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Gonçalo Amaral in El Mundo: Gerry McCann hid Madeleine corpse in the Beach

Gonçalo Amaral: Gerry McCann hid Madeleine corpse in the Beach – El Mundo Interview
By Silvia Taulés
  • The apartment window stayed always shut, in spite of what Kate McCann said
  • The girl might have fallen from the sofa; there could have been an accident because of the sleeping solution
Gonçalo Amaral in a moment of the interview (Photo: Bernabé Cordón)

Madrid - He arrives late, with a certain’ star’ look. His book (Esquilo, 2008), which will be officially presented on the 9 of September, has sold 120.000 copies in two weeks, a record in Portugal.

This, once begun, was unstoppable. Gonçalo Amaral, the visible head of an investigation that had thousands of people in suspense, tells why he remains insistent that it was Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry, who were responsible for her disappearance.

Question – You defend the theory that the parents are guilty of what happened to Madeleine McCann.

Answer – No. That is not in the book.

Q - However that is the theory that one can understand from reading it.

A - From the synopsis you also obtain the same conclusions of the book.

Q - What are the reasons that make you believe that imply the McCanns in the disappearance of their daughter?

A - First, it is that they always defended the theory of the kidnapping. The mother said that the window of the room was open when she saw that the girl was not there. That is not correct, the window was closed and is impossible that the girl left that way. We worked in the apartment and the window was closed. The parents have always defended that the girl was alive and they were the first saying that Maddie could be dead.

Q - Other evidences?

A - The witnesses, there were several incongruities between their statements. Those that had dinner with the McCanns that one night, their friends, invented the system of monitoring of the children. Why? There are various details that take to you to think about the culpability of the parents. There are two different lists about the monitoring system.

Q - You speak of incongruities in the declarations about the monitoring system. The book also indicates that the nine people who had dinner together drank an average of eight wine bottles, four of red and four of white. Isn’t there the possibility that, between the disappearance and the alcohol, they were confused and that they did not remember the exact minutes in which they watched the children?

A - Right, but then there is the window where we found Kate’s finger prints, the mother of the girl. She said that she had never touched that window, and the cleaning lady assured that she had cleaned it on the previous day. And above all she said that the window was open when it was closed, it doesn’t add up.

Q - It could not be that the mother or the father closed the window later, when returning to the room to search for the girl?

A - There are three people who say that they walked in front of the apartment and saw the window closed. Didn’t they state that it was open? After all what is the truth? And there are other things. The mother says that she entered in the room and that the windows were open and the shutters were raised. No one else saw that. They simulated a kidnapping. They wanted us to say that someone went in to steal and when the girl was discovered he killed her.

Q - That could have happened?

A – It is very complicated.

Q - Why?

A - Let us return to the persons who passed in front of the apartment. Nobody saw anything strange. We investigated all the persons who commit theft in the area. There were no unknown fingerprints in the apartment, of course they could have used gloves, that is true, but that could not have been the case. Furthermore, the parents were the first to speak of death. And it is normal to think that their daughter could have died, but they have never admitted this in public. I do not believe that the parents killed her.

Q - So, what are we talking about?

A - About an accident. The child could have fallen from a sofa, could have had an accident with Calpol (a sleeping solution). We never had access to the girl’s medical history, so we don’t know whether she was healthy or not. We can only speculate. There are many very strange details.

Update - The rest of the Interview, thanks to Mercedes from Hasta que Se Sepa La Verdade (Until the Truth is Known)

Q - What do you think that could have happened that night?

A - Both the British and Portuguese police, and even the prosecutor, who has already changed his mind, thought the same. We talked about death by others, not murder. In the room blood and cadaver odour was found just below a window where a sofa was. The father was talking to a friend just outside that window for a while. The girl did not have a a heavy sleep, that's what the parents said. Perhaps she heard her father and climbed to the sofa bellow the window. But the parents, for the girl not to go out,moved it away from the wall. Madeleine could have fallen.

Q - The girl falls from the sofa, dies with the blow and the parents find her.

A - The mother. It is the mother who finds the girl dead.

Q - But I am trying to think out an idea. How can a mother who has just found her daughter dead on the floor decides to hide the corpse? And how do you hide the corpse of a girl of nearly four years old so that no one can't find it?

