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Request to investigate Gerry’s accounts is disproportionate - IOL Portugal Diário

English authorities did not see motives to justify bank investigation of Maddie’s father

The Portuguese police requested cooperation from the English authorities to investigate Gerry McCann’s bank accounts, within Maddie’s disappearance. But this request was found disproportionate by the British authorities, given the fact that it covered a period of six months.

Initially, the authorities requested a clarification from the Portuguese Public Ministry, which better explained the reasons for the request: to identify if there was an unknown motive behind Maddie’s disappearance and if eventually there was an individual or individuals who might be responsible for her disappearance.

The English authorities did not accept the clarification from Portugal, and in their reply letter, sent on the 16th of June, they manifest their concern with the motives that led the Portuguese authorities to request information about bank operations over a period of six months, from Maddie’s father’s Mastercard credit card. The period covered by the request started on the 1st of April, approximately six weeks before the child’s disappearance.

Despite the official explanation from the Portuguese authorities, the English police also considered an unofficial explanation that was offered by the investigative team that traveled to England. At that point in time, the Leicestershire police was told that Gerry McCann had been seen drawing money from an automatic cash machine and talking on the phone. The Portuguese police wanted to know whether this action could be related to the disappearance.

Francs Kennah, a senior official at the ‘UK Central Authority’, clarifies that after pondering over the coercive measures, the cabinet does not see a motive to concede the requested authorization, considering that the request is not justified and seems disproportionate. The British authorities solicit a new clarification from Portugal, but it is not sent and the process is archived a little over a month later.

Without indicia that the McCann couple has committed any crime, the Public Ministry determined the archiving of the process. On the 21st of July, Kate and Gerry, along with Robert Murat, saw their arguido status lifted.

source: IOL Portugal Diário, 08.08.2008


  1. Did the British authorities, including Social Services, find it similarly disproportionate to withhold Madeleine's medical records despite police findings of 'comotozed' siblings ?

    Why did the British authorities lie and state credit cards/statements were not existent ?

    Why did the British authorities withhold the results of corpse hair analysis and ignore PJ's request for return of specimens ?

    The suspicions of British police & PJ have been shown to be justified. Countless donors 'conned' into giving the McCanns money have raised the same questions regarding the parents finances. Unlike the British authorities, PJ's focus has been working in Madeleine's best interests and unearthing the truth.

    Mitchell was seconded from the Home Office to suppress the truth. I have a post in which he lauds his support for Metado 3, agreeing to the 'use of all means possible'. Except, of course, examination of evidence in Court!

    As they saying goes; 'birds of a feather flock together'.

  2. Carissima Joana,

    Obrigada por todas estas informacoes que voce nos dá diariamente.Eu como Promotora de Justica aqui no Rio de Janeiro sou deveras agradecida por saber a verdade sobre este caso tao complexo.E meus parabéns ao Dr.Goncalo Amaral por lutar pela verdade como faco eu aqui em meu trabalho e seu que nao é fácil.
    Joana estou ligada e sua página dia e noite.
    Meus agradecimentos,

    Maria- Rio de Janeiro -Brasil

  3. Disproportionate? Isn't it common practice to check the financial records of suspects in a criminal investigation to see if there are any transactions that can be related to the crime? How can they criticize the Portuguese police when the police were clearly prevented from accessing critical evidence? I would venture to guess that if it had been a suspect other than the couple or their friends, it wouldn't have been a disproportionate request.


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