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Suspicion: PJ Admitted that the Children had been Drugged

Kate's strange attitudes

A strange attitude by Kate, on the day of Madeleine's disappearance was pointed out by Fiona Payne, one of the members of the English group on holidays with the McCanns in Praia da Luz.

The witness said that Maddie's mother, during the first hours marked by despair and with a feeling close to frustration, approached the twins various times, holding her fingers close to their noses.

Sean and Amélie were asleep at that time, but Kate seemed to want to confirm that that her youngest children were alive, checking if the same were breathing.

This behaviour, linked to the fact confirmed afterwards by Maddie's grandparents, that the children took a sleeping pill to help them go to sleep - a common medication that might be usual in the United Kingdom and often given to children - raised doubts to the investigators. However this factor was not followed thoroughly, in spite of being one of the thesis defended by the first team responsible for the investigation,  that the disappearance was connected to an accident which could have been directly linked to the medication given to the children.

Another aspect confused the investigators. Kate and Gerry always said that Maddie, Sean and Amélie fell asleep at 19h30/20h00, which was the reason for their being capable of leaving them [children] alone while they dined at the resort restaurant, located 100 metres away, but from where they could not see the bedrooms [apartment].

The versions changed later when Gerry McCann was questioned, as an arguido.

At that time, the father told that Maddie had difficulties in falling asleep and that to fight those fears they set a points system. The child would be rewarded when she was able to achieve certain goals.


Months after Maddie's disappearance and at a time when Kate felt that the investigation was turning against her, the English doctor suggested to the elements of the Judiciary Police that the twins should be subjected to analysis, to verify whether they had been drugged on the night of the disappearance.

The request is indicated as a strategy to confound the investigation, given that, being both doctors, they knew that at that period in time it was no longer possible to detect any traces of substances that could have been, eventually, ingested by the children. Kate defended then that the younger brothers of Madeleine could have been drugged by the alleged kidnapper, adding that that was the reason for them to keep sleeping, even with the chaos created by their sister disappearance. In the process it is verified that this thesis was never considered to be credible.



Maddie parents are “devastated and furious” with the news that refer that a French man wants to sell photos taken at the Ocean Club which can incriminate Kate and Gerry in their daughter’s disappearance.

[Please see Duarte Levy of SOS Maddie (Fr) for explanation related to this situation. Also available in English in Paulo Reis’ Gazeta Digital.]


The newspaper reports that Gerry still believes that his daughter will be found alive and asks to anyone that has information about Maddie to contact their private detectives.

Source: Correio da Manhã


  1. This is one issue that bothers me about the PJ's investigation: not pursuing testing of Madeleine's siblings for possible sedation. Mr. Amaral said the investigators did not want to tip off the parents that they were under suspicion, but I cannot see how they allowed the opportunity to get vital information slip away. What if Madeleine had died due to a drug overdose or bad reaction? Couldn't the twins have been at risk as well? Wasn't their welfare important enough to insist on their being taken to the hospital and checked out, not only for drugs but possible abuse?

    If Kate McCann did what Fiona Payne said she did, to check on her children's breathing, repeatedly, without asking for her own children to be professionally evaluated and tested, then I do believe that it is true that the twins were sedated by one of the McCanns or their friends with Kate's knowledge.

    How do these people live with themselves day to day? I cannot imagine going through the stinking farce that they have created in the attempt to cover up their culpability.

  2. That distance from the restaurant to their apartment is an ever changing figure. It started at 100 metres and has been whittled down with every subsequent article in the British media. It went to 75 m, then 75 yards, then it went to 50 m and in one article it was reported as 50 yards.
    What is so unique about this case and frustrating is the way the British media have gone out of their way to establish an almost religious belief that the couple is innocent and that the child was abducted. Such are their convictions that they consider it blasphemous if anyone points out the couple's blatant contradictions, contradictions which I call lies. This is what makes me believe that there is so much more to this case than the tragic disappearance of a child.

  3. "I cannot imagine going through the stinking farce that they have created in the attempt to cover up their culpability."(Jolie)

    But I can imagine that they could follow just like that,all the time.