A – This is what we were investigating when I was dismissed from the case. I want to recall that there is an Irish man who claimed to have seen Gerry McCann with a girl in his arms, on his way towards the beach that same night. That testimony has been hidden. The dogs specialized in finding traces of blood and odour of cadaver, found both in the wall of the apartment and in the boot of the car that the McCann rented 23 days later.

Q - Did Gerry McCann buried his dead daughter on the beach and then unearthed and put her in the boot after 23 days later?

A - We do not know. The Irish [witness] that I have told you about saw Gerry on television with a child in his arms arriving in the UK and stated that it was the same image they had seen back in May in Portugal. That man spent two days without sleeping when he realized what he had found, but nobody has talked about them. And what one of the Irish has said is logical, a man with a child in his arms toward the beach.

Q - But this implies that the whole group, the nine people who eat dinner that night, had agreed to lie.

A - All of them. Because, if you do not know, the British law regarding negligence and child welfare is very strict. They left their children alone in the apartments. In the UK, if you leave a child alone for half an hour, you lose the custody. After Madeleine's death, if it had been made public that it was an accident, everyone could have lost custody.

Q - So you consider that one of the reasons for the parents and friends to have lied is because they feared to loose their children's custody.

A - Yes, yes. Nobody has opened legal proceedings for what happened, for the negligence, and we have asked to the British authorities why. Have they answered? Of course not.

Q – Let's go to the day of the disappearance. At 17h30 is the last time that neutral witnesses have seen Maddie alive. At 20h30, her parents sit down, composed, at the table for dinner with friends. In the middle, Gerry even plays tennis. Is there enough time for the girl to fall from the sofa, to kill herself [sic, se mate], for the parents to realize, to decide to conceal her, for the brothers to be sleeping, and for them to arrive undisturbed and sit at the table as if nothing had happened? Even more, for them to sit down at the table after having convinced the rest of the group that they mustn't report the death of the girl?

A - In those three hours there are inconsistencies between witnesses. Some said that the checkings lasted half an hour, others said 30 seconds...

Q – It is obvious that they contradict each other, but did they have time to do everything you say they did?

A - Yes, of course they had time. Some say that Gerry had a strange behaviour on the table.

Q – Did they?

A – They said that he spoke too much, gesticulated a lot, quite the opposite from the previous days. For me this is a very real hypothesis.

Q - You have a long career as an investigator, years in which you have faced criminals and innocents. What do you see when facing the McCanns?

A - They are two persons with much fear. I do not know if they fear to be discovered or fear the police of an unknown country.

Q – It was said that Kate was very cold. But I've seen her cry.

A - So did I. She is not cold. There was a moment, in a meeting with them, when we set out the sofa theory. Kate puts her head down, looking distant, and, after a few seconds, she looked up again as if nothing had happened. She looked like she was escaping from the role that she was interpreting.

Q - When you raised the hypothesis that the girl might have died after falling off the sofa, did Kate McCann answer?

A - She did not answer, she just dropped her head for a moment, as if she was about to faint. She had an emotional collapse that lasted just a moment.

Q - And Gerry McCann?

A – He is a very strong person, dominant. He's a surgeon, a man capable of making decisions very quickly. That was good for him to be able to decide over Madeleine. If you have to hide the body, you must decide quickly. And it could only be hidden on the beach, and you have to take her on foot. This is where the statements from the Irish witness is important, the one that no one has taken into account.

Q - What is your opinion?

A - To me, Gerry hid Madeleine's body on the beach. And after a few days he moved her with his car. We work following this lead. Trying to find out the date of the switch, some details, but we were on the way. The Irish was about to arrive in Portugal, but everything was delayed too much, he even received external pressures. In the end, he didn't testify for the Police.

Q – They [McCanns] have appeared in all  the media to announce the disappearance of their daughter and if it ends up that they have done it, what are they, psychopaths?

A – No, they are human. If the McCann admit that their daughter is dead, they can no longer collect money from the Maddie fund, and that's a lot of money, over one million pounds. That's why they say that the girl was abducted.

Q - What if they do not want to lose hope? It all seems very morbid.

A - It is. If they admit that she is dead they will lose their style of life. They are human, not psychopaths.

