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Cipriano case: Jurors selected on October 17 - Correio da Manhã

Faro: Inspectors that stand accused of beating Leonor Cipriano go on trial

Jurors known on the 17th of October

The jurors who will judge the five PJ inspectors that stand accused by Leonor Cipriano – who was condemned over the homicide of her daughter Joana – of aggression, forgery of document and omission of denunciation will be chosen on the 17th of October. But the fact that all the accusations are gathered in the same process may delay the start of the trial.

“The law does not allow for the crime of forgery of document to be tried by jurors”, defends António Pragal Colaço, the lawyer of four of the inspectors, “the judge decided to gather all the accusations together, but there is a request at the Appeals Court in Évora that will decide whether that can be done or not”. If the decision is against the joint trial, Pragal Colaço admits that he doesn’t know what will happen. “Maybe it has to start all over again”, he considers.

Yesterday, at the Court in Faro, 18 possible jurors were chosen by draw. On the 17th of October, they will be questioned by the Public Ministry, by Leonor’s lawyer, João Grade, and by the two defense lawyers, Pragal Colaço and António Cabrita. From this group, four jurors and four substitute jurors will emerge.

Pragal Colaço represents inspectors Leonel Lopes, Pereira Cristóvão and Marques Bom (accused of torture), as well as Nunes Cardoso (forgery of documents). The fifth arguido, Gonçalo Amaral (omission of denunciation), is represented by António Cabrita.

Leonor, the mother of Joana, says she was beaten on the 14th of October 2004, during questioning at the PJ in Faro, when her daughter’s disappearance was under investigation.


Separation – António Cabrita considers that the accusations can be tried together, but if they are not, he admits “a separation of the processes”.

Trial – The start of the trial of the five inspectors, according to what CM had reported already, is scheduled for the 24th of October at the Faro Court.

Report – In a report, Marcos Aragão Correia, a lawyer for the Association Against Exclusion Through Development, says he believes that Leonor Cipriano was beaten.

source: Correio da Manhã, 23.09.2008


  1. Not according to the Court Report.

    Another return to PJ 'bashing' it seems !

  2. Bom dia!

    O cuddle cat sempre foi um enorme alvo de dúvidas,para vários Jornalistas;PJs e Peritos como P.Sargento e Professor P. da Costa.

    E,quanto às afirmações de DL,no programa da Júlia P.(tirei isto do Proud):.."Foi o Duarte Levy, ao telefone. O que ele disse foi que em breve irão surgir vários elementos que irão pôr em causa muito sobre a 'versão oficial' das coisas. A Júlia perguntou se eram as fotos e ele disse que era mais que isso. Coisas que podem ter a ver com falsificação de documentos. Disse, também, que pode ser uma forma de reabrir o caso. Mas que depende do valor que o MP der a tais elementos, se é que me faço perceber... Disse ainda que este caso ainda vai dar muito pano para mangas. Disse que não tem dúvidas de que O LIVRO será editado em Inglaterra, e pelo que me quis parecer em grande estilo...

  3. Haja Deus e não mais interferências políticas dos 2 Países.


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