    The fear about the twins...probably the fear that both went to the sky,also.
    One was lost;more two, was very bad.Terrible. The afraid by more deads.

    How many time can they live toghether?
    Impossible this couple stay toghether.Also,seems to me that they have a no healthy and happy relationship.

    Our PJ was completly stunned and they could beleive so many perversion.And They have a lot of experience!How it was possible so terrifiant situation?And with all manipulations,worst!


    Joana,em Agosto tudo quase que para.Por isso, muito obrigada por continuar connosco.***S.****

  4. Re Kate cheking the twins were breathing...it is a damn pity she was not so conscientious with poorm little Madeleine or in other aspects of her parenting duties such as adequate child care to go on the lash of a evening!!
    This would seem to suggest sedation was a concern, so it would appear at first that there is a good chance Madeleine died as a result of over or careless administation of a sedative, but this scenario doesnt fit with the blood specks found behind the sofa..So could it be the McCanns had to sedate the twins to ensure they did not wake up and discover Madeleine was not there and was in fact in the process of being dumped? maybe Madeleine was never sedated at all, perhaps she had an accident or more likely was hit too hard with fatal results to her, the twins were sedated to then get them to sleep without worrying where Madeleine was and to ensure whoever moved the body during dinner was undisturbed..
    People may say well if there was no sedation and it was an accident why the cover up.......perhaps to ensure autorpy did not reveal any detail that may point to a cetain finger sucking individual..

  5. Of the most relevant things, one has to be highlighted. It proved to be most crucial and had it been immediately corrected, this whole thing wouldn’t have reached the proportions it has: the total incompetence of the Portuguese police. Not on technical terms, but attitude wise. They revealed to be totally of third-word quality, overwhelmed by the nationality, qualifications and beautifulness of the “Tapas”. Subservient is the word that comes to my mind. They deserve every adjective, however untrue, said by the Mitchell’s foul mouth. Just as punishment.

    We know that the Tapas were very quick to react in the obstruction of any possibility of justice. They were quick but totally amateurish. In those first moments, they would be flunked by the most basic of criminal school (later though, they would obtain honour’s degree in “conning”). But any qualified, civilized police should be, and is, prepared to face, understand, deconstruct and react to such things. That’s their business. A butcher sells meat. The police catch criminals.

    The evidence was shooting arrows in direction of the group, mainly to the parents, and yet, the police revealed itself to be totally dumb by following obvious false or blind leads, so that, allegedly, could not later be accused of not having turned every possible stone. They were successful in avoiding such accusation, but achieved the right to be correctly accused of being mere puppets. Portuguese authorities, on ALL levels, shamed the country.

    Had the GNR faced with the version of SOMEONE ELSE stating that a child had been abducted from THAT room, taken from THAT bed, passed through the THOSE sheet less cots, with TWO babies still sleeping in them, carried over THAT window, with THOSE shutters, would simply seal the room, call the PJ and take the group to the nearest station, where they would be initially questioned. Upon hearing the stream contradictions that flowed faster then a subway spitting people out on rush hour, they would be arrested at once. Case solved, let’s get on with our lives…

    But they saw the British Ambassador, and instead of receiving him politely and sending him back on his way to speak to his Portuguese counterpart (who, after guaranteeing that all was being done to protect the rights of his fellow countrymen, would very politely reprimand him for his attempted involvement in Portuguese internal affairs), somebody (the identification of whom I’ll leave to each own’s imagination) curved their back and started to salivate (no, I’m not talking about the dogs, for they have proved to have dignity).

    Just for a moment, picture the events having taken place in the US, France or Germany, or other civilized democratic nation. Makes you smile, doesn’t it?

    If anybody doubts the McCann’s guilt, just please review the images of when this AT-THE-TIME-WORLD-WIDE-FRONT-PAGE-NEWS couple was received by the Pope. Now pay particular attention to the how. The Vatican is a secular nation and doesn’t like to feel itself involved in foul play, although very tardy to recognize the fact whenever it is. The couple was received on the patio, by a Pope who almost didn’t look at them. He simply nodded his head, extended his hand, and went on his way to the same exact thing a couple yards way to some totally anonymous person. When I saw these images on the news I thought to myself that the Pope had been particularly insensitive to the plight of such suffering parents… The president of FC Porto (who?!?), just to offer an insignificant porcelain object representing his club, was received by the Pope INSIDE the Vatican, with the bonus of a papal pose to a photo...

