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Opinion article by Gonçalo Amaral - Correio da Manhã

Matter of Fact

Sighting of the Truth

The so-called “Maddie Case” process was made public last Monday. On that day, a new era in the relationship between the Portuguese Justice and the public was started. Journalists from all over the world jumped on the thousands of pages, looking for secrets as if they were the key to a mystery. It did not take more than a few hours for the brilliant minds to discover what a vast team of Portuguese and English investigators and experts hadn’t found in 14 months.

Leads and sightings jumped up in great numbers – all of them credible and despised by the police, obviously. It is only elementary commonsense that the process is read and re-read, so it can be understood completely and in a serene manner; criticism, if it exists, should come afterwards, or we risk to fall into the gratuitous sensationalism that some of the press victimized us to (us, incautious citizens). The right to inform is not to speculate. And that is not what is expected from our journalists who, truth be told, always knew how to distinguish themselves from the British. Do not lose reason now. You are thanked by Justice, by the citizens – and, let’s not forget, by the child that disappeared on the 3rd of May 2007.


  1. "The right to inform is not to speculate" ... never were truer words spoken, Mr Amarel.

    From day one, the British media has been used to misinform, insult the police and their misrepresent the evidence.

  2. So the process has been public for almost a week now, it's strange that not one official witness statement has been published by the media (as far as I know) Where are the McCanns and group statements? Mrs Fenn, Pennington, the waiters at tapas bar, Chaplins, were they actually there?. All we are being told in the UK are about Mitchell's ridiculous and old "sightings".

  3. A deflection campaign is underway.

    Before the report was released, the media feeding frenzy was understandable given the couple's badly designed media campaign.

    Now that it is officially known that Madeleine is believed to be dead by the PM, you would think Queen Elizabeth or the Prime Minister or the Catholic Archbishop would hold a national moment of silence for this poor unfortunate child.

    Better yet, all should unite in the name of peace and unity and give Madeleine the much needed respect and dignity she deserves.

  4. Muito bem este artigo de opinião a regular os (nossos,em geral) comportamentos.! apelo à calma e serenidade. Bom senso. Dar nome às coisas.


    anon:very well!

    .... give Madeleine the much needed respect and dignity she deserves.

    09/08/08 15:30

  5. '...it is only elementary common sense that the process is read and re-read ...' Absolutely.

    I've just been reading Clarence in the daily mail commenting on a report that flat 5A was rented out four times before 'police sealed it off'. From this snippet Clary concludes: 'I think people will draw their own conclusions about the strength of any material that was recovered'. Oh we have, Clarence, we have. Is this really the best you can come up with? You're beginning to look and sound jaded, clary. Time for a new job, maybe? This simplistic response to a piece of junk journalism changes absolutely nothing regarding people's perceptions of your two bossom buddies - for or against. But it does make more and more people wonder what they have to hide - why they need to smear the original investigation in this way (hardly assisting any 'search' for Madeline) whilst refusing to answer the many questions that make them look so guilty.

    I was reading an article the other day about how these dogs are solving crimes decades after they were perpetuated. Amazing beasts.
    The Dogs Don't Lie. I have to agree, though (in retrospect) it's such a shame they wern't used sooner.


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