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McCann Files: Jane Michelle Tanner

Notice, the following is a small extract of a synopsis of 'Maddie, The Truth of The Lie' by Mr.Gonçalo Amaral. It is published here in this resumed format for copyright reasons and also to allow you, the reader to understand inconsistencies in the statements done by Jane Tanner. As you know, Gonçalo Amaral was the coordinator of the process up to the 2nd October 2007, the book reports the facts and the facts are in the process distributed to the media yesterday.

Chapter 3 - News about a disappearance. The first 72 hours, pages 36 -74.


- best to separate everyone and take all statements at once, important to question everyone, in case M's abduction were a mistake and one of the other children were the true target

- logistically, all can't be heard at once; someone has to stay with the children (why not use the creche?)

- the morning of 4 May, only Gerry, Jane Tanner and Matthew Oldfield are interviewed... and inconsistencies already arise (Jane sees possible abductor; Gerry doesn't see abductor though he's there at the same time with Jeremiah); the rest of the group is interviewed the afternoon of 4 May, giving too much time for the others to learn the questions/answers of the first.

- translation slows things down, giving too much time to think

- the parents insist upon abduction and force this, and only this, idea

- Gerry says he left the front door locked and the apt was secure; Kate says she entered via the back door. She confirms that the bedroom window was wide upon and the blinds up.

The checking was defined as follows:

21h05 - GM checks, all is fine with the children

21h10/21h15- JT sees alleged abductor carrying child

21h30 - MO, enters apt 5A but not the bedroom, sees only the twins

22h00 - Kate raises alarm, M missing

- BUT if the window was wide open when MO checked, how did he not notice?

- MO says the bedroom door was half open, Kate says it was wide open

- Unexpectedly, other inconsistencies arise: Kate, when she talks about the person who allegedly took M, she refers to info that Jane has provided. Yet Kate describes someone completely different that Jane's person. (Jane = light trousers and shoulder length hair; Kate = long hair and jeans)

- Jane makes herself completely available and testifies several times

- to the police, Gerry says Jane told him, about midnight 4 May, that she saw an unknown individual, 30-40 yo, light trousers, dark hair, going up the street

- the GNR affirms that the parents immediately raised the abduction theory because Jane saw this man carrying a child; the GNR statements have this description: man, light trousers, 1,78m, dark shirt and carrying a child that appeared to be wearing pyjamas. Nothing else about the child, the pyjamas nor the man.

- by 11:30, 4 May, Jane gives another description, more detailed: a dark skinned man, 35-40yo, thin, 1,7m, dark, thick shoulderlength hair, linen pants of beige or gold color, a "Duffy" type jacket though not as thick, with classic black shoes: walking quickly and carrying a child laying across his two arms in front of his chest; by his dress, he didn't look like a tourist and didn't seem like a tourist because he was so bundled up ("encasacado"?). the child appeared to be sleeping, though she only saw the legs, the feet were bare and the pyjamas looked like cotton, a light color, maybe white or pink, with a design, perhaps, though she wasn't sure, perhaps with flowers.

- Jane says she would recognize the man from the back and by the way he walked. (later we'll understand the importance of this statement!)

- Jane's testimony surprised everyone. she says she didn't know what M was wearing. how could she not? 14 hrs had passed since the disappearance and Jane's version had been heard by many. Gerald even mentioned her testimony. but Jane says she only talked the Gerald without giving details, and only after she had talked to the police.

- but Kate had immediately, on the night of 3 May, given a description of what M was wearing. how could Jane, the next day, not know this when she talked to the police? everyone that night, who helped in the searches, was looking for a 3-4yo girl, barefoot, dressed in PJs with a top and light-colored bottoms, with a pink animal design. it's very surprising that Jane says she didn't have this information when she spoke to the police the next day, especially as she was making herself the most important witness in this phase of the investigation


- still 4 May, the parents are returning to Luz when a video is located at a gas station on the road from Lagos to Spain. A girl who looks like M is shown with two adults.. We ask the McCanns to return to Portimão, the afternoon is ending, we want to see if they can identify the girl in the video.

- Kate shows herself to be a bit irritated at being required to return to the police station and upset at the speed reached by the police car that was taking them back to Portimão. We were surprised that she showed no hope that her daughter might be recovered. (the video was not of M)


- more police arrive from Lisbon; though not requested by GA, they are a big help. management is raised up a level within the police department. the efficacy of this is questioned later, and no reason is given for this move.


- 4 May afternoon, authorization is requested to hold a press conference, in order to request information that might lead to M's recovery.

- 5 May, press release is done, M's foto released, along with contact info. Given the possibility of someone trying to alter her appearance, different hair lengths and styles are shown. Most responses are from psychics or people who dream about or have visions of Maddie. All are reviewed.


- 20h00-22h00, 4 May, GA/team in Praia da Luz. It is obvious that there is very poor visibility in the area where Jane saw this possible abductor, undoubtedly making her detailed description difficult.

- Other witnesses say that on 3 May, in that area, at 21h58, there was no one around.