    About what the Pope knew at the time, I’ll keep my opinion for myself at this time, as not to hinder any possible investigation avenues that I foresee very soon. Remember the case is closed, not dead and buried like Maddie.

    To the british papers (yes, we know that you read this blog everyday, together with the “Tapas & Associates”) face it, you were conned. Not even your xenophobic remarks can get you off the hook on this one. It will not go away. Amaral’s book is selling like hotcakes and getting global by the minute. It’s time to rethink your whole strategy on this. The Sun has pulled out the “have your say” on Maddie’s page (how revealing…) and Sky News, apparently, have started to accept the legitimate public opinion.

    The deliverance of justice to those that deserve it is forthcoming.

  6. speak your mind,

    Do you honestly believe that the McCanns would protect a person who they knew had killed their daughter in their own apartment ?

    An anonymous report was sent to PJ shortly after Brown ensured Mr Amaral was dismissed - due to his efficiency.

    Vile dishonest comments have been printed in the media - about Murat (casting aspertions of sexual deviance)- proved unfounded and equally unpleasant aspertions have been cast on David Payne. Media reports are always made in the McCanns best interests and are either totally false or grossly misleading - designed marketing.

    Mr Amaral's evidenced based factual book, respected officer of law - is reported as "vile and sick" in the media; criminal mentality and reaction. He was paired alongside another author of truth - Duarte Levy, also publicly slandered.

    If Fiona spoke honestly to the police about Kate's behaviour, then it's plausible her mother and husband David Payne have been equally honest with PJ. Sufficient perhaps to warrant the release of false allegations of paedophillic comments.

    Those who assist the police are avenged, by a visit or the publication of slanderous misinformation when silence cannot be bought. Rules of thugs and bullies.

  7. Something that seems to be quite predictable about the McCanns is the belief that people will believe what they say as unrealistic and far-fetched it may be. As it has been pointed out, being doctors they should know that tests done to the twins months later on would be pointless to show whether they had been drugged with Calpol (by the way, likely to have been in syrup form for infants)the night their sister was reported missing. Also their fertile imagination goes to the point of Kate suggesting the 'abductor' could have drugged the children left behind. Fantastic, bearing in mind it has been shown that the 'abductor' had only two seconds available according to the timeline provided by Kate, Gerry and their friends.

  8. jolie,

    PJ were prevented from receiving results of hair specimens found in the vehicle. Analysis of live/corpse hair determines medication administered and duration.

    One child, Madeleine, was reportedly heard crying for l hr 15 mins on 1 May. Not unusual for a child to wake and cry especially in an alien environment. It's highly abnormal for three children to be 'put to sleep' (Kate's words) at 7.30 p.m. and not wake until the morning for nights on end.

    The logical conclusion is that they were given sleep assistance.
    Madeleine was not expected to wake, but did. Her parents were summoned from partying and drinking. Mrs Fenn reportedly heard them return, Madeleine crying 'daddy daddy' ..... was it a plea, was he angry ?

    Kate's injuries were visible shortly afterwards in a TV interview; a cut above her right eye plus bruising, hand grip marks to upper arms and wrist. Gerry failed to conceal left arm injury with his hand.

    Disturbing combination, injured mother and her daughter reported 'missing'.

  9. Gerry knows Madeleine will not be found, dead or alive. He reportedly challenged PJ to "find the body and prove we killed her". He had the contacts and protection to ensure she would never be located or subjected to post mortem examination.

    TTW4 on 3 A's worked like 'pro's' in their research. They found strong Masonic links with people involved with the McCanns. The theory of her being repatriated during one of Gerry's returns to England were plausible and achievable. A man taken 'ill' on the plane, Gerry acting as medical escort by ambulance (with his baggage by-passing checking) to Redhill Hospital. The 'ill' patient swiftly discharged.

