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The Lies, the Truth and the Flies - Paulo Sargento, Part 2

From the blog 'Câmara de Comuns', the translation of the second of two most interesting entries posted by Paulo Sargento, a renowned forensic psychologist and university professor, on the 24th and on the 26th of August 2008, respectively - posted here with permission:

August 26, 2008
Maddie: Opsss... Are the flies trying to wake up?

In an earlier post, I referred to the fact that some questions that relate to the already long process of the so-called “Maddie case” had not been replied because it would be best “not to wake the sleeping flies”. In effect, it seems to me that the metaphor is understandable even by those who are more distracted or not interested in the case.

That same post ended with the sentence: “We’ll let some days pass, and in a later post, some of these, and who knows, some other questions, may have an answer.”

In reality, taking into account what is becoming known about the case and what we know about human behaviour, the publicity of the process, consecutive to its archiving, allowed to foresee some “nerve wars”. But what was not predictable is that the first “battles” of said “wars” would start so early.

What do I mean, you may be asking?

On the 24th of August 2008, “The Mail on Sunday” exhibited, on one-fourth of its first page, a bombastic title that still was not surprising for those who have paid more attention to this case: “McCann’s Fund in £500.000 Chaos”.

Why was this title hardly surprising, in terms of its contents, but unpredictable in its timing of appearance?

To start, everything that moves money is always susceptible of generating controversy. This fund, which has moved a few million euros, due to the solidarity of many ordinary people and especially a multimillionaire named Brian Kennedy, has been the point of a latent controversy, because its management started to raise problems. It’s obvious that the money had to be used in actions that had the search of little Maddie as a target, and which simultaneously constituted a pragmatic alert for the thousands of missing children all over the world.

As we know, an important part of that money has been spent on private investigation companies that claim the certainty of finding little Maddie. Metodo 3, for example, even went as far as asserting that they would find the little girl until Christmas. As we saw, that did not happen, which allegedly left the couple quite disillusioned and angry to the point that they considered terminating the contract with said agency. But the fact is that if we look on the official site – http://www.findmadeleine.com/, in the chapter that refers to the investigation, we find the link to Método e and the same ridiculous and inconsequent e-fits.

We can therefore ask: with so much money spent, the illustrious detectives have only managed to find Mr Joaquim Agostinho, in Altura, Monte Gordo, as a consequence of the e-fits?

Yes. It does look that way!

But there is something more serious. “The Mail on Sunday”, in the above mentioned edition, whose contents was developed by “Correio da Manhã” and “Diário de Notícias”, advances the idea that Oakley International (a detective agency that had been working for the McCann couple for 6 months) had been dismissed, after receiving 600 000 euros for their rendered services. We are reminded that this detective agency was presumably constituted by former agents from the British Secret Services, from the FBI (maybe colleagues of the person who draws the e-fits…) and from the CIA.

What services has this company performed, with such an amount of intelligence, we might ask? Concerning this issue, I strongly recommend consulting the blog sosmaddie.blogspot.com. An attentive reading of the texts that are published there is highly revealing.

After doing the maths, there are approximately 600 000 euros left in the fund that is destined to find Maddie.

What is strange about this?

Well, apart from some confusion in the fund’s management, we fail to understand:

- Why is none of the companies able to at least “show some service done”?

- Why were these companies never called Maddie “predators”?

- Why was Mr Brian Kennedy angry and closed the faucet on these gentlemen?

- And finally, even stranger, why is Mr Clarence Mitchell silent???

Other flies are surely preparing to wake up.

See you in the next post.


Paulo Sargento was head of a team that developed a 3d animated simulation of the evening of the 3rd of May 2007, when the disappearance of Madeleine reportedly took place, as well as an analysis of the e-fit of a suspect that was released by Team McCann early this year.


  1. Madeleine's death and disappearance is only referenced as the 'Maddie case' by the British gutter press.

    The total blackout on relevant police facts, coupled with vicious, potentially slanderous attacks on Mr Amaral, pretty much confirms the British press is acting under strict Government orders.

    Alarming in a case of homicide (evidenced police conclusions) involving democractic laws of two countries.

    I'm beginning to wonder whether the Lisbon Treaty permits Governments to pervert the course of justice for favoured members.

  2. Paulo Sargento can be added to the increasing list of 'reputable' people who failed to check the overwhelming evidence of death and disposal on police files.

    Perhaps his name is being used without his knowledge or consent along with the increasing list of all others.

    The public majority respect and uphold law, order and police expertize, specifically in cases of 'missing' children. They are the only body equipped to deal with all aspects and probabilities.

    Conversely, all parties associated with the McCanns appear to treat Mark Harrison's prestige and expertize, with utter contempt.

    The case was solved within 3 months of PJ being set up by the McCanns. Forensics released by British police in early September
    confirmed Madeleine was not abducted. The case could and should have been tried and closed a year ago.

