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Madeleine’s paternity is questioned again - Sol

The lab tests do not guarantee that Gerry McCann is Madeleine’s biological father, according to what a senior official from the National Institute of Forensics Medicine told newspaper 24Horas

Gerry McCann may not be Madeleine’s father, despite the fact that the couple has always denied this possibility, assuming only that the little girl was conceived through artificial insemination.

At the time when Madeleine McCann disappeared, on the 3rd of May 2007 from the apartment in Praia da Luz, the Polícia Judiciária had serious doubts concerning the little girl’s paternity, but the McCann couple always stated that she was a biological daughter.

The doubt about her paternity, according to 24Horas, ended up never being explored or taken as relevant for the investigation into the case of the girl’s disappearance.

A senior official at the National Institute for Forensic Medicine who was contacted by 24Horas confirms that “concerning the twins there is an absolute certainty that they are from Gerry. The same cannot be said of Madeleine McCann, because the alleles that were found do not allow for a precise determination of who the real biological father is”.

source: SOL online, 27.08.2008


  1. In 2006 Tony Blair hailed new DNA techniques - allows scientists to unravel mixed genetic samples.

    The FSS which developed DNAboost was stripped of control of the bank of 3.5 m samples in September 2005 when it was made an independent GOVERNMENT BACKED COMPANY.

    Facts in Mr Amaral's book include extent of Government intervention and influence. PJ suffered very lengthy delays with forensic tests and were charged extortionate sums.

    Forensics: FSS confirmed 37 components; 15 matched Madeleine's DNA profile - the remaining 22 genetic blueprints were 'mixed in' - left by 'two' - readily identifiable by DNA cross matching.

    Today's media spin differs in context from FSS facts in Mr Amaral's book.

    There appears to be a need for the media controller to cast doubts on Gerry's DNA ties to Madeleine's in the ADDITIONAL 22 components.

    "Nothing to do with me Guv, I ain't her Dad".

    Gerry confirmed he was 'directly involved and present' throughout the IVF process as a donor.

    There does, however, appear to be
    FSS had a legal duty to identify the remaining 22 genetic profiles against DNA specimens police obtained from everyone in the apartment.

    their identities were withheld from PJ, as were critically important hair specimen results. PJ's request for return of hair specimens was refused.

  2. The McCanns seem to deny anything that does not suit them. We have also repeatedly been given a front that may be hiding an opposite reality. UK media outlets always present Kate and Gerry McCann as the ideal couple, united, holding hands. Is that the truth? We know now they slept in separate rooms the night before Madeleine was reported missing because they had a row. It must have been a rather fierce disagreement. In their bedroom they had twin beds, but separate beds was not distance big enough between them, Kate had to move into the room next door.

  3. I see said the blindman who couldnt see at all...If this is true it throws all manner of things in to the mix..Although I have to say in the photos of Gerry with Madeleine as a baby, Madeleine certainly looks the spitting image of him.
    Will Clarence hold is tongue on this issue as he did with the Payne allegations....ony time will tell.

  4. Surely you are not suggesting that she is the double glazers ? or Gordon's ?
    I must say that would explain an awful lot.

  5. Speak your mind,if you said Madeleine certainly looks the spitting image of Kate, I would agree with you. I'm afraid I cannot see a clear resemblance with Gerry.

  6. It has puzzled me for some time why Gerry Mcc has not carried out his previous threat to sue. Too much to lose?

    The extent of corruption in this case is getting beyond belief.

    surely to goodness there are still people out there in positions of influence who are not prone to such destructive practices. Who actually believe in little things like truth and justice???

    Or am I being extremely naive?

    This is Blaire's Britain (after-effects) snouts-in-troughs, cronyism, And 'good days to bury bad news' rule the roost.

    How discouraging.

  7. There are renewed doubts about Gerry being Madeleine's biological father. He insists he is, but one learns to take with a pinch of salt anything the McCanns say.

    What they say either directly or via their spokesman always seems to serve a purpose regardless of being true or false, more often false than true. It may be a key statement like the mantra-like 'abduction', it may be a small detail. As an example of the latter I shall quote the New Zealand wine reference in Kate's first interview (thank you Nige for the ongoing summary of the PJ's Final Report on the mccannfiles site).

    In her Police interview the day after the evening Madeleine is reported missing, Kate says she and Gerry put Madeleine and the twins to bed and then stayed in the apartment until 8.30pm relaxing, which included drinking a glass of New Zealand wine.

  8. (cont'd)
    A mother in what would be a desperate situation - trying to find her 'abducted' daughter - would not normally bother to mention the type of wine or its source country. Why mention they drank 'a' glass (no more...) of non-Portuguese wine. Was this a calculated detail, with the hidden message that what is Portuguese is useless, culminating with the Police. The Portuguese Police would soon be blamed, and Kate would soon manage some words in Portuguese in her media appeal to the 'abductor': Por favor devolva a nossa menina. Remember?

  9. anonymous,

    Whether or not Kate's comment of sleeping in Madeleine's bed was made in response to certain police findings remains to be seen.

    An independent witness did report a 'fracas' on McCanns return to a sobbing child on 1 May. She alone had been heard crying for l hr 15 mins. No independent witness saw Madeleine on 2 or 3 May. Shortly after her parents reported her missing, Kate's own injuries were clearly visible in a TV interview;
    cut above right eye, coupled with facial bruising, grip mark bruising to both upper arms and wrists.

    Kate was a victim of violence.
    Did this occur before or after her daughter was reported 'missing' ?

    The photo of Madeleine holding tennis balls raised concerns; some interpreted large red marks on her arms as 'slap marks', others as very bad eczema.

  10. Facts and FSS Report - Mr Amaral's testimonial book.

    FSS have an obligation to the police. Specimens taken by hand to the laboratories were confirmed as cadaver. Genetic profiles of 'two' others, over and above substantial component match (15) to Madeleine's DNA profile.

    Police also took DNA specimens of everyone deemed relevant in their enquiries. Delivered by hand to FSS with cadaver specimens.

    Results of hair analysis were withheld from PJ, along with the identity of the two 'owners' of the 22 'additional' genetic components (NOT Madeleine's). The 'two' people identified by FSS had been in direct contact with cadaver specimens found and analyzed.

    In their report to PJ, FSS raised no questions or doubts regarding the DNA of Madeleine's biological father. Sol's article, in line with all media reports, contains misinformation and is grossly misleading.

    Government intervention and unnecessary delays throughout the forensic processes concerned PJ to such an extent that they visited Britain THREE times to expedite results.

    In return, the forensic identification of 'two' parties directly involved with cadaver specimens was withheld, along with hair analysis results and original samples.

    PJ were not only dealing with critically important results being withheld, they were clearly unaware that, according to reports, FSS is not an independently run establishment; it's Government backed - with taxpayers money.

  11. It's unique for parents in cases of 'missing' children to appoint a media spokesman. The public were told that this was due to secrecy laws in Portugal.

    It is even more unique that parents of a 'missing' child continue to need a media spokesperson after being at liberty to speak for themselves.

    All 'secret' information is now out. I have no reason to doubt information received that Mr Amaral's book is in the hands of a London distributor.


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