    Getting Madeleine home would have been a necessity. The McCanns were able to flee due to Government protection when they were about to be charged. Home ... never to return or face questioning again, in or out of Court.

    There was huge media emphasis on 'getting Madeleine home' throughout Gerry's trips back to England in the early stages. I read the theory that the cadaver specimens in the vehicle were deposited by clean up material as opposed to her body. TTW4's powers of deduction were highly plausible. The vehicle was hired after she was back on home soil.
    I doubt any parent could leave their child in foreign soil.

    Get home and stay home appears to have been the game plan in this case. Fingers up to the PJ.

  10. textusa,

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing. PJ's instincts were correct with the 'scene' they met. However, they were duty bound to pursue all avenues. They were deliberately given false sightings and time wasting exercises.

    Their diplomacy amid their efficiency is the result of 'those on high' breathing down their necks. It was reported that Brown had contacted his Portuguese counterpart.

    PJ were set up to be used and abused by the McCanns and their Government contacts were committed to protecting them at all costs.

    The tool was media manipulation;
    Mitchell was seconded from the Home Office to run 'the show'.

  11. Many Portuguese people tend to be so critical of their own. Let's put things into perspective. There are crimes all over the world that have not been solved, even in the good old United States of America. Please don't tell me that no Police force in the States or anywhere else in the world hasn't had regrets on how they handled a case. Incompetence is not solely the domain of the so called third world nations, a label I abhor. Yes the Portuguese police made mistakes, the biggest mistake was worrying about offending the English and thus compromising the investigation, however there are extenuating circumstances in this unique case. The couple and their friends are not your average Joes.
    Anyone who has followed this case knows how much power is behind these two. I believe that there are people supporting this couple that actually know that the couple is guilty, but nevertheless continue to protect them. Like I've said before, there is more here than meets the eye. I'm not so sure that with all the political and media pressure other police forces wouldn't have made mistakes also. What police force could solve a case when the suspects are being protected by politicians who deny access to the most basic of information in a criminal investigation? How can you solve a case when you can't even obtain the history of the suspects or their credit records?
    I'm not going to be ashamed of Portugal, because some moronic English journalist with an agenda to ridicule my country tells me I should be. The shame lies with the politicians and journalists who have covered up the truth and not with the people who have tried to find it.

  12. It was reported that Kate worked as a hospital anaethetist before becoming a GP. If the comotozed condition of the twins found by PJ and Fiona Payne was due to sedation, it's plausible to assume Kate was the parent who calculated and gave the 'right' dosage to ensure the children were sleep induced from around 7.30 p.m. until a time suitable to the parents the next morning.

    Parents normally watch the rise and fall of a child's chest when checking them asleep; pronounced even in young children. The lung function of a sedated child (or adult) is suppressed, reducing chest movement.

    Placing a finger under the nostril
    to check lung function strongly suggests chest movement was severely impaired. Much closer checking was necessary.

    The natural rhythmic chest movement can be checked at a distance. Anaethetists check for 'vital signs', as Kate did.

  13. Anonymous you ask do I really think the McCanns would cover up the death by another n their apartment...I dont think anywhere i have commented that they would, you misread me, I was reffering to Payne..who if the allegations are true..and so far no denial or threat of litigation..I actuallyy suspect that Payne could be a paedophile and if he is it has to be said the Mccanns know about it and maybe even allowed or worse still participated in it....HOwever Madeleine came to die and by whoevers hand it included a certain amount of blood shed, if there was an autopsyy on Madeleine any signs of abuse would be found...perhaps it is this that made them decide to dump the boody.

  14. I think we should point out that the medicine the Mccans gave their children to help them sleep it's not a sleeping pill. It's called Calpol, it's main component being paracetamol and it is widely used for when children are teething, feverish or in pain. Paracetamol when overdosed can kill but in the Calpol form it would take a bottle of it to kill a 3 year old child. I've never heard it could be used as a tool to put kids to sleep. Calpol does not cause drowsiness.

  15. A child of Madeleine's age would require an extremely high dosage of mild acting Calpol if used for the sole purpose of sedation.

