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Photofit was identified - Correio da Manhã

SuspectsPortraits by Lance Purser and Derek Flack

His name is Barrington Godfrey Norton, he is a music teacher and at the time resided inside a white van next to Praia da Luz, in the Algarve

The two photofits that are included in the process concerning the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are of the same person, and according to Gonçalo Amaral, the former coordinator of the case, belong to an individual who was identified as Barrington Godfrey Norton a few days after the witness statements from Derek Flack and Lance Purser.

These two English citizens told the Portuguese police that they had seen a suspicious man near the Ocean Club, in Praia da Luz, where Madeleine McCann disappeared from. “We identified the person and discarded the information”, Gonçalo Amaral told CM, referring to Flack and Purser.

The first portrait appeared with Derek Flack, aged 64, who described a man of Caucasian race, dark complexion, around 1,75 metres and aged between 25 and 35, according to the deposition that was collected by the Portuguese police. In the same document, it can be read that Derek stated he could not identify the individual if he saw him again. The second portrait originated with Lance Purser, who saw a man in the surroundings of the same location where Derek saw the suspect. The description that was made mentions a Caucasian man, of dark complexion, aged approximately 35 and 1,70 m tall.

Based on these statements, the Portuguese police managed to identify the suspect, and questioned Barrington Norton on the 8th of May 2007. The music professor admitted to having been in the area of the Ocean Club, where he delivered a curriculum and picked up dinner.

English press

‘The Sun’ – ‘Why did the police hide the two portraits?’ is the title of the English paper, which cites the two citizens concerning the testimonies.

‘Daily Mail’ – This newspaper also presents the two portraits, and it can be read that the Portuguese police never revealed them to parents Kate and Gerry.

‘Guardian’ – Apart from the photofits, the newspaper mentions the testimony of a Dutch woman who reportedly spoke to an English child, aged 2 or 3, who supposedly was named Maddie.

Musician – The two photofits picture Barrington Norton, an Englishman who had been in Portugal for five years and slept in his white van. The GNR inspected his vehicle and didn’t find anything out of the ordinary.


Direct speech –Gonçalo Amaral, former coordinator of the process

“Description without value”

Correio da Manhã – Why did you never reveal these two photofits?

Gonçalo Amaral – We didn’t divulge those photos because we cannot go on revealing photofit after photofit. Even more so because we identified the person and it was a musician who was perfectly known in the area. It made no sense.

But were the testimonies by Derek Flack and Lance Purser credible?

There is the testimony from two English persons who reportedly saw a suspect in the surroundings of the Ocean Club. That person was identified by us. The description by one of them ends up being of no value, because at a certain point he says he could not identify him if he saw him.

There is now a witness in Holland who says that she spoke to Maddie in a shop?

I think it is strange that persons spoke to the child and she said her name was Maddie. To us, the parents always said that she did not answer to Maddie, but only to Madeleine.

source: Correio da Manhã, 07.08.2008, paper edition


  1. Yes, Kate made a point of telling us that Maddie only answered to Madeleine.

    Shot herself in the foot there didn't she because she's been stumped on that one.

    However, Gerry refers to Madeleine as Maddie on his Friends Reunited profile.

  2. I admit to being thrown off when I first read the Belguim crap..and now I am sure that is just what it is...crap.
    If abductord were mad enough to take the most recognised child in the world out shopping, why the hell would the allow the child to chat to the store assistant? Why did the store ssistant not question the abductor? call the police immediately? Why only one other person see her, when her face is worth 2.5 million reward?
    This is hwre metedo 3 earn their money....fake sightings and harrassing people like |Mr. Smith!!
    Last night most of the British media ran a " Maddie kidnapped to order for paedo gang" It quite turned my stomach because we know these gangs do in fact operate like this, but we know from the dogs, blood, hairs and leis of the Tapas tribe this is not the case inn Madeleines case....
    However if the McCanns put any weight behind this sighting, why arent the fuckers off to Belguim?