Q - You said that the girl was frozen.

A - For there to be vestiges in the boot of the car rented 23 days later, they must have preserved the corpse in some way. I believe that when they put it in the boot, with the heat of those days in the Algarve,  happened a similar situation with that of the shopping bags, which melt and then the water is transferred to the car.

Q – Couldn't the vestiges be transferred from the room to the parents clothes and after to the car?

A - But if you have blood on your clothes it is because you've seen it [sic]. And the blood that the dogs found was washed blood, it was remains not clear spots.

Q - Neither you nor Alípio Ribeiro (former director of the Judicial Police), nor Olegário Souza (former police spokesman), are still on their posts. You have even pre-retired.

A - There were too many pressures. The McCanns have many contacts and nobody was interested to know the truth.

Q - Is it the British Empire against Portugal?

A - Yes, it seems so.

The Scotland Yard dogs detected, in the boot of the car rented by the McCanns 23 days after the disappearance of the girl, traces of DNA which could belong to the girl; for the Portuguese Police more evidence, that Maddie was not kidnapped but that she died in the Ocean Club apartment.

Muchas Gracias to Ines for the late hour help and correction of my Luso-Spanish, Muchas gracias to Mercedes for her translation of the rest of the article and Muchas gracias to Rachel for the full article in Spanish.

Note: Full article in Spanish- Rapidshare Link

Translator's note : Calpol and Calpol Night

Regarding the word 'somnífero' in Spanish I translated it first to 'sleeping pill' - which is the verbatim translation. I didn't now that Calpol was a liquid solution, and I also didn't know that Calpol is not prescribed in the pills form however as someone told me that Calpol is sold in a liquid form I amended the translation from 'sleeping pill' to 'Calpol - sleeping solution'. Calpol is not sold in Portugal any more as the license was revoked.

In fact I never used the product or seen a box or whatever is used to contain the product.

You can read here what the Infarmed site has about Calpol. Infarmed is the national body responsible for the introduction of medicaments in the Portuguese market. It just says Oral suspension, it does not specify if it is a liquid, a powder, or a pill; states that is packaged inside a bottle, the Anatomical Therapeutical Chemical is N02BE01 PARACETAMOL, and the therapeutical use is 2.10 Analgésicos e antipiréticos - that is analgesics, also known as  painkillers and antipyretics, used to reduce a fever.

From the wikipedia on Calpol : Calpol is a brand of children's medicine sold in the UK, Ireland, India and Cyprus. The main product is a paracetamol suspension. It is usually a coloured syrup with a sweet taste, used to treat fever and pain. It was owned by Mark Profad, the president of the company and Paul Knott, his vice president. Calpol also comes in a form containing ibuprofen, marketed under the name Calprofen.

From the Calpol official site which is owned by a UK based company we can read the following on Calpol and specifically on Calpol Night:


- Suitable for children from 2 years plus
- Relieves pain and reduces fever
- Also aids restful sleep
- Strawberry flavour
- Sugar-free and colour-free
- Available in bottles
- Each pack contains a double-ended measuring spoon

CALPOL® Night is our first formulation developed especially for use at night time, it is a paracetamol-based liquid medicine suitable for children aged 2 years plus. It provides fast, effective relief from pain and fever and other childhood ailments such as teething pain, and symptoms of flu and feverish colds. It also contains a sedating antihistamine called diphenhydramine which helps your child to settle and have a restful night's sleep – and sleep plays an important part in any healing process. Every pack contains a double-ended measuring spoon, making it easy for you to give your child the right amount. The larger end will hold 5ml, the smaller end holds 2.5ml. With a tasty strawberry flavour, it contains no sugar or added colour.

Notice that  CALPOL® Night* also contains a sedating antihistamine called diphenhydramine as one of the two main ingredients, the other being Paracetemol.

So what is exactly Diphenhydramine?

From the Wikepedia, again, we can read the Side Effects and that one of the uses is a recreational one.


Recreational use

Diphenhydramine is used both clinically and recreationally in conjunction with opioids to relieve itching and act as an analgesia potentiator [9] in a dose of 100-800 mg depending on body size and length of diphenhydramine use. It is used recreationally as a deliriant, depressant, or booster for alcohol. Mixing medications with sedating antihistamines other than under medical supervision can be quite dangerous.