    GP's self prescribe and the British authorities denied PJ's immediate request for sight of Madeleine's medical records. Unique in a case involving the death of a child.

    GP's readily prescribe Ritalin to calm active children as opposed to addressing the cause of behavioural difficulties.

    Eddie & Keela have proved Madeleine died in the apartment; blood was spilt, accidentally or otherwise. The truth in this case is far more sinister than sedating three children and locking them alone in an alien environment whilst their parents 'partied'.

    Parents who cannot make time for their children on holiday - opting for a creche - obviously didn't relish their company.

    I'm sorry for Kate's parents; they seemed to genuinely love Madeleine and were as appalled as the rest of Britain at her being left alone with her baby siblings.

  16. Guerra,

    I for one, and I’m guessing that you are with me on this one, demand to have the McCanns & Associates, by the scruff of their necks like common rogues that they are, be brought to justice.

    For that to happen the UK will have to recognize that, as a nation, they were wrong (British citizens, I know that the majority of you saw the mischievousness in all of this, but I’m referring to your Nation as represented by the adequate authorities and its media). We cannot ask that if we, Portuguese, are not able to recognize where we were also wrong in all of this. Nobody (maybe only Joana) is picture-perfect in this matter.

    It’s obvious competence of the police to catch criminals. Yes, there have been many unsolved crimes. Jack the Ripper just to exemplify with a most notorious one. However, in this instance we’re not before an unsolved crime. We are before an iron-clad blockage of the obvious explanation of a child’s death. Like if we were reading the exact opposite of an Agatha Christie book the other way around. Here you know who the killer is, but the author, as the plot develops, tries his best to confuse you in such a way that at the last page you are revealed that nothing is to be revealed at all.

    I was careful to state that I have nothing to criticize the Portuguese police on technical terms. For one, as I also stated, it would be difficult to be before such blatant evidence. As for the rest, well, everybody knows what happened. Fact: they were supposed to deliver to justice whoever broke the law. Fact: they didn’t. Conclusion (mine): incompetence. Why were they incompetent? Now that’s a subject worth a little debate of ideas.

    Yes, they were pressured. Every police in every country of the world is pressured by the politics in some way or another. In the least “civilized” countries, they are mere instruments and used publicly as such. On the other side of that particular spectrum, the pressure is felt in a much subtle way, but always present. The way the justice pillar (where the police is included) of each society reacts to the inevitable interference of its politicians reveals, to me, how civilized, democratic and righteous that particular country is. And please let’s not forget the most important thing: you only pressure what you know you are allowed (in some barbaric countries, entitled) to pressure. In this case, the police was pressured and subsided to it. Who pressured, what exactly the pressure was, and the reasons that led to whoever subsided to do so, that is a total different debate. In defense of Portugal, and in this particular instance, almost all known police forces would also have done the same.

    All I’m trying to do is to do my part as a citizen, in the following statement that I’m trying to make: “Britain, I humbly recognize that Portugal has also made a lot of mistakes on this issue, now please, for the child’s sake, bring justice those that deserve it”.

    D. Quixote went after windmills. He was deemed a fool, but the world still remembers him.

  17. guerra,

    I totally agree .... there's overwhelming evidence that Madeleine died in her parents apartment and ABSOLUTELY NONE to support her parents' plea of abduction.

    Irrespective of British authorities withholding hair specimen results and Madeleine's medical records, evidence was sufficient to hold the McCanns in detention last September.

    Strings continue to pulled at the highest level in, I believe, Portugal as well as Britain.

    The place for the McCanns to prove their innocence is in a Court of Law. Their chosen means of defence is media spin, lies and more lies.

    The only logical explanation for the total media blackout (as in the war !) on ALL relevant facts and findings on police files must be on the orders of the British Government. Mitchell, Government media monitor runs the media in this very sinister case.

  18. textusa,

    You're clearly ignorant of statistics confirming PJ's expertize and success rate in cases of missing children.

    Brown spoke to a 'high ranking' Portuguese man PRIOR to McCanns phoning the police.

