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Policemen followed thousands of leads - Correio da Manhã

Sightings: Process includes 2550 pages about persons who say they saw the little girl

The detectives that were hired by the McCanns search for the little English girl on Margarita Island, in Venezuela and in Brussels today. The PJ studied over 1500 locations

Reports appear at an almost daily rate in different parts of the world, where little girls that look like Maddie were seen. Today, the detectives that were hired by the McCanns investigate the possibility that the English girl is alive in Belgium or on Margarita Island, in Venezuela. The Polícia Judiciária has already studied over 1500 locations. The information fills 2550 pages, divided into 14 volumes, of the thirty thousand pages of the process. All the sightings that were narrated to the Portuguese authorities failed to reveal any indicium that Maddie is alive.

In Brussels, a bank security worker says he saw a little girl that looked like Madeleine a week ago, accompanied by a Muslim woman from North Africa. John Berckmans, a spokesman for the Belgium police, says the images from the bank’s video surveillance system are being observed, in order to establish the veracity of the allegations. This sighting appears after it was publicized that the Scotland Yard obtained an information “without evidence” that a Belgium paedophile network had placed an ‘order’ on the internet for a girl, three days before the disappearance. Nevertheless, the PJ also followed up on this lead, which ended up revealing no credibility.

In Venezuela, detectives follow another lead that was raised by British citizen Trevor Francis. On the 16th of May, he recognized Maddie in a restaurant, accompanied by two Spanish women. In the process, yet another recent sighting is reported. This time, in Portugal, by an Angolan citizen, who associates Maddie with a Dutch car.

The Portuguese police reveals that Maddie was seen on the same day in places that are over four thousand kilometers apart. The growth in the volume of sightings made it a priority to collect material to identify the DNA profile.

Video of orgies with children has no connection with the case

The British authorities informed the PJ about the existence of a video where a little girl that looked like Maddie was sexually abused in an orgy. The images were reportedly captured in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, and would include the presence of Arab sheiks. The information was from Superintendent Stuart Prior and included that the video would be delivered in London in exchange for money. Although the girl in the video resembled Maddie, the video was immediately removed from the process because the recording had been made four months before the disappearance.


‘Sunday Express’ – The newspaper places yet another efit of the possible suspect who abducted Maddie in Praia da Luz, on the front page.

‘Sunday Mirror’ – After Belgium, the newspapers detail a possible sighting in the Caribbean.

source: Correio da Manhã, 11.08.2008, paper edition


  1. Oh,so many unhappy children.
    Poors boys and girls,God!

    Although the girl(POOR GIRL) in the video resembled Maddie, the video was immediately removed from the process because the recording had been made four months before the disappearance.

  2. How sickening that videos exist where adults abuse young girls.

  3. Joana,

    The author of the book 'Vanished' interviewed many paedophiles as part of his research. The realities are sickening; paedophile rings target the most vulnerable, including childrens' homes. This explains the suffering, deaths and authorities' abhorrent cover up in the Jersey Case. It is also a fact that a 3 year old child would be of 'no use' to vile paedophillic 'needs'.
    Last, but not least, parents 'rent out' their daughters for money, a practice more prevalent in the East.

    In Britain, the police evidence showing Madeleine's death in her parents' apartment would warrant immediate arrest of suspects, cross questioning in a Court of Law on the basis of substantiated evidence.

    The Detective in charge of the Jersey case reported that a threat had been made to 'burn down his house'. Mr Amaral's dog was killed whilst he pursued his legal duties to Madeleine; he was removed from the case prior to obtaining testimonies for Court from the only independent and credible witness, the Smith family.

    More shocking than the truth in Madeleine's case, is the British authorities behaviour in suppressing it. This is the first time in democratic Britain's political/criminal history that Government ministers have been directly involved in perverting the course of justice involving the death of an English child.

    In normal circumstances, shown in parallel cases, Sarah Payne & Sohom schoolgirls, those responsible for forensic finds are apprehended and tried in Court.
    Failure to comply at interview is also taken into full consideration as well.

    McCanns only means of defence is media spin and lies, coupled with Mitchell's 'threats' to anyone printing or discussing police evidence and inevitable conclusions. The 'true' colours of Britain's Government, but NOT IT'S CITIZENS.

  4. Joana,

    The complete lack of impartial media coverage has never before occurred in Britain in circumstances involving a child's death and disappearance.

  5. What is wrong with he paedos? They are monsters. We need to get rid of them; there is no place for such animals in our society!

  6. Yes,those vídeos exist and when the Police,any Country got them,they must show to the parent´s children abducted or...

    And,we have a sad,sad case about a Strong Mother,here ,Portugal,a Courage Mother.She never,like others,do not give up; BUT SHE enter imediatly to the psychiatric hospital after vídeos....SHE knows the horror..............
    BUT SHE,GREAT WOMAN, she saw them because she have always hope...hope...hope...hope...hope...


  7. Ah,sim e os 3M(segundo o que vem no solarengo e também vindo do frio)vão trabalhar de modo profissional,mais profissional.
    Força!Há mais Natais e mais anos civis.

  8. Sorry to run off the subject, but a thought just crossed my mind, so obvious, so obvious, that its acceptable that no one has yet to ask the following question:
    - If the dogs had found EXACTLY the same forensic evidence at the MCCanns & Friends elected scapegoat's (Murat) house and car, would we now be hearing Mr. Mitchel in the role of his spokesman? I suppose THEN 15 out 19 alleles would be be good enough to throw a rope over the nearest tree branch and hang him to set an example of all...

    Stupid dogs and their stupid noses.

  9. Joana, there's something I try but don't understand. This is about the Irish Smith family's testimony. It was neglected by the PJ's second team because the man, according to the tapas'own testimonies and time considerations, couldn't be Gerald McC. Curious, because after all the man could be the abductor, couldn't he ? And no man came to the police to explain he did carry his daughter to, for example, the nearby doctor because of a fever !
    So either that man is Gerald McC or he is the abductor.
    Does someone see another possibility ? Anyway, in spite of the Smith testimony being considered as secondary, a rogatory letter concerning them is sent
    to UK along with others. Error or misunderstanding ? The LP instead of the gardaï. Couldn't it have been corrected ? The fact is that for some reason it wasn't. Really curious.The issue was just dropped !
    So the PJ, hand in hand with the MP who doesn't comment nor ask for more investigation, neglect the ONLY BEYOND OF ALL DOUBT PROOF, stated by 4 adults, that a child very much Madeleine kind was carried by a man at 22h in the beach direction ?
    Are we expected not to find this very curious ?

    Now imagine the guy is GMcC (whom the Smiths would have remembered as "the Scottish" had he opened his mouth and said two words). He hid first Madeleine's body in some cave on the eastern part of the beach. If someone found it, the abduction thesis would serve all the same. But then he discovered (how? Mystery, but BK found out god knows how where the Smiths live...) that the police had called the Smiths back to PDL. He realised the 4 people he had crossed were a potential danger for him if the body was found.
    That's when and why they decided to rent a car and get rid of the body elsewhere.


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