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Public Ministry admits that Maddie Died - Correio da Manhã

InvestigationDispatch defends the little girl’s death but clears the McCann couple

Public Ministry admits homicide

Prosecutor says that the PJ obtained “little” in terms of conclusive results

The Public Ministry (PM) admits that Madeleine was killed, discards the abduction theory, but does not believe that the McCann couple is involved in their daughter’s death. In the archiving dispatch, prosecutor Magalhães e Menezes says that Kate and Gerry were neglectful, but drops the crime of abandonment and closes the investigation with criticism over the Polícia Judiciária’s work.

“The investigators are aware of the fact that their work is not exempt of imperfections. They have worked with an enormous error margin and what they have achieved is vert little in terms of conclusive results”, the magistrate writes, considering that the result of the investigation does not allow “for an average man to formulate any lucid, sensible, serious and honest conclusion” about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

José de Magalhães e Menezes assumes there is “a high degree of probability that a homicide took place” – he goes further than Gonçalo Amaral who always spoke of an accidental death – but he does not believe in the involvement of the McCann couple, considering that they have always manifested a normal behaviour. On the other hand, the prosecutor alleges that the McCanns had neither the time nor the means to conceal the body, remembering that on the evening of the 3rd of May 2007, the couple had been in Portugal for a few days only and their routine was limited to the limits of the ‘Ocean Club’: “They did not now the surrounding terrain and, apart from their English friends, they had no contacts in Portugal”.

The prosecutor does however fail to point out any other justification for the disappearance of the little girl, after concluding that “no consistent indications were found indicating the execution of an abduction” – defended by the McCanns.

Despite “clearing” the couple, the Public Ministry writes a list of questions that remain unexplained, namely why the procedures of surveillance over the children, by the McCanns and their friends, were changed that night and how the twins failed to wake up in the middle of the confusion – after Kate gave the alert about the disappearance of her daughter. Concerning the constitution of the McCanns as arguidos, he says it is lawful and legitimate and concerning the case, he concludes that “Maddie’s disappearance is a case from real life”.

Over one hundred thousand euros in tests

The hundreds of forensic tests that were performed during the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine cost the state thousands of euros. The last volume of the process only, includes five invoices, concerning DNA tests and analyses of collected biological residues, all over 20 thousand euros. The total is of, at least, 145 thousand euros spent in forensics testing, which was carried out in Portugal and in England. At the British lab, the results of the tests were corrected and were not conclusive.

Reopening of the case under analysis

The McCanns’ Portuguese lawyer, Rogério Alves, is analyzing the process in order to decide whether to request the reopening of the case of the disappearance of Madeleine. “I’m analyzing the process to see if it is worthwhile to give some impulse to the process, that is, to request the opening of the instruction or to advance to a hierarchical superior at the Public Ministry”, Rogério Alves said in Portimão yesterday. The deadline for the instruction in this case ends on September 20.


Direct speechGonçalo Amaral, former coordinator of the process

“With another Public Ministry there would have been another decision”

Correio da Manhã – The Public Ministry admits that Madeleine was killed but archives the case. Is this outcome a consequence of the pressures that you always complained about?

Gonçalo Amaral – I maintain that there are strong indicia. The interpretation and valuation in the light of the Law depends on the person that carries it out. With another Public Ministry I admit there could have been another decision.

Do you think that there was enough evidence to sustain an accusation?

When I left the investigation, there was enough indicia of concealment of a cadaver, simulation of a crime and eventually of abandonment. There are no doubts that there is concealment of a cadaver. The Public Ministry itself speaks of homicide and we didn’t go that far.

The Public Ministry says that the investigators are not exempt of imperfections…

Neither the investigators nor the prosecutors. We are verified by and have always worked under the directions of the Public Ministry. All that we did, we did with their knowledge and with their consent.


Accidental death

The former coordinator of the investigation, Gonçalo Amaral, believes that the little girl died accidentally in the apartment, on the evening of May 3, and that her parents concealed the body.

Numbers from the process

443 searches were carried out in the investigation of the Madeleine case.

300 policemen from various security forces were mobilized during the first days.