    You do not know the pressure which was brought to bear on PJ or by whom in 'high places' in Portugal. Had the horrific findings in this case applied to Mr & Mrs Joe Bloggs, the British Government would not have intervened or influenced the outcome.

    Corruption in the EU is widely reported and it's plausible that Brown & his counterpart came to an 'arrangement'. 'Politics' overriding law.

  19. Mr Murat was probably "devastated and furious" by misleading, unsubstantiated media reporting.

    Likewise the innocent Algarve pig farmer targetted and photographed by journalists. He didn't even resemble Jane Tanner's totally unreliable description. The same treatment was meted to several other totally innocent people.

    Mitchell's merceneries always take pictures for the vile media campaign.

  20. jolie,

    The love of money is the root of all evil.

    Psychopaths have no moral or social conscience.

  21. textusa,

    You seem to gravely under estimate PJ's expertize and commitment in Madeleine's case.

    Mr Amaral's honesty, dignity and integrity places him head and shoulders above the McCanns and British politicians. Mr Amaral paid tribute to the thousands of bloggers and British citizens who supported him.

    His treatment by the British media was an utter disgrace, despicable.
    Duarte Levy is the latest 'media victim', undoubtably selected by Mitchell along with all the other innocents targetted.

    Never before has the media not only blocked police information, but publicly slandered a person of Mr Amaral's standing.

    The McCanns thank no-one.

  22. speak your mind,

    Actions speak louder than words.
    The BMA & Social Services are legally obliged to monitor the McCanns; unless the Government has dicated otherwise.

    It was reported that Madeleine was made a Ward of Court, uniquely by her parents, last summer. If true, the 'insinuations' Court is obliged to investigate on Madeleine's behalf. As the twins remain in their parents custody, the Court is clearly not concerned.

    If the report that British Police
    received written 'innuendos' was true, they were legally obliged to hand them to Social Services & BMA.
    They, in turn, had a legal obligation to bring it to Court's notice, if in fact, Madeleine had become their legal responsibility.
    There have been no reports of

    mccannfiles.com - November 2007.
    Comments by the lawyer of the Tapas member's wish to change his story. Lawyer's comments regarding Government's interference in the process.

    David Payne is a surgeon of higher rank than Gerry It's unlikely his lawyer would advise challenging slanderous, libellous 'reports' in Court.

    What is certain in the coldly calculated campaign is that it's based solely on lies, designed to misinform and manipulate.

    Mr Murat, Amaral and Duarte Levy have all been slandered - along with many other innocent 'victims'. David Payne is big enough to rise above it, as is Mr Amaral. Each and every person assisting the police either has 'a visit', as did the Smith family, or they are torn to shreds by certain disreputable tabloids when silence cannot be bought and/or they stand firm with the truth.

    David & Fiona Payne were different from the McCanns; they had a baby monitoring service. Fiona, like PJ, was reportedly very concerned at the comotozed condition of the twins. She's beautiful and is carrying their second child.

    The vile aspertions uphold reports of at least one Tapas member 'coming clean' with PJ. Acts of vengeance meted in this case almost defy belief.

    The McCanns have not lost custody of the twins which, by now, would be the case if Social Services, the police and Madeleine's Warder
    found truth in the twins being 'at risk' with paedophile friends of the McCanns.

    The level of malaevolance in this case with those 'in the right and in the know' - voices of truth - is absolutely breathtaking.

    Evil beyond belief ......

  23. All,

    I have not written one word against Mr. Amaral, and don't foresee any reason to start doing it.

    I have not written one word against the PJ's expertise or technical capability, and hope that I won't ever have any reason to start doing it.

  24. guerra,

    I've yet to read any report of the Portuguese critizing their own in this case.

    PJ & Mr Amaral have been defamed and grossly misrepresented by the media and Mitchell's forum monkeys, no more, no less.

    However, the overwhelming evidence of death - absence of evidence with the McCanns conflicting stories - were the results of British intelligence. Martin Smith, Martin Grimes and 'top dogs' Eddie & Keela and all cadaver evidence on file and Mr Amaral's book.

    Steps have undoubtedly been taken by the McCann protectionists to ensure Madeleine's body will never be found for forensic examination.

