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Couple resembled Gerry, Murat and Payne - Correio da Manhã

New lead: Spanish lawyer threatens with popular action

The Spanish lawyer who now revealed a new lead about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann advances further details about the couple that accompanied a little English girl that resembled Maddie, on the 18th of January, in Santander.

Contacted by CM, Manuel Maysounave says that the woman who he saw at the bus station ‘resembled Gerry, Madeleine’s father’. The lawyer states that it was only after he studied more closely some photographs of the persons involved in the process that he managed to recognize the face of Gerry McCann in that woman. ‘I think it could be a relative of his. Despite using sunglasses, she strongly resembled Gerry’, said Maysounave.

Concerning the man, aged around 50, the Spaniard says that ‘it could be Robert Murat or David Payne, the McCanns’ friend’, who was on holidays with the couple in Praia da Luz and whose involvement was considered suspicious at various moments of the process. Despite the fact that both men are very different, physically, the lawyer insists that it could be one of them, ‘maybe with a changed appearance’.

This is the information that Manuel Maysounave wants to report to the process, and if he is not summoned to give a deposition, he even admits the possibility of advancing a popular judicial action. ‘I didn’t say this earlier because I didn’t want to disturb’, argues the lawyer, who now makes an appeal, by letter to the instruction judge at the Portimão Court to reopen the Maddie process.

18th of January

Missing for 260 days – Maddie had been missing for 260 days when the Spanish lawyer says that he saw the little girl.

Judicial secrecy – On the day before, it had been revealed that the process would remain covered by the judicial secrecy until September.

Mari Luz – The disappearance of the Spanish girl was the target of the media.

Kate phones – The Mari Luz case enlivened the Maddie case. Kate McCann phoned the parents of the Spanish child.

source: Correio da Manhã, 02.09.2008


  1. Wel,well! I must read with more attention,but seems to me a BOMB!

    Now,brit.s,I go outside with my dogs.

  2. The important is to REOPEN THE CASE!


  3. G. is not fat!

    A travesti?

    A deal?

    We have yet a lot of aspects to know.

  4. OMG...dont know what it all means maybe slow off the mark this morning....What does this all men if truth? And were the Mc's in G.b on that date?

  5. The overwhelming evidence of proof (confirmed by police) as at September 2007 showed Madeleine died in her parents' apartment and her body removed.

    The McCanns, like Ian Brady, clearly have no intention of assisting the police in body location.

    The article on file regarding Mari Luz disappearance contained contraditions; cumbersome and amateurish 'reporting'. It confirmed Metado 3's presence and liaison with Mari's folk whilst working as merceneries for the McCanns.

    Investigators confirmed the gypsy clan concerned were known drug dealers; Metado 3 were named in a police haul of 400 kg of cocaine in Lisbon shortly before a second child was reported 'missing'.

    Forensic tests confirmed death by strangulation, no sexual assault.
    Mari's gypsy parents hired expensive 'private investigators' and, they said, they operated under their directions.

    Since that time a Metado 3 employee has been charged with attempted homicide/extortion as mercenery in Madeleine's case.

    Police Reports - staged 'abduction'; DNA evidnce of death/disposal & Kate's 'prints' the only ones found on the window.

    Police Report: Police did not believe the 'story' of the 'child molesting' neighbour Mari's family suspected.

  6. http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn236/JeanneArc/couple-kid.jpg

    very interesting last comment

    I always suspected some connection between Metodo and Mari Luz parents.

  7. A BOMB? Only if really want reopen the case and do not wish close our eyes with sand.


    "18th of January

    Missing for 260 days – Maddie had been missing for 260 days when the Spanish lawyer says that he saw the little girl."

    It is very cude that "he have seen" a disguised person.

    They have probably a complot to divert.....

    A game,more.

    260 days after,the 3 May, are 8 or nine months.No?
    He likes a lot the 8 or 9 months.The time to a born!

  8. A new 'sighting', with a twist. In contrast with all the previous 'sightings', this one incriminates the McCanns. Or appears to. Once it has been decided the 'woman' is not travesty Gerry or a female relation of his, and Payne not Payne, then we would be back to a 'sighting' that would support the McCanns' 'innocence', the 'abduction' story, and - how handy - point the finger back at Murat.

  9. No one should pay attention to this man. His outrageous claims make light of the gentleman who claimed he saw Mr. McCann carry his daughter towards the beach. This garbage is put out into the media to make people forget the facts. The facts being that 2 renowned dogs one specialising in detecting minute traces of human blood the other specialising in detecting cadaver odour both energetically signaled the presence of these fluids in the same spots in the McCann apartment. Madeleine Mcann is dead. She died in the McCann apartment.
    In the Caylee case the FBI have announced that there was a dead body in the trunk of the car of Caylee's mother. Guess what, the grandmother has used the rotting food excuse and the dirty diapers excuse. The mother and grandmother are both wearing find Caylee T-shirts. They are complaining that the police is not looking for the girl and leaking information to the Press. The lawyers have already stepped in trying to reason away the DNA evidence. The mother refused a limited immunity deal from the police. The police in Florida are getting a taste of what the Portuguese police went through, although they don't have to endure lies from a spokesperson, political interference and a worldwide defamation campaign.

  10. That is true: 2 facts or not talking about G. like suspect(walking to the beach with a child and Spain- looklike someone from his family.His sister is fat,so who is the travesty?

    Of course,I beleive Maddie died at the flat and she was at renault.

    Is terrible.A perfect crime.
    "this one incriminates the McCanns. Or appears to. Once it has been decided ...."


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