130 elements from the Polícia Judiciária were detached to the investigation.

700 witnesses were heard, 112 of them were employees of the resort.

2000 diligences were counted by the Public Ministry.

3 persons were made arguidos: Robert Murat and Madeleine’s parents.


The reader knows

by Manuel Catarino, head of redaction

Since the process of the ‘Maddie case’ became public, on Monday, the most heard sentence on the Portuguese television channels is “The British press revealed that…” – followed by the news of one or another detail that was extracted from the process. They are not reporting any news, at least not for the readers of CM [Correio da Manhã] – who have known for a long time everything that is being revealed now. The truth is that there is nothing new to reveal about the interior of the voluminous process: everything – really everything – was in CM’s pages over the last months, the fruit of a long and hard investigation work that the readers deserve.

Source: Correio da Manhã


  1. So is this the end?
    A political deal, a compromise to Portugal and England? Without any further questions asked? Bogeyman killed her in the apartment and stole the body???

    By god what a disgrace to a little girl.

  2. So... they don't believe the McCann's did it and they don't believe there was an abductor... so they just let it drop.

    The parents are happy for it to be dropped? The Public Ministry is happy for it to be dropped even though they believe Maddie was killed?

    How odd.

  3. So many "happy complots",so many agreement;so many order...

    Bonnie and Clyde,they are very happy.But you do´nt deserve that.

    Qual é o ditado pt que diz " se te curvas, acaba-se por ver..."

    E os media do outro lado vão "trabalhar" imenso com as milhares de páginas que estão em acesso público.Até quando?
    Quando ficará o "tratador de imagem" satisfeito?



  4. Actually the Public Ministry did not state Madeleine was killed. What they said was it was more likely she has been killed. Big difference.
    They also did NOT state the McCann's were neglectful...in fact the opposite. They said the McCann's did not leave them with intent for them to come to harm....in what should have been a safe, family holiday complex.

    It appears that the Correio da Manhã bends the truth to suit its agenda....constantly!

  5. Na minha opinião, o Jornal de Notícias , em contraposição aos outro jornais que andei a ver, sempre coloca 1 baseada no bom senso ou no politicamente correcto.
    (vá-se lá saber a intenção verdadeira):

    Kate e Gerry perderam a oportunidade de provar

    que nada tinham a ver com o desaparecimento da filha, Madeleine,

    quando eles próprios e os amigos inviabilizaram a reconstituição da noite de 3 de Maio de 2007.

    A conclusão é do Ministério Público (MP) que, no despacho de arquivamento do processo, admite que os "principais prejudicados" com esta atitude "foram os arguidos McCann",

    que "perderam a possibilidade de comprovarem aquilo que desde a sua constituição como arguidos têm protestado: a sua inocência face ao fatídico acontecimento".
    ( o artigo completo pode ser lido no JN on-line).



  6. The Public Minstry believes Maddie was killed, not just died in a tragic accident. Crime.

    They believe Maddie's parents were negligent. Crime.

    The don't believe there was an abduction, that it was staged. Crime.

    The Fund is clearly fraudulent. Crime.

    And now we have a child killer on the loose because he doesn't believe the parents did it?

    The McScams have clearly wasted police time and resources with their smokescreen behaviour, and got away with the death of their daughter and concealing her body.

    And the Public Ministry is going to close the investigation, criticise the PJ, and archive the case?

    The Public Ministry has been bought - they've betrayed Maddie and they've betrayed the Portuguese people and the PJ. They're just as corrupt as the British.

    Money really is the root of all evil and anyone can be bought at the expense of a 3 year baby who was clearly unwanted and abused.

    What price did Maddie's life have on it?

    This is truly shocking for everyone. I'm sickened by the whole thing.

    Come on Gonçalo, we're relying on you now to get this sorted out.

  7. Public Ministry also stated that they did not believe the McCanns were innocent when lifting the arguida status.

    Mitchell was seconded from the Home Office to fight, via the media, two police forces and their findings.

    Bribery and corruption is the means by which 'testimonies'for media release are obtained. Mafia style tactics versus the police and standard judicial procedures.