Those who use diphenhydramine recreationally take a higher dose than recommended. In smaller recreational doses (100-250mg) the side effects are mild and are mainly limited to sleepiness and labored breath. The mental effects of higher doses (250+mg) are described by many as "dreaming while awake"[10] involving visual and auditory hallucinations that, unlike those experienced with most psychedelic drugs, often cannot be readily distinguished from reality. People who consume a high recreational dose can possibly find themselves in a hallucination which places them in a familiar situation with people and friends and rooms they know, while in reality being in a totally different setting.

Many users report a side effect profile consistent with atropine intoxication.This is due to antagonism of muscarinic acetylcholine receptors in both the central and autonomic nervous system which inhibits various signal transduction pathways. In the CNS, diphenhydramine readily crosses the blood-brain barrier, exerting effects within the visual and auditory cortex.

Other CNS effects occur within the limbic system and hippocampus, causing confusion and temporary amnesia. Toxicology also manifests in the autonomic nervous system, primarily at the neuromuscular junction, resulting in ataxia and extrapyramidal side-effects, and at sympathetic post-ganglionic junctions, causing urinary retention, pupil dilation, tachycardia, irregular urination, and dry skin and mucous membranes. Considerable overdosage can lead to myocardial infarction (heart attack), serious ventricular dysrhythmias, coma and death. Such a side-effect profile is thought to give ethanolamine-class antihistamines a relatively low abuse liability. The specific antidote for diphenhydramine poisoning is physostigmine, usually given by IV in hospital.

Side effects

Like many other first-generation antihistamines, diphenhydramine is a potent anticholinergic agent. This leads to profound drowsiness as a very common side-effect, along with the possibilities of motor impairment (ataxia), dry mouth and throat, flushed skin, rapid or irregular heartbeat (tachycardia), blurred vision at nearpoint owing to lack of accommodation (cycloplegia), abnormal sensitivity to bright light (photophobia), pupil dilation (mydriasis), urinary retention (ischuria), constipation, difficulty concentrating, short-term memory loss, visual disturbances, hallucinations, irritability, itchy skin, confusion, erectile dysfunction, and delirium. Some side effects such as twitching may be delayed until the drowsiness begins to cease and the person is in more of an awakening mode. Diphenhydramine also has local anesthetic properties, and has been used for patients allergic to common local anesthetics like lidocaine.[6] Severe, prolonged twitching and muscle spasm have also been experienced.

The most common cardiac dysrhythmias associated with diphenhydramine overdose are sinus bradycardia, elongated S-T segment interval, and premature ventricular contraction.

Make your own conclusions.


  1. Can some charitable Spanish soul please, please, please provide us with a copy of the full version? This article seems EXCELLENT. I would love to read the entire thing!

  2. The strange involvement of Brian Kennedy...is he the Tapas 10?

    Look into HIS eyes...what do they tell you?

    Does he have a history of supporting parents with missing children....does he have a history of interst in children....does he have a HISTORY? Would you trust this man with your children? No, neither would I.

  3. Nice:"with a certain’ star’ look"

    It is to the mcs and clarim to know who are Gonçalo Amaral.A very nice and good man.A Maddie´s star.With the all others who have worked hard,very hard to Maddie and many others cases.
    They work!All the time.

    And I hope that everything bad becomes more soft to HIM and HIS FAMILY.

    I am proud of YOU and ALL who work day,day and night....by JUSTICE TO MADDIE!

  4. That is true: B.K. loves a lot her mother.I do not know if he had a wife or how will be his emotional life. But helping so quickly a bad,bad couple....anon. probably You are right.Fear to less the children with.


  5. anonymous,

    The bogus transcript is unavailable on the site under Government control.

    The TRUTH is in Mr Amaral's testimony now in wide circulation.
    PJ, including Mr Amaral, were confused by McCanns request for Mr Krugel's involvement with a 'tracking device'. Having insisted on abduction they were concerned about death and rightly so !

    Mr Krugel succeeded in identifying a 300 metre area on the beach over which the body had passed. PJ found no body. The Smith family identified Gerry as the man heading towards the beach with a motionless pyjama clad child.