- The investigative teams continue to review Jane's statement: something doesn't make sense. Why would someone walk towards the most open area, even though there was not enough lighting to allow Jane to see anything in detail? A planned abduction would mean studying the area, the people. A car would have been parked away from the streetlights, in the opposite direction that Jane saw her abductor walking. Did she see someone going the opposite direction? If the abductor was using a car, he would have had to have driven through the center of Luz, passing in front of the parent's restaurant.... all options are reviewed. It's decided that the beach is the easiest place to reach for anyone who didn't have a car and did not know the area well.

- in the few bars, restaurants and cafés open at that time, no one saw anything unusual on the night of 3 May. (most closed at 21h00)

Sketch drawn by Jane Michelle Tanner

1 Entrance to Tapas Restaurant

2 Walkway that leads to the front of the apartments

3 Chat between Gerald and Jez

4 Where the witness stood (and direction) when she observed an individual carrying a child

5 Child carrying individual leaves the walkway and walks across the road crossing

6 Parking lot in front of the apartments

7 Building’s entry to the apartments

8 When the witness 4 arrived at spot 5 the individual was already at this point 8

From the Panorama Transcript


Speaking in August

I bumped into one guy I played tennis with in the street when I'd gone in to check, and that was the first time I think of any of the nights that I'd been going up and down that I saw anyone else really - five, six nights, and it was incredibly quiet.

BILTON: They spoke for a few minutes. At this time around 9.15 Jane Tanner thinks about checking on her children.


Friend of the McCans

I think the starters were about to arrive so I thought oh, I'll go and do a check in sort of 20 minutes or so before last check. So I thought I'll go and do a check before the food arrives. So I just walked out of the restaurant, up the hill, I passed Gerry who was talking to one of his tennis friends at the time. And then after I'd past Gerry, at the top of the road I just saw somebody walking across the top of the road I just saw somebody walking across the top of the road so I was a reasonable distance away from them, and that person was carrying a child.

BILTON: You say "a person." Male or female?

JANE: Oh a male, a male.

BILTON: And just describe that individual to us.

JANE: He was about probably 5'8 tall, he was taller than me but not 6' and so between those two. He was wearing quite a lot of clothes and that's one thing in hindsight again I think was quite odd because tourists when they're abroad, Brits abroad would always have cropped trousers or shorts or something, and he had a sort of a big heavy jacket and trousers on, and hair.. the one thing that I remember a lot is the hair. He did seem to have quite a lot of dark, reasonably-long-to-the-neck hair.

BILTON: Describe exactly what he's carrying, what you can see.

JANE: Well I could see.. I could tell it was a child, and I could see the feet and... feet and the bottom of the pyjamas, and I just thought that child's not got any shoes on because you could see the feet, and it was quite a cold night in Portugal in May it's not actually that warm, and I'd got a big jumper on, and I can remember thinking oh that parent is not a particularly good parent, they've not wrapped them up.

BILTON: And could you tell if it was a boy or a girl?

JANE: Only because the pyjamas had a pinky aspect to them so you presume a girl. It was actually quite cold.

BILTON: From your sketch he appears to be carrying the child in a sort of unusual way.

JANE: Yeah, he was carrying sort of across the body like that. I suppose in hindsight you'd probably think somebody would carry them more against the shoulder.

BILTON: And I have to ask you this. Are you absolutely sure of what you saw? It was a long time ago and it was only for a brief period?

JANE: Brief period but at the time I knew what I'd seen. I gave that information to the police and because of the pyjamas I'm absolutely convinced that is what I saw. (...)

Watch the BBC Panorama with Jane Tanner- second part of The Mystery of Madeleine McCann

For the Full Panorama on Madeleine aired on 18 November 2007 follow the Link

Translation by Astro & Debk


  1. The Smith family were the only independent and credible witnesses to see Madeleine after her parents insisted she had been 'abducted' - proven to be impossible in independent studies as well as forensic evidence to the contrary.

    Mr Amaral states in his book that he arranged for the Smith family to be flown to Portugal to give sworn testimonies, after which he was removed from the case. Gordon Brown spoke of his departure two hours before Mr Amaral was notified !

    Jane Tanner's varying accounts were not considered credible. The Panorama programme was undoubtedly orchestrated by Mitchell, seconded from the Home Office to pervert the course of justice in this case. Media coverage is clearly under the control of the British Establishment.

  2. Another reason Jane Tanners testimony was proved to be untrue is because the lighting in PDL would have shown the pink Pyjamas to in fact look peach coloured,
    Also the crap about not telling Kate or Gerry immediately what she saw because she did not want to upset them!!They must have had the P.J marked up as fools if they think their stories sound even half way true.
    I rememeber watching the panaramma interview and thinking that Tanner was as cold as the McCannns, not a tear in her eyes and an awfull lot of smirking.Remember Tanner would have known Madeleine personally yet she was talking of the "abductiion" as flippantly as if she was talking of a car being stolen.
    The whole bunch of them are pretty fucked up in the head. Not one of them has ever shown the slightest emotion or empathy for Madeleine.....If thats the middle classes for you, I would rather keep the company of thieves.


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