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Meet the authors of 'O Enigma da Praia da Luz' and 'A Estrela de Madeleine'

Tomorrow, Saturday the 23rd of August, Frederico Duarte Carvalho and Paulo Pereira Cristóvão will be attending the Book Fair in Lagos (Algarve), at 9.30 p.m., to present their books about the case of Madeleine McCann.

Frederico Duarte Carvalho, a journalist for newsmagazine 'Focus' and an author who has already published several books, wrote ‘O Enigma da Praia da Luz’ (The Enigma of Praia da Luz), a work of fiction that is based on real life facts. The idea for this romance appeared during the first two months of journalistic investigation that Frederico Duarte Carvalho did on the McCann case.

Paulo Pereira Cristóvão, who was an agent with Polícia Judiciária for 17 years, left the police force to found his own company. He presides over the Portuguese Association for Missing Children, and after writing a book about the case of Joana Cipriano, in which he was directly involved, he decided to write ‘A Estrela de Madeleine’ (The Star of Madeleine), a work of fiction based on real life events.

So if you are in the Lagos area tomorrow, don’t miss the opportunity to meet these two authors, who have very interesting opinions about the case of Madeleine McCann, which are well reflected in their books.


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  2. Joana,

    My niece kindly bought me Mr Cristovao's "Star" books as a birthday gift whilst on holiday in Portugal and had them translated.

    His support for his friends and colleagues in PJ was heartwarming. They were being treated appallingly by the British media and that time. Mr Cristovao highlighted the extent of Government intervention and influence in Madeleine's case.
    Beautifully written, as was Amaral Goncala's 'Truth of the Lie'.

    I have a copy of the Court Report of Joana's case; poor, poor child.
    At least the evidence was presented for Court examination and judgment, so justice was served.

    People are spending millions keeping the police facts and findings in Madeleine's case out of Court and the public eye.

    Tragically, the only 'enigma' regarding Madeleine's death, concluded by evidenced facts, is the location of burial/cremation.
    The theory that she was returned to England is the most plausible.

    The British Government continues to protect the McCanns and ensured they were not arrested or made to return to Portugal for vital re-questioning and a reconstruction. This is unique in criminal/political history.

    In normal circumstances the British authorities react very strongly to the death of innocent children.

  3. Astro,

    Link to the article please ...

    Colleagues are in the area on Saturday and have kindly offered to attend and get me signed copies ... very exciting.

    Mr Cristovao was the first to publish the extent of intervention by the British Government in Madeleine's case. It caused PJ, his friends and colleagues, so much hindrance.

  4. Darn it! More books that the Brits haven't got access to!

    Come on people, get these books over to the UK please!

  5. 'Anonymous' who asked for a link:


    This is Frederico Duarte Carvalho's excellent blog. The last entry before he went on holidays until Sept 1, mentions the event at the book fair in Lagos.

    You can also find Astro at the book fair on Saturday evening - not handing out autographs, not quite yet. See if you can spot me...?

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    Last night during the regular forum backup, when it finished there was a failure that resulted in a database table getting corrupted.

    I'm now recovering the entire forum database from the last backup, which will take around 1 hour to get it done.

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    We'll be back asap.

  7. Astro, please let us know if you find out anything of interest...enjoy your day


  8. Astro,

    How can I spot you ?

    I said colleagues in the area will pay a visit. One has already met Mr Cristovao and is looking forward to meeting him again.

  9. Astro,

    Thanks for the link ...

  10. aacg,

    Clarrie's playing games with his media monitoring unit. They made a poor job of replicating 3 A's interface.

  11. get em goncalo,

    You'll be glad to know that English version of Truth of The Lie is being privately distributed.

  12. Warning:

    The police have confirmed that most forums are untrustworthy with corruption on the increase.

  13. astro,

    No press coverage or live interviews with the authors ?

    The books sound intriguing - 'fiction and real life facts'. Do you think they will "devastate and upset" the McCanns ?

    Mr Amaral is preparing for his next TV appearances in Spain. Colleagues have relatives living there who have kindly offered to record them.

    I've been invited to Portugal and would love to meet you and Joana. You're both absolute gems.

  14. Let's hope Mr Crisovao's good name is not being taken in vain for the second time.

    There was a forum report earlier this year of him discussing his book in the public arena in Portugal.
    Investigation of the venue and date proved it was totally untrue.

    Mr Cristovao not only published details of the intervention of the British Government, he also highlighted the level of corruption involved. He quotes in his book "a TV station was offered 2,000 euros a week for coverage of the McCann case from an angle at variance to PJ". He confirmed the offer was declined for the same reasons Mr Amaral declined the lucractive offer of a British tabloid when 'news' of his book became known.

    Mr Cristovao's public relevations led to him being deliberately misquoted.

  15. "Tragically,the only 'enigma' regarding Madeleine's death, concluded by evidenced facts, is the location of burial / cremation. The theory that she was returned to England is the most plausible."

    A quem que escreveu isto: Pode muito bem ser que se trate de uma hipótese que corresponde à realidade. Se assim for, confirmará o adágio português que diz "Com a verdade me enganas". Havia grande ênfase por parte dos McCann em que era preciso que a Madeleine regressasse a "HOME", e esta palavra inglesa pode ter vários significados: casa / lugar de residência / terra (no sentido de pátria).

  16. astro,

    It's very bizarre - "Duarte" & Cristovao were nowhere to be found !

    The gentleman who kindly signed the book given to me was grey haired, fully retired.

  17. Good day!All days!


    one of many,many....

  18. Why cant someone get these books and the facts into the UK!!!!

    Spycatcher all over again!

  19. astro,

    The authors were no-where to be found !

  20. Astro,

    Duarte & Mr Cristovao were nowhere to be found.

    Seems you've been spun a yarn, or two or three .........


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