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Mysterious photos interest the PJ - 24Horas

Judiciária “attentive” towards new evidence in the Maddie case

Police investigates the possible existence of new photos from the night that Madeleine McCann disappeared

The Judiciária is analyzing the case of the supposed existence of photographs that were taken by a tourist inside the Tapas Bar restaurant on the day that Madeleine disappeared, a source at the PJ stated to 24Horas.

“Despite the archiving of the judicial process, we remain attentive to any fact or any piece of evidence that allows for us to clarify the circumstances under which the child disappeared”, the same source referred. If the facts justify it, the process may even be reopened.

Yesterday, 24Horas published statements from French journalist and blogger Duarte Lévy, in which he says that he saw some of the 24 photos that a tourist says he took inside the Tapas Bar between 8.10 and 10.15 p.m. on the 3rd of May.

At that time, the McCann couple dined with the group of seven British tourists that accompanied them in their Algarvian holidays, until the moment, at around 10 p.m., when Kate got up from the table. She would return shortly afterwards, saying that Maddie had disappeared.

Easily identifiable

According to Duarte Levy, the images “are not coincidental” with the report that was made by the English to the PJ, about what happened that evening.

According to the journalist, the photographs were taken by a tourist who was having dinner at the Tapas Bar, in the company of his wife and another couple.

Based on this description, the PJ should not have any difficulties in reaching the owner of the photos, given that at a certain point in the process the reservation list of the restaurant was apprehended.

24Horas has been able to establish that on the 3rd of May, apart from the McCann group – that had booked a table for 8.30 p.m. and where 9 persons were seated – there were only three other tables that were occupied by four persons, identified by their surnames: Edmonds, Buller and Patell. All of them were already inside the Tapas Bar when Kate and Gerry McCann arrived there, only a few minutes after the scheduled hour.

source: 24Horas, August 20, 2008


  1. The object of the media exercise continues ....

    To waste police time with false leads and information in perverting the course of justice.

  2. I beleive Duarte Levy. I trust HIM; I trust PJ.
    Pj had the reservation list of the restaurant. And, seems D.L. have seen the photos. I hope is stay well and completly in security .

  3. Will be false leads and information?

    I,in this moment,supose not.I read in pt to understand better. I believe D.L.

    But,the brits., having also the names of the people who have a dinner that night, very probably PJ never will get the photos.Brits. make everything to "block"/bloquear o curso da Justiça.

    But is a BIG DREAM and I HOPE the dream comes true,FOR MADDIE!

  4. Forcefully publicised all over the world by the McCann PR machine, the 'abduction' theory has resulted in a tremendous amount of Madeleine 'sightings', some certainly well-intentioned others more opportunistic.

    Anyone with information that would contradict the 'abduction' theory may have felt intimidated. Once 'abduction' ceases to be the monopolising point of view, there is a chance someone with relevant information may feel more comfortable in coming forward. Let's hope this is the case over the photographs.

    Unfortunately here in the UK the general public are still being given a rather one-sided view of the Madeleine McCann case. The key notes are still 'abduction' as the explanation for Madeleine's disappearance and a 'blundering' PJ as the scapegoat for an unsolved case.

  5. SOS Madeleine nothing since 17 August;kiddnapping.be,since 18.
    Is D.L. working? Is He well?
    I hope so!

  6. In our supposedly democratic Britain free speech appears to be non-existent when it comes to the Maddie case. British tourists may be too frightened to show the Portuguese Police photographs that would prove Maddie's fate is not what her parents have led us to believe. Perhaps the tourists mentioned in this article are not British.

  7. Irishman Martin Smith has told the Police he saw a man carrying a child in her pyjamas he thinks was Gerry carrying Madeleine around 10 pm the night of May 3rd. According to other witnesses, at that time Gerry was sitting at the table in the Tapas restaurant. Two questions: Were those witnesses Kate and Gerry's friends and their statement as reliable as that of Jane Tanner about the alleged 'abductor'? Are the photographs going to prove whether Gerry was or not at the table at the time Mr Smith believes to have seen him with Madeleine?

  8. anonymous,

    Link please to Mr Levy's written confirmation of having seen the photo's.

  9. anonymous,

    Government ministers, not "the Brits" perverted the course of justice on several counts. Prevented arrest and detention for trial by Court; Home Office refused PJ's request to re-question McCanns as prime suspects. McCanns & Tapas friends refused to attend reconstruction.

    Tapas interview were corrupt; all were given access to statements made to PJ who were barred from attendance to 'study body language'.

    The 'Brits' are increasingly disgusted ...

  10. truthseeker,

    Whatever the source and content of the 'highly publicized' photo's may be, they will not alter facts.

    Eddy & Keela pinpointed positive proof of Madeleine's death in several locations in the apartment and the vehicle.

    The independent Smith family identified Gerry as the man they saw (and spoke to) carrying a pyjama clad child of Madeleine's description who 'appeared to be asleep'.

    Mitchell made no comment on this sighting, despite it being critically important.

    Mr Amaral's arrangements to fly the Smiths to Portugal were followed by his dog being killed (serious head injury), then his discharge which Brown knew about 2 hours before he was told.

