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Exclusive New Videos: Madeleine McCann Case

Quick Summary:

Images of the McCanns second apartment in Praia da Luz, Algarve, Portugal. The Portuguese police searches the McCanns apartment and finds several sleeping medicaments, confidential CEOP manuals, books about murder like The Interpretation of Murder, and smell of corpse in the cuddle toy which belonged to Madeleine. Video released by Spanish Antena 3 TV. 10 September 2008

Final update:
Listening to the journalist from the first video basically what she says is all covered in the translated article bellow already. The second video explains what you all have heard from Mr.Grime and states about the conclusions of the dogs findings which you can read in the PJ Final Report.

Antena3 Article: The McCanns kept numerous medicines which provoked sleepiness

New Exclusive Images of the Report
Madrid, Espejo Público [an Antena3 TV Show]

Given the repeated denial of the British police to send different reports about the married couple, the Portuguese police made a profile searching throughout the McCanns second house, in Praia da Luz.

This way, officers accompanied by two police psychologists, carry out a meticulous search in the main bedroom [the parents’ bedroom].

In a case of abduction, the family circle is always investigated. The police were surprised on having seen the bedroom. Kate seems to be mourning. In her small bedside table are many photos of Maddy [sic] surrounded with rosaries and a Bible, which had bookmarked, with a picture a fragment of the Old Testament in which it could be read: " “However, because by this deed you have given occasion to the enemies of the LORD to blaspheme, the child also that is born to you shall surely die” [2 Samuel 12:14]".

At the other side of the bed, on Gerry's bedside table the attention is given to, between other books, “The interpretation of Murder ". In the study [office space] where Gerry writes his blog and where he works at the campaign to find his daughter, another surprise: CEOP manuals, books with access restricted to police and governmental entities.

Before this discovery, Mark Harrison, the British police officer sent from the United Kingdom to coordinate the case, does not give credit. He wonders how many married couples had access to these manuals, which are exclusively reserved to police officers.

The Portuguese Officers confirm in this way their suspicions regarding the contacts which are provided to the McCanns, which for them is translated in a big political pressure that to their judgement, limits the investigation.

Also, the police find numerous medicines, which they examine in search of these sedatives that they fear that were given to the children by the McCanns on the night of the 3rd of May. They also register the side effects caused by the medicines that they find, and verify that the majority of them provoke sleepiness. They examine as well the drawers, closets, as well as the twins’ room and that no longer sleep in cots but in beds.

The final report of the process, in contrast to the images included in the same report, state that independently of the curious and morbid conclusions, the only fact that one can determine, as such, is the disparate behaviour of the couple at the time of facing Madeleine's disappearance.

Source: Antena3 (Spanish)

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3. In the Vista Mar villa (rented by the McCanns)

a) cadaver odour, detected by the dogs on clothes that belong to Kate, and on the pink soft toy

b) an English book, normally used by police, that focuses on the different types of crimes, as well as on what clues should be looked for to identify its perpetrators

c) a bible, on Kate’s bedside table, open at the Old Testament, at the passage that tells the death of King David’s son (God punished David with the death of his son, in order to force him away from sin and to return onto the path of good)

d) Kate’s diary, in which she writes about daily difficulties, in dealing with her children

Flash News for tomorrow/today

24 Horas : PJ searches Madeleine pictures in Paedophile Files /Brazilian senator brings various Horrible files

Note this has to do with the recent co-operation between the Brazilian Federal Police and the Portuguese Judiciary Police.


  1. Hello Joana,

    I thank you very much for this last info & videos.

    This is the gate to the answer.
    Mr. Amaral was astonished to see the books in Gerrys apartment.This books are not allowed for suspects and laypersons.

    I did know about the medicaments.

    This is a break through!

    have a nice day and I am very thankful for all you've done in the name of Justice.

    Maria - Rio de Janeiro

  2. i really don't see a problem with the stuff found. the book is a work of fiction, the pills could be for them or one of them to help sleep and perfectly above board, the ceop manuals could be an information sent to them, they refer to missing children which is the ceop's function.

  3. though, i did think the arrangement of the pictures looked more like a shrine to a dead person than anything else.