  3. Independent criminal profilers, as well as PJ, can prove in Court that there was no break in and no abductor. It can also be shown in Court that Kate's fingerprints make her party to Mr Amaral's (and others) conclusions of a 'syndicated' plan to waste police time.

    Abduction is eliminated on the basis of fact; 88% DNA match to Madeleine (apartment and boot specimens) is the percentage (17 out of 19 markers) used in Courts to confirm cases of parentage.

    Smith family are independent, credible witnesses who recognized Gerry as the man carrying a child fitting Madeleine's description.
    Since then, Mr Amaral's dog was killed, he was removed from the case having arranged for sworn testimonies from eye witnesses. Since publication of his book, Mitchell has made verbal threats.

    The forensic information broadcast on BBC & Sky the day the McCanns were made arguidas confirmed no abduction. The behaviour since, involving Government officials is akin to the mafia.

    Whilst Mitchell ensures never ending false witness accounts are aired in the press and on TV, he remained totally silent when credible witnesses identified Gerry.

    Two Tapas waiters, as well as the honest, decent Smith family had 'a visit' and have, it was reported, departed.

    Innocent people do not seek the media as a means of defence; the McCanns defence is based solely on spin, lies, bribery and corruption in which politicians strongly feature.

    Miliband put the prime suspects on the stage in Strasbourg, at Brown's request ? Brown has been in contact with Portuguese opposite number. Does the political corruption in this case involve the EU ? Sarkosy reportedly embarrassed Brown on his visit to England by loudly congratulating him on 'getting the Lisbon Treaty passed the British electorate'. The Irish voted a resounding NO and the McCanns are reported to be visiting Ireland.

    Meanwhile, the life and rights of an innocent child, her death and disposal are being swept under the carpet, along with the withheld forensic results.

    Leicester Police have clearly been severely restricted in their legal duties to Madeleine due to orders 'on high'. PJ, following Mr Amaral's dismissal (due to his efficiency), also appear to be suffering interference/influence with their politicians.

  4. speakyourmind,

    A paedophile recently said that a 3 year old child is of 'no use'.

    In genuine cases of death at the hands of a paedophile, i.e. Sarah Payne & Sohom schoolgirls, all three were of an age to satisfy the abductor. Their lives were extremely short lived, for obvious reasons.

    Better for Madeleine that her life ended swiftly at the hand of an 'out of control' parent.

    Thereafter, decent people do NOT employ the likes of Metado 3, condoned and lauded by Mitchell as 'using all means possible'. To silence the truth ......

    The McCanns chose not to return to Portugal for a reconstruction ... their behaviour supports their involvement in the findings of Madeleine's DNA in the apartment and vehicle.

  5. Is this the 'witness' mentioned in Mr Amaral's book who was clearly of no interest to 'lollipop sucking' Gerry ?

    The McCanns undoubtedly have friends in Holland, having lived and worked there. Every man (bar the honourable Mr Amaral) has his price.
    How much of the Fund has been spent paying people to lie ?

    The mafia style fiasco fronted by Mitchell - seconded from the Home Office - is anti law, order and justice in Madeleine's death.

  6. Hi, Joana!
    well I saw Maddie here in my town Rio de Janeiro- Brazil and she said to me:
    "Maria, please take me away from my parents they are trash.I can not drink lots of Calpol anymore.
    And please Maria fly to Rothley and bring Sean an Amelie with you unless they will be also very unhappy like me.The money for my school you can get from Clarence M$."
    I called Gerry and he told me he has no interess in finding Maddie because ist not a big deal.By the way she is in Holland he said.

    Maria -Rio de Janeiro

  7. Barrington Godfrey Norton, a music professor, resided in a white van?

  8. Maria: humor imenso!

    E será que ao acabar,resta saber quando, a lavagem da imagem e os tratamentos de beleza-apenas exteriores-que o clarim clarinete irá ajudar a encontrar a desgraçada da adolescente Amy?


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