    The case, the reason for her disappearance was solved quickly - in ten weeks. British police handlers knew in mid July that Madeleine died in her parents' apartment.

    The Government is party to a syndicated cover up to pervert the course of justice. Mr & Mrs Joe Bloggs would have been detained and charged last September.

    The Government did not step in
    or apply pressure in other cases, Sarah Payne, Sohom schoolgirls and Jamie Bulger. The police were left to execute legal duties and procedures.

    The McCanns are doctors with Government connections. Politicians have no right to 'pardon', pervert the course of justice at the expense of Portuguese & Britsh taxpayers.

  25. anonymous,

    You say that it's not tablets the McCanns gave (for sleep inducement) but Calpol. You then say Calpol does not cause drowsiness.

    Indeed, the amount of the sugary sweet dosage needed would probably make a child sick.

    However, the required portion of a sleeping tablet such as Temazepam, could be crushed into food for administration.

    You seem to have ruled out Calpol.
    Parents normally take a bottle on holiday as a precautionary measure. Children get sick quickly; high temperature can cause an epileptic fit, even death.

    I read a comment Kate's mother made to the press that Madeleine she was given a pill to help her sleep.

  26. guerra,

    For Court purposes, credit references are irrelevant. For police purposes - stresses/tensions caused by financial difficulties - would be relevant.

    The question is why the McCanns were not detained and charged, as the Prosecutor intended, given the overwhelming evidence. Mark Harrison is the absolute best.

    'Diplomacy' neither swayed nor blinkered his clear overview of Madeleine's situation.

  27. Anonymous sorry it took so long to respond..I dont care a fuck how beautifull or how many babies Fiona payne carries in her stomach it does not make them free of guilt in any capacity..At some point Rose West was with child, you state the pregancy as if proof of her serenity and honesty..Thats why I point out Rose West!
    Fiona Payne along with four others Picked out Murat and then had the audacity to front him up and accuse him to his face..Now one person mistaking someone is one thing, but four people to mistake the same man is quite another..What are the odds to this happening with an innocent explanation? That fact alone paints Fioan Payne as a bit of a c***....what if Murat had been home in bed without his mother and he had no alibi that night?...What if the forensics had made one of their mistakes to boot as they did with the samples from the car and apartment? Murat would be up shit creek without a paddle.
    The fact is if the Paynes really wanted to speak out they would and could...if an accident anything untowrad befell them after they told the truth it would be pretty obvious their was foul play afoot...Even the McCanns would not dare to be so audacious...Princess Diana's butler spoke out without fear of reprisal, are you imagining the McCanns have more power than the royals?
    It is poetic justice that all those who have sought to protect the McCanns, who lied and aided and abbetted them to dispose of their daughters body, who conspired to cover up the death of a three year old child should now get covered in shit from the fall out of the events in PDL, I have no sympathy for none of them, and if payne is innocent and he is being smeared...shit happens, its certainly no worse than Murats plight or more importantly Madelene's situation!!
    He should have known if you lay with dogs you get fleas, and if they aere so ambivilent about child care they were not going to be much cop to heir mates if the shit hit the fan.
    If payne is being smeared for speaking out, he should speak louder, be a man and be counted....for a little girl he must have known and who probably played with his child.

  28. I've always thought it odd that no one has mentioned this fact.How did the abductor know which room the kids were in if they jemmied the shutters.They couldn't know for sure so why target the back window.For all they knew maybe the child slept with the parents or in the poolside of the apartment.

  29. It could be that she was accidentally over-sedated. The blood could possibly be accounted for by over-zealous CPR? I think the parents do know what happened, even if it was just an accident. They don't make a good impression as people, but that doesn't mean they are murderers, they could just have panicked and then it was too late to recant!

  30. I just read a article about the Netflix series saying that Madeline was sleepy after she got back from daycare points to the fact someone had drugged her to make it easier to abduct her. First let's look at the source, it was Kate, supplying her own cover up. Second it is completely feasible that she was still groggy from the previous night's sedation. Mccann's 100% guilty. Take a lie detector to prove your innocent. Not to mention they spent about 125K on a PR firm...who does that???


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