  4. A breakthrough indeed in unauthorized 'editing'.

    Police Reports and files do not include any findings of medications in the apartment. Mr Amaral's tesimonial confirmed that forensic results were withheld.

    PJ confirmed they were charged tens of thousands of euros for straightforward LCN processes.
    Hair specimens results were withheld; PJ's request for return of specimens they legally owned and needed to analyze in Portugal was 'blocked'.

  5. Authorized Police Reports & files:


    Eddie confirmed cadaver odour on an item of Madeleine's clothing and two items of Kate's clothing, checked trousers and a top.

    Eddie confirmed cadaver odour on cuddle cat in the villa, (amended without police authorization) to read 'apartment'.

    Kate refused to co-operate with the British police liaison officer, who was discharged within one week.

    Whilst Kate sought solace in biblical texts, she did not go on holiday armed with earlier photographs of her daughter.

    The police did not report or film a scene akin to a 'shrine' during any visit. Police found Madeleine's neatly made bed had not been slept in and the comatozed twins were found lying in 'sheetless' cots.

    Gerry was not entitled to CEOP material specifically during a criminal investigation into his daughter's reported 'disappearance'.

  6. Police reports and files confirm Kate's diary and contents were no more than spin ..... a media manipulating exercise.

    A reputable Portuguese journalist has confirmed a faked version was compiled for specific publication by Correio da Manha.

    Evidence aside, the behaviour in this case confirms criminal intent.

  7. Kate didn't deal with her three children on a 'daily' or 24/7 basis.
    Even on holiday they were parked in a creche, brought home and, in her own words, bathed and 'put to sleep at 7.30 p.m.'

    The McCanns' recent after dark photo shoot, minus microphones and unavailable u-tube footage showed Kate's hair in a pony tail secured by a 'band'; the type photoshopped onto Madeleine's alleged last photo'. Identical, bar clothing and oddly located rubber band, to the original displayed on a mantleshelf.

  8. Antena3 has been the media manager's selected outlet for past 'leaked misinformation' and false claims.

    The last occasion was the false allegation against the police for leaking (non existent) statement details; Madeleine's very adult reprimanding discussion with her parents.

  9. The fact that gerry had police issue hand books only avaiableto police is very strange, and it fits with the plausible theory...were these books given as an guide in to make sure the cover up was carried out perfectly or as near as damn it to perfect.
    This whole thing stinks of corruption, textusa is probably very very near the mark, except I think it was not kate being visted for sexual favours but one of the children maybe Maddie herself!

  10. i did wonder what happened to the hairsamples.

  11. Thanks for this information. The book, "Interpretation of Murder" caught my eye.

    Unfortunately, the McCann's personal selection of reading material does not weaken my theory that Maddie was intentionally put to death, probably following an attack of parental rage, but possibly following a serious accident.

    Either event would have required hospitalization and I suspect and theorize that Maddie had a serious need for hospitalization and that her parents decided against it.

    The refusal of the secretive parents to answer the simple question concerning whether Maddie had an accident in the apartment is, IMO, a dead give away that the parents are hiding a medical emergency. Had Maddie's body been x-rayed on the 3rd of May, I feel certain that both parents would be in jail.

    In a court of law, silence indicates guilt.

    This case may never go to trial but it doesn't take a trial to anticipate the verdict of guilty that the McCann's silence would bring.

  12. Textusa's account contained errors and omissions - repeated in today's episode.

    Police reports confirm Eddie signalled cadaver odour on an item of Madeleine's clothing in addition to two items belonging to her mother.

    Police found 'cuddle cat' placed neatly beside the 'unslept' bed, whilst the reportedly favourite pink blanket comforter disappeared, along with Madeleine.

    In parallel cases, Sarah Payne & Sohom schoolgirls, respective prime suspects were detained and charged on far less substantiated evidence than than contained in Mr Amaral's testimony and PJ's Reports and files.

    Evidence which the British Government still seeks to 'sweep under the carpet'.

  13. Hello Anonymous,

    Thank you for this text:

    "Either event would have required hospitalization and I suspect and theorize that Maddie had a serious need for hospitalization and that her parents decided against it.
    .....Had Maddie's body been x-rayed on the 3rd of May, I feel certain that both parents would be in jail. "
    Very clever!

