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Maddie's Process is Public

The process of the disappearance of Madeleine McCan is already considered public. Two weeks after the archival, today, the details of the investigation are known. The document is available to the journalists accredited by the Public Ministry.

Between the legal proceedings, which are now public, is the inquest made to Kate McCann on the 7th of September. An inquest published, this Sunday, by Correio da Manhã, in which Kate takes refuge in the statute of arguida and leaves 48 questions without answer. Madeleine's mother did not explain what she saw and what she did, nor where she searched and in what she touched and moved as soon as she entered the apartment in the night of the 3rd of May of last year.

Meanwhile SOL and SIC report that the Judiciary Police (PJ) guarantee that the McCanns have moved the furnitures inside the bedroom and that some evidences were manipulated to create a scene of abduction and to conceal the scene of death: “There are strong indicators that they have altered the crime scene, moving some of the furniture." the Judiciary Police report concludes "that the modification was done intentionally in an attempt to do a simulation of a scene of abduction.

Later On: Gonçalo Amaral, Former Judiciary Police Coordinator of the Maddie Case will comment on the released Process today at 22:30 on RTP-N (TV channel)

Side Note: The Case Madeleine though archived can be reopened until the 3rd of May of 2022.

Notice:How This is London copied and pasted with very few changes Astro's translation here in this blog of the 41 questions published in Correio da Manhã last Sunday. Do they think that we are stupid? Actually this is not the first time that a British tabloid copies our translations of Portuguese News - I even wrote an e-mail to an editor asking him if he wanted our services as  translators seeing that the only thing British Journalists do is to copy and paste bloggers, follow the orders to sell editorial guidelines, defamation and xenophobia as a rule of thumb....


  1. This brave man seems to be fighting this war on his own.

    Is there any way we can get a message to him to say that he has much support?

  2. Joana
    I just read the piece from the Telegraph... journalism after several paragraphs about the "slopy investigation" they come to the conclusion that:"Kate and Gerry are no longer arguidos. All that matters is the search for Madeleine. Kate and Gerry's lawyers are continuing to examine all of the information in minute detail and where anything that is relevant to finding Madeleine needs to be done it will be"...
    And Clary needs a job!!! The more waves he makes the longer he'll keep it! Goooood!!!

  3. This couple rules Britannia
    This couple rules the waves
    Britons will never, never, never
    Stop being their slaves...

    (meaning no offence, naturally.
    And no prophecy...)


  4. I may have to stop reading the UK rags to keep from being furious all over again and just stick to reading the translations about the McCann case on your and Paulo's blogs from the Portuguese media.

    I can't stand the deliberate twisting of the truth and the continued attempt to denigrate the PJ after all they went through on behalf of Madeleine.

  5. Seeing those pictures of the bedroom its easy to see ow the pj knew the staging because of moved furniture, the barpet will have had the indentations of the furnitures usual/original place....Why the hell was this not evidence against them ?


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