    'One hair' is all that is required for Mr Krugel's unique tracking techniques. The police had no hair to give to so it must have been provided by Madeleine's parents.

    Mr Krugel's findings are included in Mr Amaral's authorized testimony. The evidence in Madeleine's case is overwhelming.

  6. anonymous,

    An independent witness reportedly identified Mitchell on a flight out of Luz on 4th May, seen crying; reportedly due to his wife suffering the loss of a child in a miscarriage. By all accounts, Mitchell was in Luz the day Madeleine was reported 'missing'.

    Brian Kennedy reportedly visited Murat shortly before his status was lifted. Thereafter, he was reported to have received over half a million pounds. It's not in McCanns best interests for Murat to publish a book about the sufferance they caused in framing him.

    As Max Clifford pointed out, the sum was paltry in comparison to McCanns alleged payout from DX.
    Murat reportedly received the money from the 4 or 5 tabloids according to McCanns press spokesman. Nothing Mitchell says or has published is ever credible. Bribery and corruption veiled and spun as legitimate above board settlements.

  7. Mr Amaral has no knowledge of the paracetamol based product marketed in Britain as Calpol.

    The product lacks medicaments required to 'put children to sleep' for around 12 hours. Kate is a trained anaethetist and could self prescribe 'sleepers' as a GP. Temazepam is crushable for giving in food; a trick used by elderly care abusers to 'put them to sleep' for long periods.

    Cadaver hair results were withheld; PJ's request for their return was blocked. The only reason for (criminally) withholding critical forensic evidence from the police was to 'hide the truth' and pervert the course of justice. Hair reveals medicaments and duration of administration. Its fair to conclude the McCanns sedated their children prior to abandoning them; Chaplins being a considerable distance away. Something went wrong - Madeleine awoke 3 hours after being 'put to sleep' at 7.30 p.m. Wrong dosage ?
    Mrs Fenn reportedly heard a 'disturbance' on parents return.

    Public Minister's conclusions from police files :

    "abandonment, endangerment, homicide and cadaver disposal".

  8. anonymous,

    Ask Mitchell, he wrote it !

  9. In Kate's own words, in defence of neglect - 'we know what happened and it didn't happen because they were left alone'.

    In which case the parents, like any others, would have called emergency services had the cause of death been due to a 'fall off the sofa'.

    Withholding cadaver hair results would not have been necessary in the event of Madeleine not being habitually sedated. She was heard alive and crying late on 1 May; her parents were heard returning followed by a 'kerfuffle'. Kate's injuries were displayed on TV and in photos shortly afterwards.

    Switching the other child in the party (who strongly resembles Madeleine) for 'crech attendance' was easy. No independent witness saw or heard Madeleine from around 22.45 on 1 May until the Smiths sighting late on 3 May.

    David Payne was quoted as saying "we know they (McCanns) didn't do it". Do what ? was the public's response. Jane Tanner's varying 'stories' made her wholly unreliable in the eyes of the police. Corrupt interviews with Leicester police allowed Tanner & O'brien to read each others' earlier statements - legally null and void DVDs sent to PJ.

  10. Só mais 1 palpite e sem óculos (antes de me encontar c/ meu F. e N.):
    a propósito do art. do mercurio:

    "encapotamento com pó de arroz e, não será que é 1 início de zanga de comadres?

    Apesar das ressalvas,a referência está no D.L(SOS)



  11. PJ - 'we continue to work well, the rest is a soap opera'. How will the soap opera end ?

    In press interviews, the Tapas waiters commented that the McCanns behaviour 'off camera' was vastly different from the hand holding 'pair' posing for the press. They were, in fact, very distant.

    Has the distance grown ? Recent photo's show Gerry looking as if he's lost Kate's love and respect; he looks boyish and vulnerable.

    Mitchell has featured strongly in the McCanns' personal lives for a considerable time; he, along with everyone else, knows the truth. His sympathy for Kate was shown in the Strasbourg departure photos;
    Gerry displayed male chauvinist behaviour walking in front of Kate who was left to haul her own luggage. Mitchell, on the other hand, gazed at her with kindness and sympathy.