  3. "I'm beginning to wonder whether the Lisbon Treaty permits Governments to pervert the course of justice for favoured members.

    05/09/08 17:13

    Well I am not wondered since G.B. come here " to Talk" with J.S.

    I agree,yes,FAVOURED MEMBERS.To me is not,only,the Lisbon Treaty...
    I think that exist more "silents" facts.

  4. Doesn't anyone find the following conclusion odd?
    "the archiving of the inquiry into the disappearance of the minor Madeleine McCann was determined, due to the fact that no evidence of the practice of any crime by the arguidos was obtained."
    Wasn't the case about finding the child? So how can you close the case based on not having any evidence that your current suspects committed a crime? Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the Portuguese Public Ministry make the following conclusions about the case:
    1. The child was murdered.
    2. Abduction was impossible.
    3. The couple is innocent based on displaying no abnormal behaviour.
    If the child was murdered and the body is missing, than obviously someone must have taken the dead body, but how can this be if abduction is said to be impossible.
    We all know that conclusion 3 is absurd, so I won't even comment on that. None of this makes sense. What is troublesome is that most people in positions of authority turn a blind eye to the contradictions and don't ask the obvious questions. As I've said before the police found themselves in an impossible situation, knowing that the child died in that apartment but having every attempt at accessing information about the suspects blocked, in that respect I can see the motivation in closing the case.
    I'm almost certain that if someone were able to access the financial records of the McCanns and their private investigators, they would see that much smaller fees were paid to these agencies. All the McCann teams actions have been exercises in public relations, nothing more.
    The McCanns, when confronted by poignant questions would always claim that they were prevented from speaking freely because of the secrecy of justice but that when their arguido status would be lifted they would be able to explain themselves. Well their arguido status has been lifted and they remain silent, what about the mega bucks interview with Oprah?
    In my opinion this case will never be reopened. The process that is taking place right now is to distance the McCanns from the case facts which put their innocence into question. Like I've said before there is something even more sinister here than the death of this child. What is sickening is realizing that there are so many corrupt people in positions of authority.

  5. "We are working well ... the rest is a soap opera"

    Alipio Ribneiro - 17th November 2007.

  6. The McCanns only means of defence is based on media/website spin and lies.

    It's now entered the realms of 'Twin Peaks' scriptwriting.

    Meantime, 'off line' public continue to read the concise, evidenced based testimony of Mr Amaral. Truth is always simple.

    Webs are spun by predators.

  7. I miss Maddie sightings. It’s been so long. I hope that that ungrateful singularly omnipresent little brat has the decency to poke her little finger on somebody’s shoulder and say “Hi, my name is Maddie and I miss so much my pink little toy that was on that inexistent shelf that I couldn’t reach when I was being taken away through the window of the apartment where I was with my loving mommy and daddy in the Praia da Luz, a quaint little town in the Algarve in the southeast region of Portugal, a country filled with that disgusting, retarded and sardine-halitosis people. Oh, and I do love chocolate ice-cream too!”

    I’m writing this before knowing what that evil pair have said to the “Expresso” and will be published tomorrow. From a commercial point of view, it makes sense for the newspaper to print the story. Ethically, it’s disgusting. Since I don’t foresee a confession, I only can interpret as another opportunity, given and taken, to keep them under the limelight. I shudder just to think what conditions and price were demanded, and complied with. I have no interest at all in anything they still have to say, unless it’s said in a police station. And even then, only if there be no political pressure on the agents of justice. From what this case has shown us, a very unlikely scenario. I will not pay a single cent. Urge others to do the same.


  8. Paulo Sargento's commented on 06.04.2008 ... "it could have annoying consequences on a political level".

    "In front of the given data, it is impossible that it was an abduction".

    ...... Pedro Gamito noticed that one of Gordon Brown's the most recognizable spin doctors was involved in the case of Madeleine McCann's disappearance ... Clarence Mitchell".

  9. Why is Mr Mitchell silent ???

    He never is; he steals and uses others' identities to publish misinformation. A 'fraudster' of the highest order.

  10. guerra,

    PM's conclusions on evidenced facts - "abandonment, endangerment, homicide, and body concealment".

    Amid political pressure, Mr Rebeiro did not want the case 'archived'. He, like Mr Amaral, was replaced.

    The only logical explanation, given the overwhelming evidence of death and disposal, is that the British & Portuguese Governments had the status lifted and the case archived. Over and above judicial requirements and procedures on the victim's behalf.

    EU is reportedly very corrupt; McCanns were given centre stage in Strasbourg as prime police suspects. A two finger salute to law, justice and those paid to enforce it, the police.

    A foretaste of Federal rule; Miliband is reported to be an ardent supporter of the McCanns and EU dictatorship.

    His cold, dark eyes are reminiscent of another 'master manipulator' who wore a small moustache.


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