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Tv star in phone tappings - 24Horas

Journalist criticized police work and gave Murat advice

Robert Murat had his home telephone under surveillance. Martin Brunt, from Sky News, didn’t know. He even advised Murat

The phone tappings that were carried out by the Polícia Judiciária confirm the suspicion of complicity between British journalists and the English people who are involved in the process. One flagrant case is that of Sky News’ “star”, Martin Brunt, an expert in crime-related issues, who heavily criticized the Portuguese police’s work and who, during a phone interception, was “caught” giving Robert Murat some advice. With the “hot” detail of the recording having been made on the 15th of May, the day after Murat was made an arguido.

On that day, Brunt was in England when he decided to call house “Liliana”, the Murat family’s residence, metres away from the Ocean Club. He was greeted with a warm expression by Jennifer, Robert’s mother, who seized the opportunity to show her distress about the fact that Sky was using the expression “arguido” to refer to her son.

Jennifer did not consider it was a nice attitude and Martin justified himself by arguing he had not seen the news and was not updated with the terms that are used by Portuguese justice.

Then the telephone is passed on to Robert Murat, who greets Martin Brunt in a familiar manner – he calls him “boy” – denies any involvement in the case and states that he is fed up with being pointed out as a suspect.

During the phone call, that lasts 7 minutes, the Sky “star” counsels Murat about the expressions that he should use in an interview to the media.


  1. How nice of MB.
    It was only fair. After all the HO was apparently giving support to the McCanns... but not so much to Murat.
    Wait! Maybe they "gave" Comical Clary to the McCanns and Martin Brunt to Murat... that's more fair, isn't it?

  2. Hmmmm. You can read this a couple of ways,Brunt had more information than we did and was certain very quickly that Murat did not do it, Brunt knew Murat and thought he didnt do it!!

  3. I hope the tape recording of Clarence Mitchell tipping off the McCanns will soon be published.

  4. Tv star is a must!

    É o máximo.

    Não há nada como usar o humor para não azedarmos tanto.
    A azia corrói.

    Very good!

    Bom dia,todos os dias!
    Tudo de muito bom!



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