    Original accounts by Mr Amaral confirmed the Public Minister's conviction, the same as his, at the time 'politics' forced the arguida status to be lifted.

    Mitchell is using as many media outlets as possible to 'fight' the content of Mr Amaral's book and the facts contained in it.

    The case has been British Government perverting the course of justice from day one - at taxpayers' expense.

  8. Lembro-me deter ouvido uma sessão de "esclarecimento" e de esclarecimento em que dois dos intervenientes eram o Professor Pinto da Costa(excelente)que não poupa nada,usando sempre a sua boa ironia. Mas, não foi irónico quando afirmou que mais indícios deveriam ter sido analisados,como as cuequinhas usadas antes da Menina.
    R.A. engoliu em seco.Espero que tenham reparado.
    Mas poderia estar a engolir em seco,por ser terrível o que acontece às crianças alvo de abusos.

    Lamento,mas não me lembro em qual das TVs( e eu só tenho os 4 canais:1,2,s.,i.)


  9. So, in effect, they are saying the child was killed. We have a murder case then, or? Why is it being dropped if they are clear the child was killed?

    Something is definitlely not right.

    Guilty as fuck, the lot of them.

  10. How are we now going to get a copy of Goncalo's book in english?

    Is there any way we can get a message to the publisher to ask that it is translated in english and self published on the internet?

  11. This is the end...Unless someoen in the Tapas cracks or Madeleine's body is found there will be no justice. Its an undignified and unjust end for a little girl who went on holiday and disappeared off the face of the earth.
    I will never forget the story of Madeleine McCann,it saddens me that apart from us bloggers Madeleines plight is of no concern, even by those meant to love her. I have shed more tears for this little girl than I ever thought possible, I only hope her suffering was short and her demise swift. I cant bare to think of her suffering.

  12. What ever happened to common sense?
    "The Public Ministry (PM) admits that Madeleine was killed, discards the abduction theory, but does not believe that the McCann couple is involved in their daughter’s death."
    Let me see if I can draw any conclusions from this statement.

    1. I assume that the PM concluded that the girl was killed in the apartment based on the renowned dogs signaling the presence of blood and cadaver fluid in the same spots in the McCann apartment.

    2. I assume that the PM concluded that there was no abduction based on the frequency that the children were checked that night.

    3. The PM concluded that it couldn't have been the McCanns because they always manifested normal behaviour.

    So an abduction could not have occurred because it would have been witnessed, but how was the dead body removed from the apartment, surely someone would have seen that like they would have seen an abductor. The conclusion that I draw from this is that an individual or individuals among the McCann group who dined out that night were responsible for the girls death and disposed of the body.

    It surprises me that the couple is ruled out based on normal behaviour, well if this was a criterion for innocence then we would have many people who have committed homicide free from prison. Anyways since when have they exhibited normal behaviour?
    Sucking on a lollipop and chatting about sports while a possible abductor is on the phone, is that normal? Claiming that their daughter was taken by a paedophile and then remarking that the paedophile must be enjoying her company, is that normal? Scoffing at every lead to a possible abductor, is that normal? I could go on and on.
    Well based on the Public Ministries conclusions, anyone can leave 3 toddlers alone in a room as long as they check or claim to check on how they're doing. The Public Ministry acknowledges there was a murder but shuts down the case after little over a year's investigation. I can hear countries around the world laughing.

  13. "José de Magalhães e Menezes assumes there is “a high degree of probability that a homicide took place” – he goes further than Gonçalo Amaral who always spoke of an accidental death – but he does not believe in the involvement of the McCann couple, considering that they have always manifested a normal behaviour."

    I laughed out loud at the absurdity of that statement. What a blatant lie! This man has been corruped, for certain, I believe.

  14. Why don't they publish the English translation in Ireland ?

  15. If the McCs were innocent they should show a lot of concern about what might have happened with Madeleine, finding so many bloodspots related to her DNA.
    Instead the McCs are defending those tragic results/findings. That allone makes them suspicious. Further all other findings and behaviour are signs of.... everyone knows.


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