analysis.

    Mr Amaral stated that forensic results were withheld by British authorities; by the process of elimination results PJ were dreprived related to the (reported) substantial amount of corpse hair in the vehicle boot.

    PJ's request for return of the samples for analysis in Portugal were ignored. Hair analysis (corpse/living) identifies medication and duration of administration.

    A laboratory as renowned as FSS would not withhold critical results in a case involving the death of a child. The Home Office is deeply involved on McCanns behalf and for their benefit.
    Brown & Jacqui Smith visited Leicester Police. They undoubtedly needed sight of FSS findings.

    Corrupt practice - perverting the course of justice is due to the Government's intervention at each and every stage.

    Leicester Police allowed interviewees sight of statements made to PJ months earlier, clearly 'as ordered', corruption - defeating the whole purpose.

    Did Brown & Jacqui Smith likewise visit FSS and/or influence the contradictory wording included in Mr Amaral's book ?

    15 component match to Madeleine's DNA is at a ratio, in legal terms, of no possibility of the cadaver blood belonging to no other. This is the ratio used in Court to prove paternity cases.

  15. guerra,

    The McCanns have been watched and analyzed in live interview by independent psychologists.

    In short, they were found to be 'abnormal'. Kate displays subservience to Gerry; he lacks emotion and cannot control rage - stormed out of an interview when asked a question he didn't like !.

    His arrogant personality is more volatile and would be exacerbated by alcohol etc. Mr Amaral included his, and fellow police officer's own observations of Gerry's behaviour, in his book.

    Whilst the media have always placed the emphasis of the police focus on Kate, this is shown not to be true. More concerns were raised about Gerry's bizarre behaviour than Kate's.

  16. speak your mind,

    You appear far calmer here than on your own site.

    Remember than 'evil takes hold when good men stay silent ..... '

    Hats off to Mr Amaral, Mr Levy & Reis, Joana, Mike Hitchen and News From My Big Desk - all good people who will not stay silent.

    The 'Gestapo style' suppression on British media reporting in this case defies belief. Since when have the police and their findings in Madeleine's case been denied representation in the British media ?

    Since Millbank ordered it, appears to be the answer. This explains why thousands of complaints citing breach of PCC rules are totally ignored, along with the police.

    Gives a true insight into 'New' Labour and the corruption involved
    in protecting 'it's own'. A child died in it's parents apartment and they raised £1.3m off the back of it - children gave pocket money and cash strapped OAP's were also duped. Vile and despicable.

  17. Textusa...Thanks for the time to answer my post, I see what you say about there being more ways to pay than through the courts, I have thought it and often said so, they live with the knowlege of what they have done and the consequences on their reputations and one day the reputations of their children Amelie and Sean.There will be the whispering and finger pointing and always worrying evidence may appear that will convict them.
    I do not see the haunted looks you have said about, I see indifference and defiance but maybe I am wrong.
    I do see kate seems to have aged overnight. I also think that like I have trouble sleeping over things happening in my life, which are nowhere near as dramatic as the McCanns troubles, they must have troubled thoughts and I think it is likely they are stressed and sleep doesnt come easy to them...but is this for the loss of Madeliene or the hasssle it has caused?
    Anonymous..Yes I am alot calmer on this site although my feelings are the same. Joana has never really censored me and allows me to say some pretty straight stuff, but out of courtesy to Joana and her site I do not use as many profanities or be as what Clarence would call libelous comments. I am also aware that my straiht talk is not to all tastes, so it is up to them if they read my words by going to my blog or if they choose to avoid it.
    What was the point you were trying to make with your observation?

  18. One thing's for sure, it took longer than 3 May for the Tapas group to plan the syndicated cover up.

    The McCanns tried and failed to scrub/launder away all the damning evidence found by Eddie & Keela some weeks later.

    A considerable amount of time and thought went into setting up the police and the media campaign which commenced at 12.01 4th May - Daily Telegraph.

    Accident or not, both parents needed time to deal with the shock.
    Thereafter, plans were discussed and put into operation for the night of 3 May.

    It was a night of two before that Mrs Fenn reportedly heard Madeleine crying for over an hour, followed reportedly by noises - a kerfuffle on her parents' return.

    Did elderly Mrs Fenn have 'a visit' after her account was published in the media ? The Smith family did and Mrs Fenn undoubtedly also spoke to PJ.
    Likewise, did the waiter also have visited after the press released his comment - Kate did not run straight to the Tapas Bar, but screamed from the balcony 'they've taken her, they've taken our little girl'.

    The most plausible theory was on 3 A's; the body was moved out of the apartment (wthout Kate's knowledge) prior to the charade of checking Madeleine was ok at 10.00 p.m. She 'freaked out' when finding her body had been moved and the Smith family saw her being carried in Gerry's arms just after 10.00 p.m.

    A lot of careful planning for which a lot of time was needed after the fatality. It's unlikely the fastidous schemers and planners would leave evidence they did NOT want found. Whilst the book covers found by PJ give the impression of a hurried plan, it clearly was not. Great pains have been taken to mislead the police and the public.


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