    I never thought about this aspect but it is important to think about this scene.
    I always imagine to a sudden death.


  14. Evil sex trio jailed

    Sep 6 2008 By Sinead Keller

    AN EVIL sex trio - a man and two women - abused two children and filmed the act for their own gratification.

    And today they are starting jail sentences after their sordid crimes were revealed at Coventry Crown Court.

    Adam Thompson, 42, Kim Carrie, 36 and Tara Bowen, 36, had pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to a string of sex offences.

    Thompson, from Coventry, was sentenced to 10 years for sexual offences with a child, possessing a controlled class C drug, two counts of supplying a controlled drug and three counts of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

    Carrie was given three years for cruelty to a person under 16 years and Bowen was given four years for sexual activity with a child.

    Adrian Keeling, prosecuting said the incidents took place in 2007 at Thompson's home in Cargill Close, Longford.

    He said the three defendants were "swingers" who had sex with each other at drug-fuelled orgies at his home.

    Thompson provided the drug GHB which was used as an aphrodisiac and ketamine which makes people lose their inhibitions.

    The teenagers were made to watch the defendants taking drugs and having sex with each other. Mr Keeling said the teenage girl was given drugs, before being abused by Thompson.

    Mr Keeling said the teenage boy was given drugs and made to engage in sexual activity with both women.

    Mr Keeling said the horrific activities were discovered when police were called to Thompson's house on an unrelated matter. They were tipped off about video tapes.

    In one of the videos Thompson boasted on an internet chatroom that he had installed spy cameras in his bathroom and above the sofa in the lounge.

    He bragged to another user about the girl coming to his house and how he would use the film for his gratification as well as showing it to others.

    Glyn Samuel, defending Thompson, said: "He had an unfortunate childhood which gave rise to his behaviour."

    Wilbert Harris defending Carrie, of Parson's Hill, Oldbury, said: "Before her relationship with Thompson drink and drugs were alien to her. "It is following that relationship that this all began."

    Mohamed Riaz defending Bowen, of Blandford Road, Quinton, Birmingham, said: "She has expressed regret and she is ashamed."

    Thompson was disqualified for life from working with children, barred from having internet access in his home, having children under 16 in his home and from possessing any equipment for recording visual images.

    Both Thompson and Bowen were ordered to sign the sex offenders register for life.

  15. The Interpretation of Murder

    It is historical fact that in 1909 Sigmund Freud paid his only visit to the U.S., after which he labeled Americans as “savages.” In Jed Rubenfeld’s debut novel, The Interpretation of Murder, Freud’s arrival in New York coincides with a rash of attacks against beautiful young socialites. Dr. Stratham Younger, a Freud devotee, is asked to help the second victim, Nora Acton, regain her memory. He turns to his teacher for help in treating his reluctant patient and, in turn, must aid his mentor by allaying the cloud of suspicion hovering around Freud.

    The Interpretation of Murder is based around the real-life mystery surrounding Freud's visit to America in 1909. In an interview with BookReporter.com, Rubenfeld says he was inspired to use, as the jumping-off point for his novel, a basic question which has puzzled Freud's biographers for a long time: “Could something have happened to Freud during his week in Manhattan, something we still don't know about, some event that could account for his severe antipathy to America?” In his detailed author’s note, Rubenfeld carefully delineates the line between his fiction and historical fact.

    Rubenfeld portrays a New York City well known to readers of Edith Wharton and Henry James’ work. Dr. Stratham Younger and many of the other characters inhabit the world of the beau monde, the Vanderbilts and the Astors. These glittering figures wander carelessly through the events portrayed with the same cold disdain portrayed so cleverly in The House of Mirth. By invoking the specter of Wharton and James’ writing styles, Rubenfeld effortlessly exposes the hollowness filling the houses and settings his killer treads.

    This world of excess is in sharp contrast with corruption found within the New York police department and government. In these early days of investigation, crime scene investigation is almost non-existent and the wealthy can easily circumvent procedure. What is particularly fascinating in The Interpretation of Murder is the commentary Rubenfeld provides on American society in the early 1900s. The resistance to Freud’s theories is expounded upon at great length and the developing rift between Freud and Jung gradually exposed.