    The soap opera involves (police conclusions) the death and disposal of a child, corrupt politicians, distorted and withheld forensic results, legal manipulation, corrupt practice with PFI's, threat, menace, illegal site hacking, identity threat and plagiarism directly linked to a British Government.

    Guilty or not, Kate's medical career is in ruins and she's lost her own flesh and blood, a part of herself. Some photos show Kate hardly able to look at Gerry. Whilst together, they do not appear 'united'.

    Given the physical and emotional signs, a good scripwriter would have to rescue and save Kate from her obvious state of turmoil. All behavioural signs suggest she's covering for Gerry and by necessity, not choice.

    Mitchell has acted as McCanns Knight on all fronts. In the final episode will the 'all powerful' pink shirted one (with feminine empathic side) sweep Kate into his arms and ride off with her and the twins into the sunset to start a new and happy life ?

    Kate must have drawn strength and comfort from Mitchell's presence and influence - Mr Fixit displays his sympathy for her. People can't help but notice.

    One thing's for sure, Kate as Maid Marion is going to miss the spin, reverse spin and triple somersaulting Robin Hood firing arrows in her defence and protection.

    Unlike the original version he's been 'altered and amended' and pillages poor taxpayers coffers to pay the rich and the corrupt rulers. It pleases Marion, she misses her job and the money - Robin is her hero, her ideal man.

    How much longer will the McCann/Mitchell triangle last ?
    Will it end in tears or joy ? Only time will tell .......

  12. Mr Amaral's book was a 'sell out' in Portugal - 140,000 copies within a few days prior to reprint.

    The article misquotes actual sale figures and other facts in Mr Amaral's testimonial book.

    Kate's were the only prints found on the window, having already confirmed to the police she did not touch or open it. She alleged that she found the window open when checking the children at 10.00 a.m. Kate & Gerry's families confirmed to the press that they were told exactly the same; Kate found the shutter had been 'jemmied' and she found the window open.

    Police found no sign of a break-in and the only prints found on the window belonged to Kate. MW and police confirm shutters were not damaged and can only be opened from the inside.

    The content of the interview compared to Mr Amaral's book more than suggests identity theft and plagiarism ... one of Mitchell's tactis, according to police monitors.

    All those involved with the publication and distribution of Mr Amaral's book have full measure of Mitchell's threats and tactics.

  13. Astro,

    All very odd ... friends in Spain say the article is not in El Mundo.
    No copies exist or for private purchase.

    Sounds as if Mitchell's working overtime.

  14. O Gerry está sempre a dizer "There is no proof...". Kate também diz o mesmo embora sem a mesma frequência e intensidade. "There is no proof..." parece um estribilho em tudo o que eles dizem. Talvez isso signifique que estão confiantes de que o corpo da Madeleine não será encontrado. O que é que o Gerry lhe terá feito?

  15. http://www.elmundo.es/elmundo/2008/09/06/internacional/1220677421.html

  16. The McCanns sued an English newspaper and made a lot of money on it, enough to buy a big house, as big as the one they already have. Now they say they are not suing Amaral although they classify his book as a 'disgrace' and full of false allegations (a book they say they haven't read). Why aren't they suing him? The only plausible explanation is that by taking Amaral to court the TRUTH would come out. It will be great if Amaral sues them instead. Then the TRUTH would come out all the same.

  17. The more widely known Amaral's book is the better. The world must know its contents to counteract the 'abduction' nonsense circulated by the McCanns.

    What happened may be as simple as this: (1) Madeleine dies (under circumstances that would make her parents look bad); (2) Kate wants to send for a priest; (3) but Gerry stops that, he has a better idea, hiding the corpse and staging an abduction; (4) Kate accepts his idea, he takes Madeleine's body to the beach and Kate starts the abduction farse by running to the restaurant shouting 'They have taken her'.

  18. Taking Madeleine's dead body to the beach, burying it there and later moving it somewhere else - this is in keeping with the McCanns' pattern of behaviour. Probably under Gerry's leadership, tactics tend to be destablizing any solid evidence and diverting from real facts. Examples abound, the 'abduction' tale and lots of other measures. The very evening of 3 May these two doctors, who should know about DNA, let lots of people in the apartment from which Madeleine was reported missing. This only confused DNA, and fingerprint, evidence.

  19. A super work! Congratulations!


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