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Team of private investigators abandons the case after receiving over 600 thousand euros - SOL

The team of private investigators that was investigating all the leads that the PJ didn’t value in the Madeleine case, abandoned the case after six months. Until now, the fund that was created to find the child has already paid 500 thousand pounds (over 600 thousand euros) to this team

The team of detectives, Oakley International, that prides itself in employing former agents of the British secret services as investigators, and contacts at the FBI, was hired to investigate possible leads concerning the whereabouts of Maddie, on the internet.

A source revealed that the team even infiltrated a man into a Belgian paedophile network.

But the contract with the company will not be renewed. Everything points to the fact that multimillionaire Brian Kennedy, who is one of the main contributors to the Find Madeleine fund, is not happy with the work that was developed by the detectives up to the moment.

The contract was suddenly canceled last week, after a meeting of independent ‘monitors’ of the fund’s accountancy. The cost of hiring the detectives reached over 600 thousand euros and now the fund’s amount is below 500 thousand pounds.

Questions concerning the manner in which the money is being spent started to arise, and Brian Kennedy thought that 80 thousand pounds per month was too much for the results that had been accomplished.

source: SOL, August 23rd, 2008


  1. Which roughly translated means "all forthcoming sightings will be 'by chance' as opposed to previous detectives methods of bribery and corruption".

    The overwhelming evidence on police files confirmed Madeleine died on or around 3 May.

    Mitchell uses spin, reverse spin and double reverse spin. He always disassociates himself from his associate's methods of operation.

    News of a Metado 3 director being charged with attempted homicide and extortion led to "news" of "new helpers of repute, FBI CIA etc." !!!!

    Metado 3's renewed contract has not yet expired; their methods have always suited the McCanns and their purpose. Mitchell's sole purpose is MISINFORMATION.

  2. I wonder what ever possesed Kennedy to finance anything to do with the McCanns, Either he is very naive and gullible or he has another reason to support them..
    Clarence was only crowing about the private investigators a couple of weeks ago, perhaps Kennedy pulling the pug on it is because Kennedy now realises Madeleine was not abducted and in fact whatever happened to her happened on the 2nd or 3rd of May 2007 and that the McCanns and their cronies are full of shit.
    The Daily Mail today reports the fund is in dire trouble, it looks like the McCanns are being abandoned by the few people daft enough to believe their bullshit.

  3. Reputable 'detectives' check relevant details prior to undertaking an assignment; in particular police findings and substantiated evidence where applicable.

    A considerable amount of information was given to PJ by Metado 3, all found to be without foundation.

    The McCanns clearly envisaged long term services would be require; the 6 month contract was reportedly renewed for a further 6 months paying Metado 3 2,000 euros a week.

    The extent of wasted police time is included in PJ's Report.

  4. speak your mind,

    Whoever is paying Metado 3 is obliged to do so until expiry of contract. Metado 3 are not the type to take breach of contract lightly.

    For all we know British taxpayers could be footing the bill via the Fund.

  5. This is all very intriguing.

    The much trumpeted team of crack investigators departs (jumped or pushed?) after a meeting of 'independent monitors' - where the heck have these 'monitors' been up to now?

    Kennedy reportedly 'not happy' with the work of these Special Guys.

    Well, 'infiltrating a Belgian paedophile network' sounds like fairly thorough work to me.(poor Belgium, dragged through the muck again)

    Perhaps this team of 'detectives' was actually quite professional and genuine, after all - unlike the metador3 smoke-screen.

    Any serious investigation into this case will quickly concur with the findings of the PJ. Is this what happened?

    Cracks are appearing. The beginning of the end???

  6. Oakley International Group, a company registered in Washington DC as the manufacturer of search and navigation equipment, is run by Briton Kevin Halligen.

    But,like D.L.said one day : a lot of noise or are they preparing something very pernicious?

    We beleive that or not?(Oakley)?Because I believe D.L. and OTHERS like him.

    If they are experts ..."Oakley International Group, a company registered in Washington DC as the manufacturer of search and navigation equipment, is run by Briton Kevin Halligen."
    possibly they can less the search by Maddie search anothers. WHO?



    Não percebo a Língua do Leste(desconheço o País) mas dá para perceber que Angelina Jolie apoia a busca da Pequenina.
    Mas deve ser.
    É humanitária;Mãe biológica e de coração....
    Para Angelina será mais uma acção humanitária.

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    Pessoas com bom aspecto;bom ar.

  7. Everything points in the direction of winding down the hype to Madeleine's disapperance by abduction now that the PJ have closed the case. I believe we will be seeing less and less and hearing less and less of media hype directed to Madeleine's disappearance by Abduction - there is no need now the campaign was very successfull.

  8. Careful! Any report that the fund is 'in trouble' is probably an attempt to squeeze cash out of the gullible public.

    Look at Kennedy - look at the picture - would you trust this leech?

  9. [b]"Reputable 'detectives' check relevant details prior to undertaking an assignment; in particular police findings and substantiated evidence where applicable."[/b]

    So do reputable journalists.

  10. Strange Brian Kennedy is now so concerned with the way the Madeleine Fund is being spent when he did not seem to bother with Metodo 3. Is Brian Kennedy chickening out? Perhaps his involvement in the McCann case has not brought him what he was hoping for.

  11. Anonymous who said about Metedo 3 still being contracted...Do you think Metedo 3 are in on it that its all a scam or do you think Metedo 3 are playing the McCanns by pretending to believe their badly told story?


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