    Many of the theories expressed are laughable viewed from a century later; others however, are extremely repugnant. Many Americans felt that Freud was promoting sexual license and believed his theories would lead to all sorts of social ills. At a dinner party attended by Freud, one of the guests suggested that, as a man of science, Freud should be concerned with the dangers of sexual emancipation, such as the problems of overpopulation. His proposal is that every immigrant without means be sterilized so that American society “are not required to bear the charge of their unfit offspring, who end up as beggars and thieves” - although the guest is willing to “make an exception, of course, for those who can pass an intelligence test.”

    Early in The Interpretation of Murder, Dr. Younger explains one of his most exciting theories - man’s moments of revolutionary genius have all happened at the turn of a century, specifically in the first decade of a century. Rubenfeld has brought this dynamic period vividly to life and proposed a fascinating solution to the mystery of Freud’s visit to and the rise of psychoanalysis in America.

  16. "Madeleine está muerta; dónde está enterrada, no lo sé"

  17. Muito Obrigado, Joana.

    I've just read an interesting and highly commendable article in the Daily Mail by Charlotte Metcalf: 'An Establishment Paedophile'.

    The article focuses on the case of art historian, academic, and establishment figure Roger Took, recently sentenced indeterminately for paedophile crimes.

    The article laments the disparity that exists between 'the enormous publicity and accompanying outcry following the return to Britain of . . .Gary Glitter', and Took's
    far more subdued exposure.

    We are told that, 'Took's sentencing was followed by one internet news report and a single paragraph in a side column of the Saturday Times'.

    The piece highlights how some of Took's associates apparently found it difficult to condemn the guy, and instead - in a chattering class haze of self-delusion - sought to excuse the vile prat.

    The article ends:
    'If we continue to be too intimidated by the Establisment's imposing edifice to question what is beyond it, is it surprising if paedophiles thrive, unchecked and often unnoticed, in our midst?'

    Well said, Charlotte. Well publicised, Daily Mail.

    This does not only apply to paedophiles, however.

    DAILY MAIL - there is a case of esatablishment cover-up and corruption being played-out right now - right under your self-righteous noses - AND YOU DAMN WELL KNOW IT.

    So how about an article or two, about the establishment's protection of a certain couple of doctors from Rothley.

    You know - objective articles in the name of honest journalism, balance and justice.

    What could you possibly be afraid of?

  18. Joanna the picture of maddie in the start of this video beside the bed is identicle to the supposed picture that was apparently changed that showed her with gerry beside the pool.

  19. "The interpretation of murder" is a murder mystery story, not a reference book, as some might think.
    Thanks Joana for this excellent blog!!

  20. Good these videos are on YouTube. Without information from other sources, here in the UK people who are exposed exclusively to the British media presentation of the McCann case have been considerably misinformed and have a rather distorted view of the case. A big 'Thank you' to all those who are fighting to make factual information available to the world. You, Joana Morais, and Nigel Moore are amongst those we own a lot to here in the UK.

  21. Hello Maria from Brazil. I am responding to your comment.

    Medical studies have concluded that death from a serious fall in children ages 3-4 is highly improbable. This finding includes a study of falls from high walls.

    In Maddie's age group, the worst result from a serious fall is typically some form of paralysis. Whether or not the paralysis is temporary or permanent can only be determined after lengthy medical tests and examinations.

    IMO, if Maddie died in the apartment, it was because an adult ended her life.

    What a disaster that would have been.

  22. I am the person who wrote earlier today, at 12:00. Sorry about the typo. I meant to say that you, Joana Morais, and Nigel Moore are two people we here in Britain OWE a lot in the way of factual information on the Maddie case.

  23. Written by IRONSIDE.

    Quote from anon.

    On September 10, Anonymous said...
    Antena3 has been the media manager's selected outlet for past 'leaked misinformation' and false claims.

    The last occasion was the false allegation against the police for leaking (non existent) statement details; Madeleine's very adult reprimanding discussion with her parents.


    If you are going to report an event, at least get your facts straight. The "leak " came from Canal 5 "Ana Rosa" Show. Not Antena 3


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