    Any other parents, without strong Government connections, would have been arrested and charged last September.

    Have Labour & Portuguese ministers
    colluded ? Corruption in the EU is reported to be rife. Did self interest take precedence over the death of an innocent child ?

    This was certainly the case in the Jersey Care Home. A Social Services employee was sacked for reporting the horrendous abuse.

  11. anonymous,

    SOSmaddie - probably been targetted by Mitchell's Monitoring Unit - illegally.

    I work from three IP addresses since police found ID of 'hackers' on my home computer. BT have allowed broadband access - 'special authorization', i.e. Home Office. I'm a 61 year old law abiding citizen, advocate of law and order and I've believed Eddie & Keela and PJ in this case and voiced it in forums.

    My comments since 14th April - date 'specially authorized' device was fitted - are mostly 'blocked' from forum debate. All reputable forums and service providers are affected.

    Mr Amaral was left no option other than book publication of facts; others are following suit including transcript of police files.

  12. anonymous,

    The McCanns and Tapas friends refused to return for a police reconstruction. Actions speak louder than words.

    Faking photographs is child's play.

    The colobama was 'added' to Madeleine's eye for 'marketing'.
    "A good marketing ploy" said Gerry.

  13. anonymous,

    FACTS: Gerry was seen, not only by the Smith family, but by police investigators.

    Faking and fraud in a syndicated abduction continues with 'sensational photographs' !!!

  14. To the Anonymous commentator who wrote the following: "The object of the media exercise continues... To waste police time with false leads and information on perverting the course of justice."
    Dear Anonymous, please do not fall into the media spin trap. What has been wasting police time and perverting the course of justice is the attempt to channel everyone's mind into thinking that Madeleine was abducted, eliminating any other possibilities. This has been done ad nauseam by the McCanns and their supporters. What we now have is the chance of new evidence, some photos, which may or not throw new light and help clarify matters. At the very least they provide a chance of an open-minded approach.

  15. Joana,

    The British are told that 24Horas is not always reliable in it's reporting.

    Article - Paulo Reis -"Francisco Balsemao - Portuguese Press tycoon and member of Board of Directors of DAILY MAIL (pro McCann) and General Trust plc. He's chairman and chief executive of IMPRESA, SGPS, Chairman of European Publishers Council and

    PJ obtained statements from Tapas witnesses, waiters included.
    Police files - their investigators saw Gerry driving alone late than night (after Smith family's sighting) "looking like a man who has no friends".

  16. anonymous,

    British tourists with genuine photographs would not have failed to realize their importance months and months ago. The publicity has been overwhelming !

    The Smith family phoned the police as a result of TV coverage of 'arguios' return to England.

  17. Have you noticed the last post by Paulo Reis? If you click the image, there is a Portuguese song related to a revolution in the XIX century...What's going on?

  18. The plot thickens.

    The media campaign commencing on 12.01 a.m. on 4 May has been used soley for the McCanns' benefit, as opposed to Madeleine's, since the Daily Express deleted all police facts and findings. It remains a willing party to prejudice in it's failure to honestly report and inform. Relevant police facts and findings remain "barred".

    In addition, those producing evidenced facts, such as Mr Amaral & Duarte level are slandered. False allegations are printed and is 'water of a duck's back' to those of the calibre and professionalism of Mr Amaral & Duarte Levy. It's criminal, but this is the McCanns chosen method of defence.

    Police files reveal concerns with Gerry and his behaviour, whilst British tabloids gave the false impression of Kate being the focus.

    There is clearly a need to 'show' Gerry elsewhere at the precise times the Smith family met him and investigators saw him "driving alone looking like a man with no friends".

    The very belated paparazzi style photos 'obtained' by McCann mechanics are used to falsely accuse Duarte, Mitchell latest media victim.

    The only clothes of relevance to the PJ in this case are those on which cadaver odour was found, along with odour on Madeleine's clothing, i.e. evidence on police files. Kate's included black checked trousers and light top, Madeleine's clothing was not specified.

    The purpose of every media exercise is defame the police, reputable journalists etc. etc.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures ... stand by for more 'photos', courtesy Mitchell 'media manager/controller'.

  19. claudia,

    What is going on ?

    I'm surprised someone of your intelligence didn't realize Paulo would also be targetted along with Duarte Levy.

    Police confirm his site is under the control of 'others'. I'll leave you to guess the ID. Fear not, he's been notified.

  20. claudia,

    I'm shortly visiting Portugal by invitation - would you like to meet up ?

    As you know, I've been a supporter of Mr Amaral & PJ throughout, especially so since Jane Hill's TV report last September. As you may remember, the forensics released by Leicester Police weren't broadcast in your country, presumably due to secrecy laws.
    They are certainly out now aren't they and cannot be contained.

    Clarrie's showing serious signs of strain - have you noticed how much hair he's losing ?? !!! His face looks as haggard as Gordon Brown's. Not a healthy life, spinning and lying. Blair's spinmaster suffered a complete breakdown.

    It would be nice to meet you along with Alsabella. I've some very helpful friends in the police who've managed to track her down.

    Hopefully, you'll be able to join us, but I know how busy you are translating these days.

    Please let me know ....


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