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Then they say that their children are kidnapped... Drunk couple forgets children

Drunk couple forgets children [Again in Portugal]

An Irish drunken couple provoked in the dawn of yesterday, in the beach of São Bernardino, in Peniche, the indignation of the population, while becoming involved in an accident while they were transporting in the car two children.

The 41-year-old woman, who was the driver, was detained by GNR and notified to appear today in court and the man spent the night inside the vehicle, recovering of the drunken state. The juveniles were taken by another foreign couple.

The tourists were in a bar and, after consuming beers and ‘cachaças’, they went for the car at 01h45am with the children - a four-year-old girl and a boy of two. While trying to leave from the parking lot, the woman shifted the gear into the rear position and hit the door of another vehicle. Then she put the first gear, accelerated and crashed against a wall. She opened the door and vomited. The husband did not show any reaction, such was the state of drunkenness. The children assisted to the scene emotionless.

The driver still wanted to follow the journey, but was stopped by clients of the bar. “The husband was almost falling and completely KO. When I arrived near to the car the woman was vomiting. I confronted her with the damages and she wanted to pay, but I did not accept and called the GNR ", told to the CM João Miguel, owner of the car. "If they were Portuguese they had the children taken away from them", people commented.

Source: Correio da Manhã

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