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Gonçalo Amaral at the Barcelona Press Conference.

Recording of Gonçalo Amaral at the Barcelona Press Conference - 9 September

Please Notice that this is not a professional recording, however it is a document extremely interesting shared with us by Mercedes and Mila. The translation is a summary of the  press conference recording. Video by Reme, special reporter.

Journalist: At what point did the PJ think that the girl was alive?

Gonçalo Amaral: As investigators we always think of the best scenario but also of the worst. During the early hours we believe that the girl might be alive, but whilst the witness statements were being taken we began to have doubts.

Reme: Is there any chance that the investigation may be re-opened soon?

G.A.: Yes. The case is not closed and can be re-opened if there are relevant data. You can see from the police file that has been handed to reporters that there are still some procedures that have not been carried out.

For example there is information that can't be said whether it is new or old.

He says that as early as May, they began to hear a rumour that the British police had information about Payne having strange behaviour during a trip to Mallorca, but this information was not sent to the Portuguese police until October 26. Nothing has been done to neither check this witness statement by the British police nor by the Portuguese police. Therefore this investigation could yield new data that would re-open the case. It should be taken into account that, according to his statement, he was said to be the last person to have seen Madeleine (about 19h00).

Payne was also identified as the person who was with McCanns the following morning when an employee of the British Social Services turned up at the apartment to offer her help (Mr. Amaral clarifies that she is a person with 25 years of experience) and claims that she was kept away from the couple on the advice of Payne. She says she knows David Payne from other cases she worked on in the past. Mr. Amaral says this should have been investigated in England as well as in Portugal.

Journalist: How did the parents react to the publication of the book?

GA: The only reaction that parents have had about the book was this week during an interview to Expresso, though they often use other people (such as their spokesperson) to speak for them. In the criminal proceedings in Portugal the figure of spokesperson does not exist, there are witnesses, defendants ... but not the position of spokesman, that's why for me there are persons who should not betaken into consideration. The McCann's have said they have not read the book, but the other gentleman... said that they will file a lawsuit, that I should be very careful ... all I say in the book are the facts, based on the testimony of witnesses, physical evidence, the evidence here is not anything speculative, there is only objective data.

I don't see the need for them to submit a claim, but if they are to sue we will present the book and the police report page by page and verify that only objective data are presented.

Reme: Asked if Mr. Amaral is aware of the 24 photographs whether he has ever seen them.

G.A: He says he has not seen them, he has spoken to the person who said that he has, but he has his doubts that they actually exist. He says that if they exist he hopes they come out, but strangely they have not been handed over to the judicial police.

He explains that it seems this Spanish person was celebrating his birthday and he went to dinner at Tapas with some English friends, but that the camera was stolen from his vehicle and that it was not until a couple of months ago that the Spanish police returned the camera to him, at which time he realized that he was in possession of these photos.

Reporter: What reaction do you have when you see parents crying on television ...

G.A. He says that they are people with feelings and we should realize that they have lost a daughter whom they surely loved much and that is why he fully understands those images.
Regarding the visit to the Pope he said that at that time they were immersed in a media campaign ... He says that the Holy See kept information about Madeleine on their website until a few days before the McCann's were made arguidos, he said that they were the first to withdraw the information from their Web site.

Reme: Asked if the towel found with blood and fibers of the Scenic is in the police file.

G.A.: He states categorically that there is no towel. He mentions that the dogs carried out their research on all clothing, furniture and so on.

He said that when they took the twins from cots (May 3), they also took the sheets. He also said that he did not understand the statement when Russell said he had to change the sheets because his daughter had vomited, however cleaning staff say they are not aware of this and did not provide him with clean sheets.

The police should have been able to analyze the clothes Madeleine wore when she left from the creche to see if there was any sign of violence on them. That is something normal in any investigation. In this case it seems they had changed her clothing, since they said that she was wearing her pyjamas. He would like to know where those clothes are. He says he made the mistake of treating them too soft-handedly, that they felt pressurised regarding this theme, as well as to the taping of telephone calls.

Journalist: Do you think that this case will be resolved at any time?

He says that more than one person can still give information, said that even within the group of 9 people there still exists the possibility that anyone of them can talk about something that could reopen the case file

Reme: Do you know which secret holds the key?

G.A.: He doesn't link the secret to the holiday in Mallorca, but said that the group may have one or more secrets. All of them had left the children alone that night, and English law in this regard is very strict. He says that, so far, all have stated that they were carrying out regular checks, but the day could come when they retract their statements and say that somebody asked them to say this. He says that with regard to holidays in Mallorca, Portuguese police should have questioned the couple in order to try to understand what could have happened, he said that it may have nothing to do with the case, probably has nothing to do with it, but this has be understood/known.

Gracias a Mercedes y Ines por la traducción
Gracias a Reme, por su video y intrepidez

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  1. "She says she knows David Payne from other cases she worked on in the past. Mr. Amaral says this should have been investigated in England as well as in Portugal".
    ..WTF IS GOING ON...There is some serious shit here, up untill now it has been vague, but Amaral goes tantalisingly further with the above statement.....Rotten bastards the lot of them.


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